Free Speech: Reviews

(1) Review of $595M Medi Bribe Pg 40
(2.1) Review of Gender & Language Agenda
(2.2) What If Bill C-16 Was Law Elsewhere?
(2.3) Bill C-6: Banning Conversion Therapy For Minors
(3) Suit For Media Access For Jim Acosta
(4) Bill C-36: Red Flag Laws To Preemptively Block Hate Speech

(4.1) Review of Predatory Publishing #1
(4.2) Review of Predatory Publishing #2
(4.3) Review of Predatory Publishing #3
(4.4) Update On Predatory Publishing

(5.1) Review of Internet Regulation
(5.2) Richard Lee Support Internet Regulation
(5.3) Digital Charter Coming After Christ Church In NZ?
(5.4) Bill C-11: Digital Charter Implementation Act (“dee CIA”)
(5.5) Internet Governance Forum, Setting Global Standards
(5.6) Facebook, Crestview, O’Toole All Lobbying Ottawa
(5.7) Google Lobbying Ottawa, Attacks On Free Speech
(5.8) Twitter Consulting Over Online Content, Michele Austin
(5.9) Twitter Sued For Refusing To Remove C.P. Material

(6.1) Citing Abortion Stats Is Now Violence
(6.2) Review of Silencing Free Speech in UK
(6.3) Examples Of European Union Censorship
(6.4) Defamatory Libel Still On The Books
(6.5) Free Speech Grifters Want $5 Million For Defamation
(6.6) MasterCard Supporting Censorship Of Critics To Agenda
(6.7) Collusion Between Social Media And Big Pharma
(6.8) Dominic LeBlanc Proposes Law To Ban “Misinformation”
(6.9) Journalist Mark Slapinski Calls For Jailing Over Opinions
(6.10) Omidyar Group; Luminate; Reset; Reset Australia; Misinformation
(6.11) Hoax Compilation, Media Manipulation, Free Speech
(6.12) WHO Conference Contains Anti-Free Speech Pledge
(6.13) LEAF: Pro-Death, Anti-Free Speech Agenda

(7.1) Antifa Handbook, Political Violence
(7.2) Antifa Stalks Tucker Carlson’s Family
(7.3) Chris Cuomo Defends Antifa Violence

(8.1) ECHR Rules Against Blasphemy In Austria
(8.2) Silencing Criticism Of Islamic Sexual Violence
(8.3) UN Wants A Global Ban On Criticizing Islam
(8.4) UN’s Never-Ending Quest To Ban Criticism Of Islam
(8.5) Trudeau: Limit Free Speech To Avoid Islamic Violence
(8.6) Hate Speech Bill Will Seriously Erode Privacy
(9.1) Center For Israel And Jewish Affairs
(9.2) CIJA’s Constant Assault On Free Speech
(9.3) Information About Non-Profit CIJA
(9.4) B’nai Brith: Anti-Free Speech, Bill 168
(9.5) ON Bill 168: IHRA Definition Adopted
(9.6) IHRA Definition Already Adopted In Canada

(A) Canadian Charter, Section 2
(B) American 1st Amendment
(C) $595M bribery of journalists, Pg40
(D) UN Digital Cooperation (Internet Gov.)
(E) UN Gender & Language Agenda
(F) Canada’s Digital Charter
(G) Vindication Of Professor Pyne At TRU