Anti-White: Reviews

(1.1) Anti-White Doctor, Aruna Khilanani
(1.2) Anti-White YouTuber, Karlyn Borysenko, And CRT
(1.3) Anti-White Practices In Journalism Demanded By Press Forward
(1.4) Anti-White “HireBIPOC”: Erasing And Replacing Whites In The Media
(1.5) Anti-White “Antiracism” Grants Being Handed Out Everywhere
(1.6) Anti-White “Weighted Voting” Coming To Ontario Schools
(1.7) Anti-White Ontario Ruling: Math Standards Favour White Teachers
(1.8) N. American North American Partnership for Equity and Racial Justice
(1.9) HR 61: Bill To Include “White Supremacism” In Hate Crime Legislation

(2.1) Race-Based Discount in Criminal Court, Should Be Illegal
(2.2) Healing Lodge Access For 1 Group Of People
(2.3) Gladue 2.0 For Blacks Coming?
(2.4) Blacks Already Get Race Based Discount, Public Unaware
(2.5) Scrap Gladue, Fix Underlying Problems With Society

(A.1) Gladue Ruling, BCCA 1997
(A.2) Gladue Ruling, SCC 1999
(A.3) Ipeelee Ruling, SCC 2012
(B) R. v Proulx, Sentencing Guidelines
(C.1) R. v. Borde, 2003 CanLII 4187 (ON CA)
(C.2) R v Reid, 2016 ONSC 954 (CanLII)
(C.3) R. v. Diabikulu, 2016 BCPC 390 (CanLII)
(C.4) R. v. Deng, 2017 BCPC 225 (CanLII)
(C.5) R. v. Jackson, 2018 ONSC 2527 (CanLII)
(C.6) R. v. Shallow, 2019 ONSC 403 (CanLII)
(C.7) R. v. Faulkner, 2019 NSPC 36 (CanLII)
(C.8) R. v. Kabanga-Muanza, 2019 ONSC 1161 (CanLII)

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