Vaccine Choice Canada, Action4Canada Want More Money For Cases (Still) Not Happening

On July 21, 2021, we had our latest round of panhandling from Tanya Gaw (Action4Canada) and Ted Kuntz (Vaccine Choice Canada). They are asking for money for what they claim are lawsuits to challenge various Governments in Canada.

What people choose to do, and choose to file in their private lives is their business. That being said, when it involves constantly asking the public for money, it’s fair game to report on what’s actually happening. If those donations aren’t be used as advertised, then it’s even more important.

This is an almost identical script from a year ago. Action4Canada needs money to start a suit, and Vaccine Choice Canada needs more to keep theirs going. In a way, not much has changed. Thankfully, it seems that far fewer people are buying into it at this point.

Of course, it doesn’t help that misinformation videos like this surface, telling of non-existent court rulings. Whether intentionally, or by cluelessness, some with large audiences spread false stories of secret court decisions fixing everything. This doesn’t help either. It takes advantage of widespread ignorance.

Keep in mind, that places like Ontario allow members of the public to search for cases online. All one needs are the parties and/or case number. One can see who has lawyers, and when they are next expected in court. If people are unrepresented, that information is also available. Similarly, the Supreme Court Of Canada publishes its rulings, as does the Federal Court, and CanLII is also a great source. Also, individual courts can be contacted for information or documents.

In their December 2020 update, Vaccine Choice Canada lamented how no mainstream media had seen fit to cover such an important event. However, they didn’t mention (and still don’t mention), that THIS SITE was threatened by them for exposing the grifting going on.

This is the infamous case (CV-20-00643451-0000) filed July 6, 2020. Forget trial, this may very well get dismissed for lack of prosecution the way it’s going. Seriously, is no one asking what’s going on?

Gaw says that a statement of claim is in the works in B.C. Apparently, it going to be 425 pages, or more. This would easily double the 190 pages Vaccine Choice Canada submitted. These aren’t supposed to encompass everything under the sun. While such a document may look impressive, it will grind down the proceedings (if they ever happen) considerably.

Yes, there was a temporary moratorium on filing deadlines in Ontario, and that ended September 14, 2020. That was nearly a year ago. Interestingly, the length of time that elapsed since that happened is never made clear.

Kuntz also claims that no statement of defense has been filed in that year. While true, it raises the obvious question: why was no application for default judgement ever sought? Or for that matter, why was no effort to force the case forward ever sought? Orlewicz never asks the question either. If a Defendant plays games or won’t answer a lawsuit, this is serious what litigants do.

By the way, this case is nearly 2 years old, (CV-19-00629801-0000), and hasn’t gotten past the pleadings stage. Children are being vaccinated right now. Keep in mind, the organization asks for money under the guise of pursuing such claims diligently.

Throughout the talk it’s stated that there is a grand plan, and Galati knows what he’s doing. Sure, nothing is happening currently in the public, but trust the plan. Not that it gives off Q-Anon vibes or anything. Also, Operation Trust from the 1920s is worth looking into.

Gaw makes the nonsensical statement that she doesn’t want to show her cards at the moment. Okay. So she and Kuntz are streaming on YouTube with Orlewicz and asking for money for their lawsuits, but they don’t want to reveal their moves to the Government. They don’t want their strategy being known by their enemies. They seem unaware that YouTube is a public platform, that any person can access at anytime.

These people say (or at least imply) that the emergency orders in B.C. and Ontario were allowed to lapse because of the cases Galati has in those Provinces. Funny, since there is NO CASE in B.C., just the promise to start one at some point. As for Ontario, Ford’s people take the matter so seriously that no defenses were ever filed. And again, no effort to force a default judgement.

Both Gaw and Kuntz state that there are many thousands of pages of evidence, including affidavits that run to the thousands of pages individually. Great way to not show your cards. Anyhow, no Judge is ever going to read something of that length. Even if such documents were submitted (which seems unlikely), the Defendants could immediately ask for a delay of several months.

As for the Gill lawsuit that’s referenced, that is a defamation case over things said on Twitter, (CV-20-00652918-0000). It will have no impact whatsoever on Government imposed lockdown measures. Sure, it looks and sounds great, but is a diversion from bigger issues.

Kuntz boasts about how the various Governments have no reply to the July 2020 lawsuit. But he would probably be utterly speechless if someone asked him why he never followed up. It’s not like it’s just a few days late.

Do any of the Plaintiffs in the July 6 case find it strange that in a year, there have been no updates? There was a Notice of Intent to file a Defense on September 30, 2020 from Windsor-Essex County and their Doctor, Wajid Ahmed, but nothing since then. Not only that, only the County and Ahmed have anyone listed as representing them. The establishment fears Galati so much, they can’t be bothered to even lawyer up. Why is that?

One obvious explanation for the lack of progress would be a question about the legitimacy of the service. Only a handful of service addresses are listed in the July 6, 2020 case. True, a number of them can go together, such as the Ontario Attorney General and Her Majesty in Right of Ontario. However, all addresses must still be provided.

Here are just a few examples. None of the Federal Government, Ontario Government, City of Toronto, or either Attorney General of Canada or Ontario bothered to file a response. They also never obtained counsel or filed a notice of appearance. This isn’t a joke. They know Galati isn’t serious, so they don’t even go through the motions of playing along.

Moreover, the CBC implies they weren’t served at all. In their August 2020 article, they claim to have “obtained an unredacted copy”. That’s not service (if true). That’s someone calling up the court to order a copy. CBC alleges that Galati spoke to the CBC but didn’t agree to an on the record interview. Further attempts to secure a public interview weren’t successful. In some sense this might be forced. Pretty hard to claim censorship when the national broadcaster is offering a platform. One can only guess what CBC would have asked, but it would be interesting.

They also claim that Vaccine Choice Canada threatened to sue them over how they cover various movements. That accusation is surprisingly believable.

Perhaps if a convicted terrorist was about to lose their citizenship, this may be seen as more of an emergency.

A minor point, but page 4 of the July 2020 Claim lists Trudeau and the Federal Crown as “dispensing with Parliament, under the pretense of Royal Prerogative”. Isn’t that the Governor General who exercises Royal Prerogative?

In the end, what do we have here? A group in B.C. promises — STILL — to file a lawsuit at some point. They just need more cash, and have been at this for nearly a year. In Ontario, there are 2 lawsuits (1 is specific to vaccinating students), and neither are progressing. Doesn’t seem very urgent. However, the begging continues.

Again, if this was their private business, then who cares? But they are endlessly asking the public for money, for the promises of lawsuits.

Guess we’ll have to see if this one goes anywhere (CV-21-00661284-0000). At least most of the Respondents have representation listed, so there’s that. It was filed April 2021, over 3 months ago, and no court dates are set. Or this one (CV-21-00661200-000). Denis Rancourt is listed as an expert witness in both, which is interesting considering he’s also a Plaintiff in the July 2020 case that’s sitting in limbo. Is that why his name was scrubbed? So people wouldn’t connect the dots?

Interesting side note on the Sgt. Julie Evans case, the Attorney General used Rule 2.1.01 to try to get the case dismissed. However, it’s meant for very obviously defective cases. If the AG was serious about this, why not use a regular Motion to Strike? Was the goal to launch a half hearted effort to make it appear to challenge the case?

If someone makes wild claims about secret court rulings ending all measures, but can’t provide any specifics, it’s probably a hoax. These things are very easy to search. In a similar vein, if someone wants help financing a case, but never provides updates, there’s probably something going on.

To those reading this: it’s your money, and you can spend it however you like. That said, you should know where it’s going and what is happening with it. It’s truly sad how few do even the most basic research. But then, suckers are born every minute.


13 Replies to “Vaccine Choice Canada, Action4Canada Want More Money For Cases (Still) Not Happening”

  1. One of your best articles! Keep up the good work. There are several other promised ‘actions’ that got people donating in the hopes the COVID nightmare would end. They suddenly went quiet after tens of thousands of dollars were raised.

  2. I have written to VCC recently asking for an update and in particular asking how much has been spent on this lawsuit. I was told that an update would be forthcoming soon. I was the only member of the media who attended the news conference on Zoom last July, but I still haven’t written about this case because there’s been nothing to write about. I had asked the question at that news conference, “When do you expect to have a court date?” and was told that the motion for an interim injunction might proceed by late August. That was August 2020. So far as I can tell, nothing has happened since then. Before my retirement, I worked as the litigation director for a public interest litigation charity. We always posted our pleadings and updated our website with the opposing party’s pleadings as they came in. None of that seems to be happening in this case. I’ve heard a rumour about the size of VCC’s legal bill recently. It was very large. I won’t repeat the dollar amount because when I asked for confirmation, I didn’t get it. However, VCC needs to consider its governance policies. I’m a VCC member, and at some point, I would like a financial statement showing what has happened to the money this lawsuit has brought in. Thank you, Canucklaw, for continuing to raise this issue.

    1. VCC never gave a straight answer on their case, so I took to contacting the ONSC directly to check progress. Last time was yesterday. They told me still nothing since September 30, 2020, which was a notice of intent from Windsor-Essex County and their Doc. When the truth was first posted last year, this site was threatened with lawsuits. The only reasonable conclusion at this point is that Galati and Kuntz never intended to go ahead with their claim.

  3. I had a sinking feeling about Rocco’s Galati’s constitutional challenge going literally no where. In the last year I made at least two direct inquiries to Mr. Galati but of course received no response. I also asked Ezra Levant to conduct an update interview with Mr. Galati but also received no response. Neither Levant nor Galati know me, so perhaps the chance of response even if the case was active might be a stretch. Like you I checked the website to see if there was movement but saw nothing. I did not delve as deeply as you did though, so thank you very much for this information.

    This case against Trudeau et al was touted as a landmark constitutional challenge, yet not a single update?? The writing is on the wall. Tanya Gaw (Action4Canada) and Ted Kuntz (Vaccine Choice Canada) seem to be having a payday. Are there any honest people on this damn planet??? Disgusting!

    1. I’m puzzled by what you mean about TG and TK having a payday. I don’t think TK is personally benefitting from the funds raised. However, I am disappointed that we are not even getting updates about what is happening. This is exactly the opposite approach from that taken by Adam Skelly of Adamson Barbecue, who went completely public with his witness list and the witness affidavits. Why does VCC think it needs to play everything so close to the chest? Part of winning major cases like this is winning in the court of public opinion, and if you don’t say anything about the witnesses you’ve got lined up and what their evidence will be, you might as well go home.

  4. Also, when Ted talks about the Statement of Claim being 191 pages long (as if that were some indication of its merit), I get quite annoyed. The Statement of Claim had obvious grammar and spelling mistakes in it. How could that have gone through 22 revisions without anyone noticing? It was extremely redundant. There was absolutely no need for 191 pages, and length is not a virtue in pleadings. Clarity, brevity, precision and conciseness are the hallmarks of good pleadings. As Mark Twain famously said, “I apologize for such a long letter—I didn’t have time to write a short one.”—i-didn-t

    1. I very much regret contributing to Adam Skelly’s cause. He jumped right on the covid 19 pandemic hoax bandwagon the minute he got sick. What a loser!

  5. Excellent reporting. Keep on them, people that take advantage of situations (real or not) for profittering need to be exposed.

  6. thank you Canucklaw for the work you have done. Real journalism is not a popular job, but it needs to be done. This is crucial info. for ALL concerned.

  7. I have known from the get go that , anyone selling something or asking for money are not legit and I dont trust any of them, Odessa is not interested in real truth or solutions or who our real enemy world wide is and has been for literally thousands of years. To understand the true( hidden protected enemy) a few history lessons are required. The evidence for those willing to look is overwhelming. I just stumbled across this guy who keeps it relatively short and straight forward and he speaks the truth based on facts not fiction…he has a good assortment of low budget vids, which gives him more credibility in my eyes..

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