Banking Cartel: Reviews & Critiques

(0.1) Canada Infrastructure Bank (And Act)
(0.2) Guest Post: Civilian Intelligence Network

(1.1) Restore 1934 Bank Of Canada Act, Leave Banking Cartel
(1.2) Bank For International Settlements Immunity Act, Climate Hoax
(2) Rocco Galati, The COMER Case, Private Loans
(3) U.S Federal Reserve (Private Corporation)
(4.1) Response From Canadian Finance Department
(4.2) Bank Of Canada Sends A Response
(5.1) Common Globalist Approved Talking Points
(5.2) Controlled Opposition Political Parties
(5.3) Conservatives Only Pretend To Oppose Climate, Banking Scams
(6.1) Mark Carney, UN Climate Finance, Chicago Climate Exchange
(6.2) Network Of Central Banks For Greening The Financial System
(6.3) Bank For International Settlements Pushing Green Bonds
(6.4) Green Horizon Summit, Bankers Make Pledges
(6.5) Climate Change Agenda Run By International Bankers
(6.6) World Economic Forum, Great Reset, Communist Takeover
(6.7) Green New Deal Group: Exploiting 2008 Bank Collapse
(6.8) NGFS; Sustainable Banking Network; Climate Disclosures; IFC GBA
(7.1) Usury Involving Loans, Debt-For-Nature Swaps
(7.2) Agenda 21 Includes “Sustainable Debt Payments” Options
(7.3) Agenda 2030 Includes “Sustainable Debt Payments” Options
(8.1) World Bank, IFFIm, GAVI Pitching “Vaccine Bonds”, Debt Backed
(8.2) World Bank Group Offered Various Bond Options
(8.3) World Bank Gets Production Order Dismissed By Supreme Court
(9) BIS, Central Banks On Implementing Digital Currency
(10.1) Various UN Global Taxation Efforts, Tax Avoidance, Schemes
(10.2) Tax Inspectors Without Borders, UNDP/OECD Partnership
(11.1) Media, Banks, CU, Getting CDA Emergency Wage Subsidies
(11.2) WEF Partnered With Banks, Investment Firms, Pension Funds
(11.3) Focus On Capital Long Term; W.E. Forum; CPPIB; OTPP