Maxime Bernier Encourages His Own Father To Get Vaxxed, “Party” Is A Honeypot
(Around the 30 minute mark)

Is this the “true opposition” party that some people love to talk about? Bernier claims he opposes lockdowns but still supports vaccinating people with God knows what. He even recommends it for his own father. He still (publicly) buys into the narrative, but only objects to the loss of civil rights.

Bernier will also never address the bigger picture. Even if one rejects the depopulation agenda, this “pandemic” is undeniably well planned and coordinated, with much of it being laid out in advance. He won’t get into any of the collusion, the groups making money, the banks, or the lobbying and corruption within domestic politics. Criticism is deliberately done at a superficial level.

This is how a honeypot works. Get someone who appears to be saying the right things — but who won’t tell the complete truth — and pour energy and money into it. Draw out and identify actual patriots, and ensure they will never have any kind of power. Sadly, Canadians are pumping money into them, without asking any hard questions. There’s at least a few of them going around.

People’s Party of Canada
Formed September 2018
-Led by ex-Harper crony
-No leadership race
-No policy votes
-No constitution
-No governing documents
-No national council
-Platform recycled from 2017 “LibCon” race
-EDAs being shut down for not filing financials

Maverick Party (formerly WExit)
Formed after 2019 election
-Led by ex-Harper crony
-No leadership race
-No policy votes
-No constitution
-No governing documents
-Platform in the works (though very recently there was nothing)

When WExit was renamed Maverick, there was a shifting of the goalposts. Instead of outright demanding Western independence, the goal became promoting Western interests within Canada. Perhaps “WExit” was just a temporary name in order to draw donations.

Interestingly, Maverick makes it clear they have no interest in getting involved in Provinces shutting down civil rights, even though the ability to do this was based on the FEDERAL declaration of there being an emergency. Much like the CPC, they mainly criticize the implementation of Trudeau’s tyranny.
Maverick Covid Statement

It’s also worth pointing out that both Hill and Bernier voted to screw over the West on equalization back when Harper was in Office. Jason Kenney did as well.

New Blue Ontario
Formed October 2020
-No leadership race
-No policy votes
-No constitution
-No governing documents
-No platform
-No Provincial Council or some equivalent

Go to their website. It’s completely empty of meaningful content.

The Republican Party of Canada also comes across as a fake party. There is a website, with a few broad strokes of what policies would be nice, but no structure or governance.

There are other ways to control the opposition. Consider the Q-Anon “Trust The Plan” movement, designed to convince Americans that there was an operation to remove the Deep State. It’s kind of like the 1920’s “Operation Trust” to keep the Bolsheviks in power in the Soviet Union.

If chosen correctly, the right kind of person can wreck a movement by driving away normies. An obvious one is Chris (Sky) Saccoccia. While he says a lot of truthful things, the way he goes about them seems calculated to make skeptics look deranged and paranoid. Of course, the “alternative” media elevates and signal boosts him endlessly.

Additionally, those dead-end lawsuits in Toronto can be viewed the same way: an attempt to convince Canadians that something was already under way, and drastic action is not required.

Protests have been largely infiltrated by grifters like Hugs Over Masks, who use it as a business opportunity. Also, marching for an hour and then going back to lockdown doesn’t accomplish anything. Makes them an easy target for the police though.

Notable grifters include the Conservative Party of Canada, and the CCFR, Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights. Nothing says freedom quite like starting your own line of muzzles. The CCFR is particularly repulsive, claiming to want freedom for gun owners, while profiting off of (forced) mask mandates.

The CPC also has a pharma lobbyist at the head of their National Council. Much like Maverick and PPC, they object mainly to how Trudeau handles things, not the overall agenda.

Is this jaded? Maybe, but we have to face reality.

20 Replies to “Maxime Bernier Encourages His Own Father To Get Vaxxed, “Party” Is A Honeypot”

  1. What about Dave Bjorkman of the Ccp (Canadian Constitutionalists Party)? Curious as to your thoughts on him..

    1. In China the CCP is known as the Chinese Communist Party. Even if Dave Bjorkman of theCanadian Constitutionalists Party isn’t a Chinese shill, he’s an idiot in use of CCP moniker, I mean come the fuck on!

    1. All Ive ever done is tell the truth. teach canadians about mask exemptions, how to avoid testing, beat the hotel quarantine, deal with fines…. now deal with the Vax Pass. and for my troubles as supposed “controlled opposition” (charges laid without any evidence or merit, from people who have sacrificed, risked and accomplished nothing by the way.) I’ve been arrested over a dozen times on 6 separate bails all with their own conditions like not being able to drive, to fly, had my house raided and all firearms taken. on bail to my best friend who happens to be Muslim (im an islamphobe remember) and now out on conditions to my Asian wife (also a “racist”) and im the guy who put over 75000 km on his truck since Feb going coast to coast 3 times speaking my heart out, while accurately predicting and warning of EVERTHING happening.

      how about a Thank you. instead of accusations based on your own projections of inadquacy?

  2. This is the first article I’ve read since the covid hoax started that makes any sense. You hit the nail right on the head about the political shills pretending to be “freedom activists”. I was disappointed but not surprised to read about Bernier and the vaxxing. Politicians for the most part are shills playing a part for votes.

    Re the lawfare farce, I was roasted on Twitter the other day when I redpilled a bunch of “the law will save us” sheep. They didn’t like it when I told them that they’re clinging to these nonsense lawsuits because they think it absolves them of the responsibility to fight for their own freedom instead of sitting back and letting others do it. When you do nothing, you get nothing.

    Re Chris “Sky”, I pegged him as a train wreck the moment I first saw him. He looks like he answered a casting call for “perfect media shill to show the public that anyone who opposes the covid agenda has zero credibility”. Now he has stepped up his game by threatening two politicians and a journalist, trying to run the cops over in a car, and getting arrested for it. He’s done more to sabotage the anti covid movement than the health tyrants and their pet media could ever accomplish. Makes me wonder who’s signing his paycheques.

  3. Thanks for your great research! Yep Max is a globalist in sheep’s clothing. And I’m disappointed in the CCFR, of which I am a member, and they fawn all over Michelle Rempel, globalist.

  4. My gut has been telling me for a long time not to trust Maxime Bernier. Looks like my gut instincts have been validated by your article. I remember when I first checked out his PPC (People’s Party of Canada) wesbite, I found it full of pro-neo-conservative twaddle. That is, making promises to serve the people of Canada, while actually intending to do the opposite. And basically operating as a stalking horse for Stephen Harper.

    His recent arrest was just grandstanding, a show to make it seem like he is on the side of ordinary people.

    I even thought there was something odd about Rocco Galati but couldn’t put my finger on what was so odd about him. Now I know, thanks to the Canucklaw site.

  5. If everyone is second-guessed as to what they stand for then who will be left? (Not saying I have any inclination to support the PPC)

    Who, if anyone, is worthy of support against all this tyranny and fear-based narrative?

    1. I don’t know.
      You can never fully put faith in any politician, of any stripe.

      1) If they claim to be against lockdowns, but never talk about the experimentation with these “vaccines”, the underlying deception or the fraudulent science, or question the existence of this so-called virus, there’s no reason to trust them.

      2) If they claim to be building a political party, but have no interest in basics like leadership or policy votes, or an internal constitution, there’s no reason to trust them.

    2. Nobody will be left. Then we can get on with the business of actually saving our country and the children. A corporate-style government is communism. That’s why we can never get off the wheel.

    1. Finding people around you who are like minded is always beneficial. Stock up on what you need, and don’t buy things you don’t. Be prepared to push back. Vote with your wallet, and be prepared to walk away from and business or company that imposes these measures. Have such businesses boycotted. Realize that these people are quite willing to put the boot on your neck to ensure compliance. Rather than taking anything in the media for granted (including this site), go fact check what’s being said and presented.

      If you ever wanted to get into real research — and there are far too few who do — this might be a starter for you. Share what’s really going on.

      There’s no saviour coming to rescue you.
      Putting faith in politicians or lawyers is an exercise in futility.

  6. In other words, hunker down and everyone for themselves? That’ll achieve change! sounds dreadful.

  7. So the quagmire is who to vote for.
    Was going to go for PPC against my better judgement, splitting the vote and allowing the Turd to get back in.
    Now I am gravitating back to O’Fool the Toole.
    Maybe I should just write my Nom de Plume in as a protest vote and oil up the boomstick.

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