Criminal Law: Reviews

(1) Review of Bill C-46, Demanding A Breath Sample 2 Hours After The Fact
(2) Mandatory Minimums: Good Or Bad?
(3.1) Bill C-75: Watering Down Terrorism Penalties
(3.2) Bill C-75: Lower Sent. For Child Sex Crimes
(3.3) The NGOs Behind Bill C-75 Harming Society
(3.4) Bill C-75: Removing “Misinformation” From The Criminal Code
(3.4) California State Senator, Scott Wiener’s Legislative Weapons
(3.5) Possible Decriminalization For Failing To Disclose HIV
(3.6) AZ Rep Hannley Opposes Life For Pedos, Since Too Few Are Whites
(4) Pardons And Spent Offences
(5) Tracing Suspects Using Ancestral DNA
(6.1) ECHR Upholds Blasphemy Ruling In Austria
(6.2) Defamatory Libel Still On The Books
(6.3) Bill C-36: Red Flag Laws To Preemptively Block Hate Speech
(7) Were Sherman Killings Tied To International Pharma Research?
(8) Galati Puts Terrorist Rights Over Canadian Rights
(9) S-240 Fails: Criminalize Going Abroad For Trafficked Organs
(10.1) Gamil Gharbi’s Massacre, And The Political Agendas Coming
(10.2) Bill C-71: Backdoor Gun Registry, Easier To Seize Guns?
(11.3) Bill C-238: Increased Penalties For Illegal Import/Export/Possession
(10.4) Bill C-21: Red Flag Law To Seize Guns In Canada
(10.5) Bill C-21: Yellow Flag Laws To Suspend Licenses Temporarily, Indefinitely
(10.6) Bill C-21: Redefining “Replica”, Targeting Airsoft, BB, Paintball Guns
(10.7) Bill C-21: Adding “Transborder Criminality” Provisions To IRPA
(10.8) Bill C-22: Reducing Penalties For Crimes Committed With Guns
(10.9) Bill C-261: Red Flag Laws For “Suspicion” Of Promoting Hate, Or Committing Crimes
(10.10) Bill C-5: Removing Mandatory Minimum Jail Terms For Serious Gun Offenses
(12) World Bank Gets Production Order Dismissed By Supreme Court

(13) Bill C-229: Banning Symbols Of Hate, But Without Defining Them

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