Property Rights: Reviews

(1.1) No Consequences For 2013 Gun Grab In High River, Alberta
(1.2) Bill C-71: Backdoor Gun Registry, Easier To Seize Guns?
(1.3) Bill C-21: Red Flag Law To Seize Guns In Canada
(1.4) Bill C-21: Yellow Flag Laws To Suspend Licenses Temporarily, Indefinitely
(1.5) Bill C-21: Redefining “Replica”, Targeting Airsoft, BB, Paintball Guns
(1.6) Would CPC Revoke Or Uphold O.I.C. 2020-0298?
(2) Bill C-222 (Expropriation) Of Private Property; Other Bills
(3) BIS Enjoys Significant Immunity & Property Rights
(4.1) CV Hoax To Cover For “Great Reset”, Communism
(4.2) WEF, Great Reset, Loss Of Privacy, Property, Gun Rights
(4.3) Emergencies Act Would Suspend Private Property Rights
(4.4) Pandemic “Relief” Tramples Business, Property Rights