CPC Realizes Endorsing “Great Reset” (Build Back Better) Very Unpopular, Pulls Page Down

Someone within the brain trust seems to have finally realized that endorsing slogans of the Great Reset (even in a modified form) is a dumb idea. Consequently, this page has been taken down, but thankfully, is archived and available.


Build Back Stronger
The Liberals want to “build back better.” Conservatives will “build back stronger.”
We are facing the greatest economic crisis of our lifetime.
Canada’s Conservatives led by Erin O’Toole will bring back certainty and stability.
The Liberal agenda is to launch a risky experiment with Canada’s economy.
Justin Trudeau says, “We are all in this together.” But, under the Liberals, Canada is more divided than ever before.
With the Liberals, it’s the haves over the have-nots.
It’s Bay Street over Main Street.
It’s those with a salary, benefits, and a pension over those without.
It’s those with Liberal connections over the outsiders who have to play by the rules.
Instead, Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives will fight for you and your family, and the countless Canadians left behind by the Trudeau Liberal government.
Sign below if you want to build back stronger!

This has been said before, but it comes across like they are trying to lose on purpose. It’s difficult to explain moves like this as stupidity, especially when it’s kept up for months.

Why people think voting, especially for someone like this, will solve anything is baffling.

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  1. I have thought this many times: that they ARE trying to lose on purpose. If the WEF get their way, they need a controlled opposition. What better way to do that by making people hate all the choices they have come election time? I fear Trudeau will get in again. CPC has no guts and are no good. They are not conservative anymore. So many people I know only vote CPC because they “want Trudeau out”. I voted PPC last time, hoping for a miracle but I’m starting to think everyone is corrupt (except Derek Sloan).

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