Next Iteration Of Q-Anon? Trust The Lawyers, It’s All Being Taken Care Of

Remember “Operation Trust”? It was a 1920s scheme to get people not to overthrow the Bolsheviks, by claiming a military operation was already underway. Remember Q-Anon? It was a way to get people to passively wait while Trump drained the swamp and jailed the deep state. Of course, neither were real.

Canadians are constantly being told that there are a committed group of people fighting Trudeau, Ford, Horgan and their ilk. This isn’t about infighting. There are serious questions about what’s going on.

A recent video floating around on the internet is from a group called “Awake Canada”. It claims that all emergency measures have been struck down by the courts. However, neither links to any rulings, nor specific details are provided. Start at 0:45 in the video.

Now, it is true that British Columbia ended their state of emergency on June 30, 2021. It’s also true Ontario‘s lapsed, although it seems to be operating under new laws.

And suing in multiple provinces? All of Galati’s cases on the site are from Ontario.

The video takes some truth (such as ON and BC stopping their orders) but then goes on to claim that these mysterious court decisions have been responsible for it.

If Canada’s High Court (presumably the Supreme Court of Canada), had really ruled on this, then shouldn’t it be listed in their decisions? Or available on CanLII?

Also, why would the Supreme Court make such a ruling? It’s an appeals court, not a trial court. Even then, it only hears cases that have already been appealed at least once. Their job is to confirm, set aside, or modify lower court rulings. Aside from constitutional questions (which is something else), they aren’t a place to initiate proceedings.

True, the JCCF has managed some low level victories in some provinces, but they seem to be challenging details within the orders, not the overall agenda. On the whole, the courts have been upholding these measures as “necessary for public health”.

However, there haven’t been any court rulings striking the state of emergency. Isn’t it interesting that there is:
-No ruling available
-No court file number
-No judge(s) named
-No date of ruling
-No specific court

Strange how there’s no information about such a case, or cases, as is implied in the video. Keep in mind, that Ontario court cases can be searched by anyone at anytime. This is also true in many other jurisdictions. Yet too few people care enough to look.

The fact that such an claim is pushed when it’s so easy to check makes it difficult to believe this is accidental. Is this a disinfo campaign?

In Ontario, there was a temporary moratorium on filing deadlines, but that ended September 14, 2020.

As for that infamous case filed July 6, 2020 by Vaccine Choice Canada (Ontario Superior Court #CV-20-00643451-0000), there’s nothing happening. This was the one to end all measures in Canada. No defenses have even been filed. Yes, in a year, no defenses. Now, one might expect an application for default judgement to have been sent a long time ago, but it seems not. True, a notice of intent to defend was filed by Windsor-Essex County and their doctor, but that was September 30, 2020.

In a similar vein, nothing has happened with an earlier VCC case (Ontario Superior Court #CV-19-00629801-0000). This was filed in October 2019, to stop mandatory vaccination of Ontario students. Sure, a defense was filed in December 2019, and a reply in March 2020, but nothing since. And children are getting the experimental vaxx right now.

While the July 2020 case involved serious human rights abuses, and was worth $11 million, it appears that mean words on Twitter is worth $12.75 million. Seems a bit odd. (Ontario Superior Court #CV-20-00652918-0000)

Sure, a few more cases have been filed recently. Guess we’ll have to see if anything comes from any of them.

If a lawyer wanted to get into court quickly, it can be done in days. Just ask Canadian Appliance Source, or Hudson’s Bay Company.

I guess this offer is no longer available. There used to be an option to purchase (for just $90) half filled forms with pleading arguments written into them. They were sold in Ontario for a time. Of course, buying these forms with a waiver of liability is a bit unsettling. This is just speculation, but perhaps these forms were pulled as they might be considered providing legal advice, regardless of whatever waiver was issued.

Action4Canada is based out of B.C. They claim to have been fundraising for a lawsuit for almost a year now. In January 2021, they reported having reached 45% of the goal to sue the B.C. Government. Now, they state they have 83% of the way there. Strangely, there’s no mention of the amount of money needed, as it’s just given as a percent. Back in September 2020, they claimed to have raised over $30,000. Strange how no one asks to see where their donations went.

What an offer. If you donate to Odessa Orlewicz, she’ll give 50% to Tanya at Action4Canada for the lawsuit they aren’t filing. 25% will go to Galati’s cases which are going nowhere. And she’ll keep 25%. Great deal!

And what is this federal case Odessa mentions?

Fight The Fines was started up by Ezra Levant and Rebel Media. This outlet acts as a middleman, taking public donations and hiring lawyers to fight (some) tickets. Just a thought, but that’s addressing a symptom and not the disease.

While not lawyers, Hugs Over Masks, The Line and Chris (Sky) Saccoccia deserve an honourable mention for all the great work they do helping us out.

On the American scene, we have Robert Kennedy Jr. and Del Big Tree leading the opposition. They’re not against vaccines altogether. They just support “safe” vaccines.

Elsewhere, Reiner Fuellmich routinely gives interviews about these international efforts. However, he never has any concrete progress to report.

As Vladimir Lenin famously stated, the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.

Trust the plan, everyone!

Note: in the interest of fairness, some challenges in American courts have been successful. See below. That could be because those lawyers take their work more seriously.


13 Replies to “Next Iteration Of Q-Anon? Trust The Lawyers, It’s All Being Taken Care Of”

  1. This post is misinformation. The video you are referring to was a follow up to 2 videos I have already done with the links provided to the revocation orders..

    Rocco Galati does have lawsuits in BC with Action 4 Canada plus 3 different lawsuits in Ontario. The Citadel Law Corporation also is suing the provincial government of BC over the emergency orders.

    JCCF Has had cases in every province between.

    There is a lawsuit against the House of Windsor, Justin Trudeau, and the federal government.

    I have posted links to all of these during my course of posts over the past is a course of boasts over the past 16 months.

    Your lack of research on my posts with your comments show that you are not vetting your content and making accusations accusations to an organization that is only trying to fight this corruption.

    I have not said to sit and wait for lawyers or politicians to rescue us, and my 25000 followers/members know this.

    I don’t even think you watched the whole video based on your comments.

    If you don’t post my reply that tells me a lot about your motivations.

    David Cheyne.

  2. Chris Sky and those others mentioned are bery much controlled opposition… what exactly is going on here??? Why go to bat for the controlled op? Del and Chris have been outed.

    This has me concerned about your intentions now too.

  3. Mr. Cheyne,

    I listened to your video and then posted a comment requesting that you provide the court cases citations that you refer to that resulted in the ‘ordering’ of the revocation of the Emergency Orders in BC and Ontario. I also tried to find them on my own, since I do know how to use the legal databases to find court cases.

    Not a single thing was found. But Rebel News did lose their legal action and are apparently appealing. That you have never mentioned to my knowledge.

    In my view, NO COURT ACTION caused a Court Order to be issued to revoke any legislation. To start with, no Judge or Court in Canada has that authority. Courts can only point out the flaws in a piece of legislation, they cannot order the government to revoke or repeal or even change legislation.

    Unfortunately, too many people are running campaigns to raise millions of dollars that are never accounted for and nothing changes. No one ever learns how much the lawyers are getting for these ‘exercises’ in futility.

    In another video, another speaker who was pushing the use of a legal action, kept claiming that they had succeeded in the Supreme Court of Canada, when it was in the Superior Court of Ontario, and it was not the ‘success’ he was representing it was. When a ‘leader’ doesn’t even know the difference between the courts and refuses to correct this error in subsequent videos, even though he is told of his error, it tells me that Canadians are in a terrible mess led by the communist running this country.

  4. I am really curious to what side you are on. Your post blasts three movements of people and organizations fighting this.

    I NEVER said that the lawyers made these revocations happen. I merely said, that based on what Rocco said, it was interesting that he FILED his motions against the Emergency Orders near the end of May, and they revoked the emergency acts on June 9th. Not even Rocco said that he was sure that it was his filing, but make no mistake about it, he filed it.

    You think Rocco Galati is lying about this?

    The government moves the goalposts everytime they are about to lose something, because they cannot justify the emergency acts, and with all these court challenges, I was suggesting they are feeling the heat, and that is PERHAPS why they revoked the orders, and never announced this to the public.

    Your motives are unclear on what you are doing. Mine are very clear, and anyone following me understands this. Does this mean I have all the answers? No. But my motives are clear and your article made an assumption. that I am trying to get people to be passive and wait for the courts to solve this.

    I don’t trust the courts.

    I don’t trust the politicians.

    I am hitting this from every angle. At the end it always comes down to the people, and if you followed me for any point of time, you would know I have said that 100 times over.

    This article is criticizing my movement, in which I am clear about my intentions. From what I can see from the beginning, the other 2 you criticize are also doing the same thing. Labelling us as misinformation seems like you are playing for the wrong team. Even if SOME of our data is based on assumptions, the motives are clear. My videos are based on MY opinions, combined with hard data and government, and statistical links. What the helll was this article based on other than slamming 3 organizations intentions?

    Good to know you have hundreds of followers, and the movements you criticize have tens of thousands each, probably over 100k between the 3 of us.

    What are your contributions to winning this battle?

    Criticizing other organizations actually in the fight?

    Check yourself, you are about to be exposed for what you appear to be.

    David Cheyne

    1. Holey Moley Mr. Cheyne, you fight like my ex use to! It’s an art for sure.

      You said what you said. It was very clear, but you try to defend your video’s misinformation and misrepresentation of facts in your comment above, by distracting, changing the subject, redirecting, attacking the messenger and trying to emotionally blackmail. Also, I think there was a fair amount of gaslighting of those of us who can read and think critically after listening to your video.

      You really should stop while you are ahead. We aren’t going to draw and quarter you…we just hope that you will publicly correct yourself in your next video.

    2. David: I trust Ronnie. Also, I believe in walk, not talk. Talk if you must, but walk accordingly. I am also not a fan of unclassy behavior and speech. I hate it. I mention that because it makes me nauseous to listen to it. I would ignore you in the future for that reason. I’ll survive without your videos and information. I’m not saying that talking like a toilet makes what you say right or wrong, but it’s so unimpressive.

    3. You presented the event as the beginning of a great reverse in the establishment narrative fueled by the tireless work of truthseekers behind the scenes. Exactly like the Qanon operation. Then when I go to relate this to someone I know, there’s not a spec of proof to be found anywhere, thus discrediting my point of view and giving me false hope. At best a stupid mistake at worst a classic propaganda technique to weaken and punch holes in govt opposition.

  5. The title of the Bitchute video: “Canadian Court Ends Covid Emergency”

    At 0:45: “Declaration of emergency ended by the courts”
    At 1:25: “The Court systems have come through for us”
    At 3:20: “Court ordered revocation of emergency orders on June 9”
    At 3:30: “Lawyers pushing back is starting to work”
    At 13:15: “This shows the courts may be in our favour
    At 14:25: “Galati submitted his actions in late May, June 9 is was revoked
    At 16:25: “Most of the provinces have had emergency orders revoked, at least where they’re lawsuits challenging the emergencies act.”

    The video contents pretty clearly spell out the conclusion that these actions have led to orders getting revoked. Problem is, it’s not true.

    Best case, it’s still very misleading.

  6. Thanks Ronnie…I just didn’t have the time to dig up the video and copy the transcript.

    Don’t you just hate it when someone knows you are telling the truth, but they keep trying to make you the bad guy to save face?? That’s why the People can’t get unparalized to organize properly.

    No response needed.

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