Border Security: Europe

(1.1) CANZUK Erases Borders & Sovereignty (2019)
(1.2) CANZUK, Other Recent Trade Deals (2019)
(1.3) Many Desire To Expand CANZUK Zone (2020)
(1.4) CANZUK Pushes On Despite So-Called “Pandemic” (2021)

(A.1) Canada/US Safe 3rd Country Agreement
(A.2) UN Guide To Circumvent S3CA
(A.3) UNHCR Guide On Cirvumventing S3CA
Can. Parliament Discussing Illegal Crossings
(B.1) 42nd Parl on illegals entering Canada.
(B.2) September 28, 2017 meeting evidence
(B.3) October 3, 2017 meeting evidence
(B.4) October 5, 2017 meeting evidence
(B.5) May 3, 2018 meeting evidence
(B.6) May 29, 2018 meeting evidence
(B.7.1) July 24, 2018 Evidence
(B.7.2) July 24, 2018 Evidence
(B.7.3) July 24, 2018 Evidence
(C) Canada’s Policies on S3CA
(D) World Border Congress
(E) UN Promoting Illegal Invasion Of US
(F) Limited GTA Amnesty Program Launched
(G) CDN Labour Congress Supports Amnesty
(H) Toronto 2013 sanctuary resolution
(I) BC Reports On Human Trafficking

Talk with UNHCR over refugee push into Canada