Satire: Babylon Beaver Division

(1) Babylon Beaver Announced As Canuck Law Spinoff
(2) Liberal To English Dictionary, And Liberal V.S. Conservative
(3) Hitler v.s. Macron, Goals And Desires
(4) Babylon Beaver Endorses Open Borders — For Other People
(5) Now Hiring For Controlled Opposition
(6) Babylon Beaver Buys Mosaic Hotel, Removes Floor Numbers
(7) Canuck Law Certified in GBA+ Training
(8) Policies Based on GBA+ Training
(9) PPC Announces It’s Being Shut Down
(10) Twitter Blockings This Last Year
(11) CPC Convention During Nat’l Abortion Week
(12) Babylon Beaver Supports The Nationalist Parody Canuck Party
(13) Toilet Paper Dealer Murdered In Kelowna
(14) PPC To Release Party Constitution
(15) Free Speech Ministry Opening In Canada
(16) Petition To Repatriate Singh To India
(17) Theresa Tam Now Recommends Butt Plugs To Stop Spread
(18) Anti-Crawlers Protest Against New Measures
(19) “What Do You Conserve” Now Considered Hate Speech
(20) Pierre Poilievre Starts Flying Canadian Flag In His Office
(21) Ford Claims He Has Covid, To Boost Dropping Poll Numbers
(22) Government Asks Whites To Stop Breeding, Because Covid
(23) Babylon Beaver Endorses Eric O’Toolie For Prime Minister
(24) Babylon Bee Sues Babylon Beaver Over Copyright Claim