Property Rights: Reviews

(1.1) No Consequences For 2013 Gun Grab In High River, Alberta
(1.2) Bill C-71: Backdoor Gun Registry, Easier To Seize Guns?
(1.3) Bill C-21: Red Flag Law To Seize Guns In Canada
(1.4) Bill C-21: Yellow Flag Laws To Suspend Licenses Temporarily, Indefinitely
(1.5) Bill C-21: Redefining “Replica”, Targeting Airsoft, BB, Paintball Guns
(1.6) Would CPC Revoke Or Uphold O.I.C. 2020-0298?
(2) Bill C-222 (Expropriation) Of Private Property; Other Bills
(3) BIS Enjoys Significant Immunity & Property Rights
(4.1) CV Hoax To Cover For “Great Reset”, Communism
(4.2) WEF, Great Reset, Loss Of Privacy, Property, Gun Rights
(4.3) Emergencies Act Would Suspend Private Property Rights