Education Corruption & Infiltration: Reviews

(1.1) How To Do Some Real Research, Investigative Journalism
(1.2) Guidelines For Filing Access To Information Requests
(1.3) CanLII, Getting Started Searching For Canadian Court Cases
(2.1) Review of Predatory Publishing #1
(2.2) Review of Predatory Publishing #2
(2.3) Review of Predatory Publishing #3
(2.4) Update On Predatory Publishing
(3.1) Review of Global Citizenship Education
(3.2) WHO/UNESCO Corrupting Education: Pedos/Abortion
(3.3) Just Send The Asteroid Already!!
(3.4) College Of Teachers/Human Rights Tribunals Okay With Gender Ideology
(4) Review: Duke Pesta & Common Core
(5) Cultural Marxism, Plot To Destroy The West
(6.1) Colleges Adjusting To Pandemic Hoax Realities
(6.2) ACHF Funded By Insurance Companies, Big Pharma
(6.3) ETFO/OTPP; World Economic Forum; Taylor; Wiseman
(6.4) Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Own Stock In “Reset” Companies
(6.5) University Of Toronto, Public Health, Funded With Rockefeller Money
(7.1) U Of Toronto Grossly Overrepresented In “Public Health”
(7.2) David Fisman Shilling For OST/ETFO, Race Baiting
(7.3) University Of Toronto; Charity; Merck; Millers; OST
(7.4) McMaster University; Charity; Gates; Donations; Pandemic
(7.5) Canadian Universities Receiving Hordes Of Gates Money
(7.6) Colleges/Universities Are Structured As Charities
(7.7) Colleges/Universities Subservient To Government Subsidies
(7.8) Colleges Recycling USED masks With Deadly Virus
(7.9) Ryan Imgrund: Pushing Panic Within The Schools He Works For
(7.10) Ryan Imgrund Facing Disciplinary Hearing Over Conduct With Students
(7.11) University Of Lethbridge Vaccine Pass Challenge Thrown Out For “Mootness”
(7.12) UCalgary Prof Files CHRT Complaint To Bring Back Masks On Planes
(7.13) University Of Western Ontario, And Their Vaxx Pass Getting Upheld
(8.1) Gender Based Analysis (Plus) Any Idiot Could Pass
(8.2) Contact Tracing Training From PHAC Is Moron Proof
(8.3) “Re-Education” Training For Ontario HCW Refusing Needle
(8.4) Nova Scotia Refuses FOI Request About Masks On Students
(9.1) Anti-White “Weighted Voting” Coming To Ontario Schools
(9.2) Anti-White Ontario Ruling: Math Standards Favour White Teachers
(10) Source Countries For International Students: 2004-2013

(A.1) UN Global Citizenship Education
(B) Heartland Institute
(C) Vindication Of Professor Pyne At TRU
(D) Groningen Declaration Network

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