UN Agendas: Reviews

(1) Review of Abortion as Human Right
(2) Review of UN Agenda 21
(3) Review of UN Agenda 2030
(4) Review of Business Action Hub
(5.1) Review of UCLG
(5.2) ICLEI, Globalist Cities
(6) Review of UN Data Hub
(7) Review of UN DRIP
(8) Review of Democratic Agenda
(9.1) UNESCO Pushing Global Citizen Agenda In Schools
(9.2) UNESCO’s Campaign Against CV “Mis-Information”
(9.3) UNESCO Heritage Sites Equal 2nd Biggest Country
(9.4) UNESCO’s Abortion & Pedophile Agenda Pushed
(9.5) UNESCO And Banning Misinformation — Part 2
(10) Review of MasterCard & Digital Inclusion
(11) Review of Forestry Forum
(12) Global Compact (for Sustainability)
(13) Global Internet Governance Forum
(14) High Commission For Refugees – Party To S3CA
(15) Review of UNSG High Level Panel, Jordan Peterson
(16) International Monetary Fund (IMF)
(17) UN Innovation Hub
(18) Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change
(19) UN International Court of Justice
(20) International Labour Organization Control In USMCA
(21) Review of Lawyers Without Borders
(22.1) Review of UN PRI
(22.2) CPPIB Using PRI Principles
(23) Review of Security Council Hypocrisy
(24) Review of Hypocrisy on Sexual Abuse
(25) UN Urban Development Agenda
(26) Review of Water Action Hub
(27) World Bank Working With IFFIm on “Vaccine Bonds”
(28.1) Review of World Economic Forum
(28.2) World Economic Forum — the GREAT RESET
(29) Review of Youth Climate Strikes
(30) Water Trading In Australia
(31) World Health Organization And Legally Binding IHR
(32) World Integrated Trade Solutions — WITS

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The Case For Leaving The UN Completely

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