Banking Cartel: Documents & Sources

(A.1) Bank For International Settlements
(A.2) Basil Committee
(A.3) International Monetary Fund
(B.1) Bank of Canada
(B.2) US Federal Reserve
(B.3) Bank of England
(B.4) European Central Bank
(B.5) Association of African Central Banks
(B.6) Wikipedia Listings, Central Banks
(C.1) Comm On Monetary, Economic Reform
(C.2) The COMER Case (CDA)
(C.3) End The Fed Website (U.S.)
(C.4) Federal Reserve Disclosure Ruling
(D.1) Zero Hedge Article on Central Banking
(D.2) Website
(E.1) Will Abram Interview, Money Creation
(E.2) Rocco Galati Speaks To Parliament
(E.3) Rocco Galati, CBC Interview
(E.4) Galati Montreal Press Conference, COMER
(E.5) Jack Layton, Elizabeth May, Know About Banking Cartel, Stay Silent
(F) Private Shareholders, Public Interest: S. African Research on Group of Central Banks
(G.1) Canada: Archived Debt Reports
(G.2) Canada: More Archived Documents
(G.3) Canada: Debt Reference Tables
(H.1) Mark Carney, UN Climate Action Finance
(H.2) COP25 Madrid, Mark Carney

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