CV #26(H): Region Of Peel Lies About Infertility, Deaths, Approval

Let’s do a little math here: a normal pregnancy is 9 months.

These so-called “vaccines” started being injected back in December 2020, and this tweet comes in June 2021. That is about 6 months difference. By this logic, there wouldn’t have been enough time for women to have taken this “concoction”, gotten pregnant, and then had full term pregnancies.

Also, the quote, “millions of people including pregnant women” seems nonsensical. Who else gives birth?

Even if there had been some, Peel Health lies by omission by not mentioning the miscarriages or unintended abortions that have resulted from drug.

Like so many jurisdictions, Peel dishonestly conflates “dying with” and “dying from”. Setting aside the fact that this so-called virus has never been isolated, this is extremely dishonest.

Peel deliberately misrepresents the status of these “vaccines”. Currently, they have interim authorization under an emergency order, but are not approved. This cannot be a mistake in wording.

These people are not to be trusted.


4 Replies to “CV #26(H): Region Of Peel Lies About Infertility, Deaths, Approval”

  1. “Also, the quote, “millions of people including pregnant women” seems nonsensical. Who else gives birth?” That’s nitpicking. I’d say the same thing. It signifies nothing. It’s the way our very imperfect English language works. And it’s not wrong. Ronnie: We all make mistakes, so that’s how I’ll view that comment. Your work is awesome. I’m a fan. I have some issues, but I use your material all the time and I like to think that I possess good judgment.

    1. With the influx of political correctness of late, such as “birthing people”, it was a fair assumption to make. Worth noting, Region Of Peel has a pride flag as an avatar.

      Thank you, and glad you like it.

  2. You guys are making a misunderstanding, the majority of the 827 were injected in their third trimester. Think about it, the word tri means three, there’s three three month periods in a 9 month pregnancy right? So, if they were in their third trimester it was within 3 months of giving birth, and even if it were in their second trimester, they could have gotten the jab in the beginning of the second trimester. Think a little deeper guys.

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