1 Year Later, Media Silent On Christine Elliott’s Admission Deaths “With Covid” And Deaths “From Covid” Conflated

One year ago, Ontario Health Minister, Christine Elliott, was asked in a press conference about the death of a woman who died “from Covid”, as it was officially listed. The interesting thing was that she tested positive for the coronavirus, but that wasn’t acually the cause of her death. Nonetheless, it was formally written up as if it were.

The obvious conclusion one could draw from that was that Ontario (and other jurisdictions) were deliberately conflating the 2 in order to artificially drive up the death toll. In other words, this “pandemic” was being manufactured, at least in part. See this for more examples.

This video was pulled off a Facebook page in early June, which is now unavailable.

To my knowledge, there has never been any follow-up on this, by anyone in any “mainstream” outlet in Canada.

Elliott’s main qualification for being in Cabinet seems to be her being the widow of the late Jim Flaherty, former Ontario Finance Minister.

2 Replies to “1 Year Later, Media Silent On Christine Elliott’s Admission Deaths “With Covid” And Deaths “From Covid” Conflated”

  1. How about typing and researching the fact that viruses don’t exist? Ahhh, it seems controlled opposition outlets like yourself aren’t allowed too. The germ theory fraud cannot be exposed, or the zionist control over the world would cease.

    How many shekels is ezra feeding you monthly? Canadian intelligence network, chris sky and other puppets like yourself likely all have the same handler. I’m surprised tho, they do put you on a long leash, you expose hidden corruption but as long as it fits the “narrative”. Can’t expose real truth and reality. You’ll probably start preaching secession soon enough as the “remedy” for all this corruption. Handlers will want to move you into one world government type of writing. Ron Paul will help you with that, he’s been in that character mode for close to two decades.

    Keep blaming the “globalists” and the “communists” like controlled opposition shaun paul melville does.

    1. Um, I believe the virus “exists”? All we know of the “virus” is the fact the “Chinese” supplied the genome, and the vaccine manufacturers inserted the code in their mRNA poison darts.

      Pretty funny to get lumped in with Chris “Buy My Book” Skye, and Ezra “Donate Now” Levant.

      Buy Ronnie’s book.

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