Free Speech: Reviews

(1) Review of $595M Medi Bribe Pg 40
(2.1) Review of Internet Regulation
(2.2) Richard Lee Support Internet Regulation
(2.3) Digital Charter After Christ Church?
(3.1) Review of Predatory Publishing #1
(3.2) Review of Predatory Publishing #2
(3.3) Review of Predatory Publishing #3
(3.4) Update On Predatory Publishing
(4) Review of Gender & Language Agenda
(5) Suit For Media Access For Jim Acosta
(6) Review of Silencing Free Speech in UK
(7) European Union Censorship
(8) Citing Abortion Stats Is Now Violence
(9) Antifa Handbook, Political Violence
(10.1) Antifa Stalks Tucker Carlson’s Family
(10.2) Chris Cuomo Defends Antifa Violence
(10.3) Silencing Criticism Of Islamic Sexual Violence
(10.4) UN’s Quest To an Criticism Of Islam
(11.1) Center For Israel And Jewish Affairs
(11.2) CIJA’s Constant Assault On Free Speech
(11.3) Information About Non-Profit CIJA
(11.4) B’nai Brith: Anti-Free Speech, Bill 168
(11.5) ON Bill 168: IHRA Definition Adopted
(11.6) IHRA Definition Already Adopted In Canada

(A) Canadian Charter, Section 2
(B) American 1st Amendment
(C) $595M bribery of journalists, Pg40
(D) UN Digital Cooperation (Internet Gov.)
(E) UN Gender & Language Agenda
(F) Canada’s Digital Charter
(G) Vindication Of Professor Pyne At TRU