Covid Hoax: Grifters

(1.1) A Most Sincere “Apology” To Rocco Galati

(2.1) Vaccine Choice Canada: No Movement After 4 Months
(2.2) Vaccine Choice Canada: No Movement After 6 Months
(2.3) Vaccine Choice Canada, Action4Canada Panhandling Again
(2.4) Vaccine Choice Canada Lawsuit Fatally Defective, Going Nowhere
(2.5) Vaccine Choice Canada: Nothing After 2 Years
(2.6) Vaccine Choice Canada: Admissions Claim Brought For Other Purposes
(2.7) Will Vaccine Choice Canada’s July 6, 2020 Suit Be Targeted Next?

(3.1) Action4Canada Claim Fatally Defective, Will Go Nowhere
(3.2) February Delay Prevents Action4Canada Case From Being Struck
(3.3) Action4Canada Case Delayed Indefinitely
(3.4) Action4canada Finally Has Hearing Over Application To Strike
(3.5) Action4Canada Case Struck, Though Not Dismissed Entirely
(3.6) Action4Canada Files Baseless Appeal Against Struck NOCC

(4.1) Kulvinder Gill’s $12.75 Million Suit Dismissed As A SLAPP
(4.2) Kulvinder Gill’s Suit Against University Of Ottawa
(4.3) Academy Of Divine Knowledge, New Age Being Pushed

(5.1) Next Iteration Of Bogus Lawsuits By “Resistance”
(5.2) Police On Guard Case Dormant After 15 Months

(6.1) Awake Canada Spreading Misinformation On Bogus Lawsuits
(6.2) Chris Sky Subverts & Undermines Real Resistance
(6.3) A Guide For Spotting Controlled Opposition To Lockdowns
(6.4) Bernier Calls For Own Father To Get Vaxxed, “Party” A Honeypot
(6.5) Alberta Activist Collective: Selling Merch At Pro-Lockdown Rally
(6.6) Why I Believe Galati Is Controlled Opposition

(7.1) Federal Case Written So Poorly It Has No Prospect Of Success

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