Covid Hoax: Reviews

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(1) Coronavirus: Bill Gates; Pirbright Institute; Depopulation Agenda
(2) Corona: Richardson, University Sask, UNDP-IVI, Gates
(3) Gates: GAVI; WHO; ID2020; UN Population Division

(4.1) Gates Using Proxies (GAVI, Crestview) To Lobby Parliament
(4.2) Zakery Blais, Lametti’s Former Assistant, Renews Lobbying Gig
(4.3) Ashton Arsenault Replaces Zakery Blais As GAVI/Crestview Lobbyist
(5) Crestview Strategy’s Vast Political Network
(6) Turns Out Lobbied Bureaucrats Already Follow Gates
(7.1) Canada’s Parliament, Motion M-132, Pharma Lobbying
(7.2) Raj Saini And His Pharma Connections

(8.1) Canada’s Vaccine Strategy, “Vaccine Hesitancy”
(8.2) Vaccine Confidence Project; Hesitancy
(8.3) More Vaccine Hesitancy Research, Mandatory Now?
(8.4) Psychological Manipulation To Overcome “Vaccine Hesitancy”
(8.5) WEF Meeting Again To Boost “Vaccine Confidence” Levels
(8.6) NSERC/SSHRC/CIHR Grants In “Confidence”; Mandatory Vaxx
(8.7) Video/Slides From NSERC/CIHR/SSHRC & Vaccine Confidence
(8.8) Vaxx Community Challenge; Immunization Partnership Fund
(8.9) CIHR Spending Public Money To Get Pregnant Women/Children Vaxxed
(8.10) NSERC Issues Grants To Push Vaxx On Children, Pregnant Women
(8.11) Dalhousie University; Infant Testing; Lisa Barrett; More Grants
(9) Taxpayer Money Sunk Into Vaccines, Research Grants

(10.1) Pharma Lobbying Of Alberta Government
(10.2) Quebec Lobbying, Bipartisan Hatred Of Freedom, Rights
(10.3) Federal Lobbying For Vaccines; Injury Program Coming?
(10.4) Nova Scotia Pharma Lobbying; Robert Strang Undemocratic Tyrant
(10.5) BC Lobbying; Bonnie’s Ex-Mouthpiece Now AZ Lobbyist
(10.6) Counsel Public Affairs; Provincial Lobby; Ford Communications Director
(10.7) Loyalist Public Affairs: Ford/O’Toole Handlers Now With Pfizer
(10.8) Rubicon Strategy; AstraZeneca; Kenney/Ford Puppets
(10.9) Ensight Canada; Shoppers Drug Mart; Bipartisan Support
(10.10) BC Pharmacy Lobbying Association; myDNA; Tieleman; Henry; Dix; Sterilization
(10.11) Ford; Kenney; Wellington Advocacy; Faulty Rapid Tests
(10.12) Amber Ruddy, On CPC National Council, A Pharma Lobbyist
(10.13) Amber Ruddy Lobbying For Big Pharma To Have Your Medical Data
(10.14) Robert Batherson, CPC President, Starts Own Lobbying Firm
(10.15) Canadian Pharmaceutical Sciences Foundation Funded By Big Pharma
(10.16) Emergent BioSolutions Lobbying All Federal Parties
(10.17) CDN Immunization Research Network Funded By Pfizer, GSK, Sanofi
(10.18) Summer 2021 Edition Of Ontario Pharma Lobbyists
(10.19) Jason Kenney And The Pharma Lobby In Alberta
(10.20) Scott Moe, And The Pharma Lobby In Saskatchewan
(10.21) Brian Pallister, And The Pharma Lobby In Manitoba
(10.22) Blaine Higgs, And The Pharma Lobby In New Brunswick
(11.1) Pharma Lobbying ON, Bill 160 Stalled
(11.2) Pharma Lobby In Ontario; Bill 160/132; Melissa Lantsman
(11.3) Melissa Lantsman’s Real Record As An Ontario Lobbyist
(12) 2006 Study Recommends Vaxx/Surveillance
(13.1) Theresa Tam; Outbreak Film; Lobbying; GAVI Archives
(13.2) More Questions About Theresa Tam

(15) Options For Refusing Forced Vaxx
(16) AB Court Challenge, Koch/Atlas Ties To Both Sides
(17.1) Conquer Corona, IDRF, New Industry Here
(17.2) Ford Likely Ordered Business Closures Due To Walmart Lobbyists
(17.3) NRC Propping Up New Industries As Others Allowed To Die
(17.4) Dr. Michael Warner’s Business Connections A Conflict Of Interest
(17.5) Lobbying Airline Industry Exempt From Border Restrictions
(17.6) Pharma & Other Commercial Interests Keeping Ontario Closed
(18) Ottawa Financing “Vaccine Bonds”; GPEI/GAVI

(19.1) Media Parrots Covid Narrative Because Of Huge Subsidies
(19.2) Conservative Inc. Media Avoids Hard Questions On “Pandemic”
(19.3) Global Canada Wants Lockdowns, Lilley Omit Gates Funding
(19.4) The “Debate” With Brian Lilley, Anthony Furey
(19.5) Postmedia Subsidies/Connections, Lack Of Real Journalism
(19.6) Latest “Pandemic Bucks” Grants In 2021, Lorrie Goldstein
(19.7) Nordstar; Torstar; Metroland Media; Subsidies & Monopoly
(19.8) Aberdeen Publishing Takes Handouts, Ignores Real Issues
(19.9) More Periodicals Taking Grants, Parroting Gov’t Narrative
(19.10) Even More Subsidies Canadian Outlets Are Dependent On
(19.11) Advertising And Marketing In Promoting “Pandemic” Narrative
(19.12) Media Getting Canada Emerencgy Wage Subsidy (CEWS)
(19.13) John Tory’s Sister Board Member At Bell; CEWS; Subsidies
(19.14) True North/Lawton Gives Softball Interview To Jason Kenney

(20) Fetal Tissue Used For Vaccine Research
(21.1) Gates’ Tax Returns; Conflict Of Interest
(21.2) Canadian Universities Receiving Hordes Of Gates Money
(22) “Culture Shift” To Make Face Masks Mandatory
(23.1) Claim CV Masks Violate Religious Beliefs
(23.2) Using Cellphone, And Knowledge, To Bypass Mask Rules
(23.3) Mass Filings Of Complaints Against Public Health Officers
(23.4) Fluoride Free Peel Filing FOI Requests On Virus Isolation
(23.5) Followup With Christine Massey On Virus Isolation, FOI, Fluoride
(23.6) Nova Scotia FOI Admits No Wave Of Hospitalizations
(23.7) Nova Scotia Refuses FOI Request About Masks On Students
(23.8) Nova Scotia FOI Request Results In Document Dump
(23.9) Nova Scotia REDUCED ICU Capacity In Recent Years
(23.10) Economic Warfare Against Companies Forcing Vaccines
(23.11) Know The Laws Around Professional Malpractice, Informed Consent

(24.1) Ferguson Models Intentionally Wrong?
(24.2) London School Of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
(24.3) Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium, Funded By Gates, Run By ICL
(24.4) Heidi Larson; VCP; LSHTM; Vaccinating Pregnant Women
(25.1) Will Contact Trace App Be Anonymous?
(25.2) Statistics Canada Sending CV Kits To Canadian Residences
(25.3) Intelligence/Detention Firm G4S Hired In Manitoba For Tickets
(25.4) Capital Hill Group, The Mouthpiece Behind G4S Lobbying
(25.5) Government Requesting Bids For Biometric Vaxx Passport System
(25.6) Vaccine Passport Drive Driven By WHO-IHR 7th Meeting
(25.7) Vaccine Passports, Subsidies, Pushed By China-Phile At TRBoT
(25.8) Rockefeller; WEF; Commons Project; CommonTrust; Health Passes
(25.9) Facedrive, TraceSCAN, Microsoft, Contact Tracing Tech
(25.10) Drone Use Increasing To Manage “Public Health”

(26.1) Toronto Public Health admits falsifying numbers
(26.2) WHO Lies About Asymptomatic Virus Spread
(26.3) Compilation Of Lies By Public Officials
(26.4) Provinces Can’t Get Their Stories Straight On Cases, Tests
(26.5) Sexual Assault Wrong, But Forced Quarantine Is Okay
(26.6) Christine Elliott Admits ON Death Numbers Falsified
(26.7) Bonnie Henry Lies About Whether Masks Work
(26.8) Region Of Peel Lies About Infertility, Deaths, Approval
(27.1) UNESCO’s Campaign to Silence Contrary Voices On CV
(27.2) UNESCO And Banning Misinformation — Part 2
(27.3) Share Verified And Psychological/Emotional Manipulation

(28.1) BC Election Just Illusion Of Choice, No Real Options
(28.2) Trolling Sadie Hunter’s Stream, BC Election Rigged
(28.3) Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister Proposes Mandatory Curfew
(28.4) Conservative “Pandemic” Motion Is To Divert Attention Away
(28.5) BC Liberals Are Just Controlled Opposition; Pandemic Gatekeepers
(28.6) BC Silently Cancels Provincial State Of Emergency
(29) Sick Kids Hospital Gets Funding From Gates; O’Toole Chief Of Staff

(30.1) Plant Based Vaccine Research Underway
(30.2) Pfizer Still Lobbying In Canada, Gets Approval In U.K.
(30.3) AstraZeneca Lobbying, Looking To Push Vaccines
(30.4) Ottawa Gives $176M Grant To AbCellera
(30.5) Crestview Strategy, Danielle Peters Behind $173M Medicago Grant
(31) UNESCO Debt-For-Nature (Or Health) Swaps
(32.1) Bonnie Henry Admits No Science behind Group Size
(32.2) Bonnie Henry Admits No Science In Anything She Does
(32.3) ARTICLE: Lack Of Real Science In “Global Pandemic”

(34) BC CDC Promoting Degeneracy, Prostitution In Pandemic
(35.1) Canadian Court Rulings On Vaccine Indemnification
(35.2) Parallels To Swine Flu: Ferguson; PCR; Indemnity; Limited Tests
(35.3) Health Canada Won’t Answer Questions About Indemnity
(35.4) Indemnification: Adam v. GlaxoSmithKline Inc., 2019 ONSC 7066 (CanLII)
(36) Dark Winter; Atlantic Storm; Clade X; Event 201; John Hopkins

(37.1) WHO Supports Mask Use, Admits No Real Evidence
(37.2) WHO “Still” Recommends Masks Despite Little Evidence
(37.3) WHO’s Records Show PCR Testing Always Was A Fraud
(37.4) WHO Distorts On Cases, Deaths, Surveillance Information
(37.5) WHO Promotes Masks For Children As Young As 6
(37.6) RT-PCR Tests For A Gene, Not A Virus
(37.7) “Assumptions” Are The Science Behind Latest Variants
(37.8) BCCDC Admitted In April 2020 PCR Tests Don’t Work Properly
(37.9) Tri-City News, LMP Pulls Bonnie Henry Article; Pandemic Bucks
(37.10) BCCDC Admits It Just Makes Assumptions Regarding Pandemic Measures
(37.11) BCCDC Modeling; GitHub; Open Source Software; Academics
(37.12) FDA Emergency Use Gone For Testing? And In Canada?
(37.13) Canadian Biosafety Handbook Admits Masks Are Useless
(37.14) “A Death Resulting From A Clinically Compatible Illness”

(38) Using “Pandemic” To Attack Religions Is Genocide
(39) Forcing Vaccines Violates Spirit Of Nuremberg Code
(40.1) Big Tech/Big Pharma Collude To Push Vaxx Agenda
(40.2) Google, Social Media Censoring Online
(40.3) Bill C-10; Gov’t Supports Social Media Collusion/Censoring
(40.4) Facebook Collusion: Kevin Chan; Peter Donolo; Curran; O’Toole
(40.5) Media, Facebook, Google, Tech Collusion To Create “Trust” Networks
(41) Were Sherman Killings Tied To Pharma Research?

(42.1) CV Hoax To Provide Cover For Global Reset
(42.2) Green Climate Fund; Global Green New Deal; Disclosures
(42.3) Rempel Upset That Liberals Will Get To Implement Reset
(42.4) World Economic Forum, Great Reset, Communist Takeover
(42.5) CPC Realizes That Promoting GREAT RESET Bad Look For Voters
(43.1) Barbara Yaffe Admits Tests Can Get 50% False Positives
(43.2) Jason Kenney Doesn’t Care About 90% Error Rate In PCR Tests
(43.3) Barbara Yaffe: UoT Lecturer; Bureaucrat; Ford Mouthpiece
(43.4) U or Toronto Grossly Overrepresented In Public Health
(44.1) BBC Reports WHO Mask Policy Reversal Politically Motivated
(44.2) BBC Operative Marianna Spring To Stamp Out Conspiracy Theories
(45) What WHO Actually Says About Separating People (1m)

(46.1) Dominic LeBlanc Proposes Law To Ban “Misinformation”
(46.2) Journalist Mark Slapinski Calls For Jailing Over Opinions
(46.3) Groups Funded By Tax Dollars To Combat “Misinformation”
(46.4) Rockefeller Spends $13.5 To Combat Misinformation
(46.5) DisinfoWatch Has Ties To Atlas Network/Koch, Liberal Party
(46.6) Omidyar Group; Luminate; Reset; Reset Australia; Misinformation Ban
(47) Hoax Compilation, Media Manipulation, Free Speech
(48) Misleading Data, Computer Modelling Deceive Public
(49) WHO’s July 31 Vaxx List, No Promise They’re Safe
(50) BC Transit: Wear Masks For “Comfort” And Poll Results
(51) Dozens Of Sanitizers Pulled By Gov’t For Being Toxic
(52) OPH Recommends Masks, Admits They Don’t Work
(53) Colleges Adjusting To Pandemic Hoax Realities
(54.1) BC Gov’t Recommends: Stay Home, Do Drugs, Screw Around
(54.2) Pride Parades Still Funded, Even During “Global Pandemic”
(55) Australian Gov’t: PCR Tests Conflate Live/Excretions
(56) CTV Selectively Edits Out Admission 98% Deaths Were LTC Homes
(57) US CDC Admits Very Serious Problems With Testing
(58.1) ON “Vaccine Or Mask” Policies Nullified; BC Ombudsman Report
(58.2) Vaccine Passports Fly In Face Of Bonnie Henry’s 2015 Testimony

(59.1) How Are People Recovering If There Is No Cure/Vaccine?
(59.2) Some 35 Million People Globally Have Recovered With No Vaccine
(59.3) Vaccines Pushed Despite Overwhelming Recovery Rate
(60.1) BC Turns Blind Eye To Much Worse Causes Of Death
(60.2) Team Rubicon; Palantir; Hillier; Ford; MacNaughton; Vaccines
(61.1) CDC: Just 6% Deaths Solely to CV; Vaccine Patents; Masks
(61.2) Bonnie Henry Admits Almost All Deaths Were In LTC Homes

(62.1) WHO International Health Regulations Legally Binding
(62.2) A Look At International Health Regulation Statements
(62.3) Quarantine Act Actually Written By WHO, IHR Changes
(62.3.2) Oversight For QA Proposals Removed, Slipped In Budget Bill
(62.4) Provincial Health Acts Are Domestic Implementation Of WHO-IHR, Part I
(62.5) Provincial Health Acts Are Domestic Implementation Of WHO-IHR, Part II
(62.6) World Health Treaty Proposed, Based On WHO-IHR
(62.7) PHAC Specifically Created For IHR/Quarantine Act
(62.8) WHO Constitution, Why “Global Pandemic Treaty” Irrelevant
(62.9) WHO Constitution: Have You Actually Read It?
(63) Were 2017 “CV Supplies” Just Products With New Descriptions?
(64) RCMP, Trudeau, Cave In On Sikh Accommodation Demands

(65.1) A Most Sincere “Apology” To Rocco Galati
(65.2) Vaccine Choice Canada: No Movement After 4 Months
(65.3) Vaccine Choice Canada: No Movement After 6 Months
(65.4) Next Iteration Of Bogus Lawsuits By “Resistance”
(65.5) Awake Canada Spreading Misinformation On Bogus Lawsuits
(65.6) Vaccine Choice Canada, Action4Canada Panhandling Again
(65.7) Chris Sky Subverts & Undermines Real Resistance
(65.8) A Guide For Spotting Controlled Opposition To Lockdowns
(65.9) Bernier Calls For Own Father To Get Vaxxed, “Party” A Honeypot
(65.10) Alberta Activist Collective: Selling Merch At Pro-Lockdown Rally
(65.11) Why I Believe Galati Is Controlled Opposition
(65.12) Action4Canada Claim Fatally Defective, Will Go Nowhere
(65.13) Vaccine Choice Canada Lawsuit Fatally Defective, Going Nowhere

(66.1) Collateral Damage From Taking Covid-19 Vaccines
(66.2) Vaccines Supported For Pregnant Women, Despite No Testing
(66.3) Vaccines Given “Interim Authorization”, Not Approval. Very Different
(66.4) Call Centers Wrongly Telling People “Vaccines” Are Approved
(66.5) Ontario Adds, Then Removes Protections Against “No Jab, No Job”
(66.6) WHO April 13 Paper: Discussion On Mandatory “Experimental Vaxx”
(66.7) Interim Order For “Authorization” Contains Very Low Standards
(66.8) Fraud In Reporting: “Expected” Reactions Deliberately Omitted
(66.9) Bonnie Henry Lies About Vaccines Being Approved
(66.10) Vaccine Passports Come To BC, Subsidized Retailers Support It
(66.11) Organizations Pushing Vaccine Passports Getting Gov’t Subsidies
(66.12) WHO’s 2014 Paper On “Implied Consent” For Children
(66.13) WHO Changes Tune On Vaxxing Children
(66.14) BCOHRC Misrepresents Basic Facts In Vaccination Guidelines
(66.15) WHO Vaccine Passport Study Funded By Gates, Rockefeller, Botnar
(66.16) Trudeau Promises Law To Shield Businesses Over Vaccine Passports
(66.17) Updated Products Inserts Show Testing Still An Issue

(67.1) Ontario Court Rules 12 Year Old Cannot Be Forced To Take Vaxx
(67.2) Case Thrown Out When Judge “Takes Judicial Notice”
(67.3.1) BCSC Throws Out 4 Cases Involving Vaccine Passport
(67.3.2) Vancouver Foundation, Chief Justice Hinkson, Many Questions
(67.4.1) Motion To Strike Federal Travel Restrictions Cases For “Mootness”
(67.4.2) Federal Court Vaccine Passport Challenges All Struck As “Moot”
(67.5) University Of Lethbridge Vaccine Pass Challenge Thrown Out For “Mootness”
(67.6) NS Court Of Appeals On Strang’s Ban On Public Gatherings
(67.7) AB Court Of Appeals Confirms HCW Can Deny Care For Unvaxxed
(67.8.1) CSASPP Lawsuit Approaching Certification For Class Action Status
(67.8.2) CSASPP Certification Hearing Videos Now Available Online
(67.8.3) CSASPP Certification Hearings To Resume In April 2023
(67.8.4) CSASPP Certification Hearings To Resume On Monday, April 24
(67.9) University Of Western Ontario, And Their Vaxx Pass Getting Upheld
(67.10) BCSC Throws Out Quesnel Case, Arbitration Mandated As Solution
(67.11) Federal Court To Hear Emergencies Act Challenges, April 2023
(67.12) Windsor City Workers Challenge Vaxx Pass, Motion To Strike Filed
(67.13) Citizens Alliance Of Nova Scotia (CANS) And Public Standing Application
(67.14.1) Adam Skelly, Part 1: The Akbarali Decisions (2024)
(67.14.2) Adam Skelly,Part 2: Michael Swinwood Malpractice Suit (2024)

(68) UCalgary Prof Files CHRT Complaint To Bring Back Masks On Planes

Eli Lilly Product Information
Moderna Vaccine Information
Pfizer Vaccine Information
Remdesivir Product Information (Gilead)

Astra Zeneca Product Monograph
Janssen Vaccine Product Monograph
Moderna mRNA Vaccine Product Monograph
Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Product Monograph

Vaccine Choice, October 2019 Lawsuit
Vaccine Choice Canada Lawsuit, Redacted
vaccine choice canada lawsuit unredacted version
Police On Guard For Thee Notice Of Application
Order Sgt Julie Evans Et Al Order May 5 2021

Action4Canada Statement Of Claim
A4C Legal Action Update, October 14th 2021
A4C Defense, Providence & Island Health
BC AG response to Galati Action4Canada (January 17) Application To Strike Claim
A4C Affidavit Application To Strike SoC
CRC Federal Worker Statement Of Claim

The Great Reset
spars-pandemic-scenario Center For Health Security
spars-pandemic-scenario Center For Health Security
Archived Pages — Pandemic Information
John Hopkins Security Risk Document

Ontario Research Civil Rights
WHO Paper On MANDATORY Vaccination April 13, 2021 (Original)
WHO Paper On MANDATORY Vaccination April 13, 2021 (Copy)

WHO On “Implied Consent” For Children (Original)
WHO On “Implied Consent” For Children (Copy)