Corruption: Reviews

(1.1) Review of Canada Infrastructure Bank and CIB Act
(1.2) Civilian Intelligence Network Repost On CDA Infrastructure Bank
(2.1) Desmarais/Power Corp Linked to Bombardier, Loblaws Bailouts
(2.2) Desmarais/Power Corp Linked to Trudeau Fnd., Air Canada, Agenda 2030
(2.3) Pierre Beaudoin: Bombardier Chairman/Power Corporation Director
(3.1) Who Buys Off Our Leaders?
(3.2) Ford Illegally Allowed Deco Clients To Lobby Him In 2014
(4.1) Refugee Programs As Human Smuggling Rings?
(4.2) Immigration Fraud Inside Canada
(5.1) Mike Duffy’s Odd Corruption Acquittal
(5.2) Review of Duffy Suing Over Suspension From Senate
(6) Government Buys Off Media Union, Unifor
(7) RCMP To Drop Standards For Recruits
(8) Kosian: Arrested For Not Holding Rail
(9) Peter MacKay Shanks David Orchard
(10.1) Center For Israel And Jewish Affairs
(10.2) CIJA’s Constant Assault On Free Speech
(10.3) Information About Non-Profit CIJA
(10.4) CIJA, Mozuud, Political Infiltration

(11.1) A Most Sincere “Apology” To Rocco Galati
(11.2) Vaccine Choice Canada: No Movement After 4 Months
(11.3) Vaccine Choice Canada: No Movement After 6 Months
(11.4) Next Iteration Of Bogus Lawsuits By “Resistance”
(11.5) Awake Canada Spreading Misinformation On Bogus Lawsuits
(11.6) Vaccine Choice Canada, Action4Canada Panhandling Again
(11.7) Chris Sky Subverts & Undermines Real Resistance
(11.8) A Guide For Spotting Controlled Opposition To Lockdowns
(11.9) Bernier Calls For Own Father To Get Vaxxed, “Party” A Honeypot
(11.10) Alberta Activist Collective: Selling Merch At Pro-Lockdown Rally
(11.11) Why I Believe Galati Is Controlled Opposition
(11.12) Action4Canada Claim Fatally Defective, Will Go Nowhere
(11.13) February Delay Prevents Action4Canada Case From Being Struck
(11.14) Action4Canada Case Delayed Indefinitely
(11.15) Vaccine Choice Canada Lawsuit Fatally Defective, Going Nowhere
(11.16) Kulvinder Gill’s $12.75 Million Suit Dismissed As A SLAPP
(11.17) Academy Of Divine Knowledge, New Age Being Pushed

() Law Firms & Bar Associations Getting Emergency Wage Subsidy
() Summer Jobs Program As A Means To “Conflict Out” Law Firms?