Ontario Science Table, UN/WHO-IHR

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(1.1) WHO International Health Regulations Legally Binding
(1.2) A Look At International Health Regulation Statements
(1.3) Quarantine Act Actually Written By WHO, IHR Changes
(1.3.2) Oversight For QA Proposals Removed, Slipped In Budget Bill
(1.4) Provincial Health Acts Domestic Implementation Of WHO-IHR, Part I
(1.5) Provincial Health Acts Domestic Implementation Of WHO-IHR, Part II
(1.6) World Health Treaty Proposed, Based On WHO-IHR
(1.7) WHO Constitution, Why “Global Pandemic Treaty” Irrelevant
(1.8) Have You Read The World Health Organization Constitution?
(1.9) WHO Guidelines On Domestic Implementation Of 2005 IHR
(1.10) Quarantine Act V.S. International Convention Against The Taking Of Hostages
(1.11) Private Member’s Bill C-293: Domestic Implementation Of Pandemic Treaty

(2.1) Public Health Agency Of Canada Created As WHO-IHR Outpost
(2.2) Health Canada Initially Created For Population Control Measures
(2.3) Robert Steiner Claims To Be Major PHAC Advisor To Liberals
(2.4) BC Provincial Health Services Authority A Private Corporation, Charity
(2.5) BCCDC Foundation A Registered Charity; Funded By Big Pharma
(2.6) Alberta Health Services: Mostly Autonomous Corporation, Charity
(2.7) Ontario Public Health An Autonomous Corporation, OST Ties
(2.8) Executives Of “Charity” Public Health Orgs. Paid Very Well
(2.9) Canada Public Health Association A Charity, Funded By Big Pharma
(2.10) University Of Toronto; Charity; Merck; Millers; OST
(2.11) McMaster University; Charity; Gates; Donations; Pandemic

(3.1) Ontario Science Table: Ties To University Of Toronto
(3.2) Ontario Science Table: Extension Of Gov’t, No Independence
(3.3) UotT/DLSPH Joins WHO; Communism; Anti-White
(3.4) Ontario Science Table: Kwame McKenzie, Ontario UBI Pilot Project
(3.5) Ontario Science Table: Actually Set Out In May 2019?
(3.6) Ontario Science Table; Kumar Murty; Perfect Cloud
(3.7) Ontario Science Table: Influenced By $5M From Como???
(3.8) OST: Partnered With CADTH, A WHO Group; And pCPA
(3.9) Centre For Effective Practive/Partners Profit From Lockdowns
(3.10) Ontario Science Table: Cochrane Canada; McMaster; Gates
(3.11) Ontario Science Table: SPOR Evidence Alliance; WHO Funding
(3.12) OST: David Fisman; Race Baiting; Side Job With ETFO
(3.13) OST: Adalsteinn Brown; UofT/DLSPH; Min Of Health; Premiers Council
(3.14) Institute For Pandemics Started For Ontario Science Table Hacks
(3.15) University Of Toronto, Public Health, Funded With Rockefeller Money
(3.16) April 2021, OST Obedience Training Guide For Residents

(4.1) Michael Warner, Ask The Doctor Side Business
(4.2) Abdu Sharkawy: Paid Professional Speaker On The Circuit
(4.3.1) Ryan Imgrund: Fear-Porn Driving Donations For Lakeside
(4.3.2) Ryan Imgrund Facing Disciplinary Hearing Over Conduct With Students
(4.4) Issac Bogoch: Another UofT “Expert” Pushing Vaxx Agenda
(4.5) Kashif Pirzada: Critical Drugs Coalition; EasyFit; Masks4Canada
(4.6) Colin Furness; Sapphire Health; Doomsday Predictions
(4.7) Interview With Colin Furness Of UofT DLSPH
(4.8) Naheed Dosani; PEACH; End Of Life; Mandatory Vaccines
(4.8) Health Critic Rempel Has No Interest In Health Of Canadians
(4.9) RNAO Supports Lockdowns, Forced Vaccines, Masks, Drugs

(5.1) Bill C-11: Making It Easier For Big Pharma To Seize Medical Records

(6.1) Government Subsidizes Media To Ensure Positive Coverage
(6.2) Postmedia Subsidies/Connections, Lack Of Real Journalism
(6.3) Nordstar; Torstar; Metroland Media; Subsidies & Monopoly
(6.4) Aberdeen Publishing Takes Handouts, Ignores Real Issues
(6.5) More Periodicals Taking Grants, Parroting Gov’t Narrative
(6.6) Tri-City News, LMP Pulls Bonnie Henry Article; Pandemic Bucks
(6.7) Subsidized Fact-Check Outlets Run By Political Operatives
(6.8) Groups Funded By Tax Dollars To Combat “Misinformation”
(6.9) CIVIX, More Grants To Combat “Disinformation” In 2021, Domestic, Foreign
(6.10) PHAC Supporting #ScienceUpFirst Counter Intel Effort

(7) Great Barrington Declaration Gatekeeping Important Discourse

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