Poynter: Self Claimed “Factchecking Group” Funded By Media Giants

Ever get the impression that all major media is controlled by a few people? Well, meet Poynter, the factchecking group that is financed by media conglomerates. There’s no conflict of interest here.

In short, these groups act as a form of counterintelligence groups. Their mission being to discredit and deflect from real truth, in order to promote what Governments and corporations are saying. This is little more than propaganda in today’s society.

By supporting the Poynter Institute, you fortify journalism’s role in a free society. Poynter champions freedom of expression, civil dialogue and compelling journalism that helps citizens participate in healthy democracies. We prepare journalists worldwide to hold powerful people accountable and promote honest information in the marketplace of ideas.

Founded in 1975, Poynter is an inspirational place but also a practical one, connecting the varied crafts of journalism to its higher mission and purpose. From person-to-person coaching and intensive hands-on seminars to interactive online courses and media reporting, Poynter helps journalists sharpen skills and elevate storytelling throughout their careers.

We bring together Poynter faculty and industry experts to explore the intersection of journalism, technology and the public interest. Poynter specializes in:
-Ethics and fact-checking
-Reporting and storytelling
-Developing journalism’s leaders
-Advancing newsroom diversity
-Strengthening local news companies

Poynter claims it prepares journalists to hold powerful people accountable. That’s interesting, considering who their donors are. Also, if truth is important, why the focus on storytelling? This group is noticeably silent on the topic of media and social media censorship. As an example, Kevin Chan of Facebook Canada bragged about removing 16 million pieces of information in 2020.

This group is part of the Coronavirus Facts Alliance, whose mission it is to route out “misinformation”, which is pretty much anything that contradicts the official narrative.

As for their major donors, at least they are open about it:


  • Charles Koch Foundation
  • Democracy Fund
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Facebook
  • Foundation to Promote Open Society
  • Gill Foundation
  • Google News Initiative
  • Institute for War and Peace Reporting
  • John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
  • Lumina Foundation
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Miami Foundation
  • National Endowment for Democracy
  • Newmark Philanthropies
  • Newton & Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust
  • Omidyar Network | Luminate
  • Rita Allen Foundation
  • Robert R. McCormick Foundation


  • American Society of Business Publication Editors
  • Charles Koch Institute
  • ESPN
  • Facebook
  • Huffington Post
  • Marketplace
  • MRC Media
  • Middle East Broadcasting Networks
  • National Public Radio
  • Newsweek
  • New York Times
  • Pinellas County School District
  • Southern Newspapers Publishers Association
  • The Washington Post
  • TikTok
  • USA Today Network
  • Vice
  • Voice of America – Broadcasting Board of Governors

Do you get it now? This is just another group of fact checkers doing what they can to ensure that the “correct” opinions and points of view are promoted. These aren’t independents, or even quasi independents.

(1) ttps://www.poynter.org/
(2) https://www.poynter.org/major-funders/
(3) https://www.poynter.org/about/

Getting Started With Searching Government Lobbying Registries

If you want to know what’s really going on in your Government, talking to you M.P. or M.P.P. or M.L.A. might be a waste of time. Instead, you should be looking at who that person actually answers to. In most cases, it is corporate lobbyists, or lobbyists pretending to be involved in politics.

We come to the 4th part in the series: how to search lobbying registries. Contrary to what one might think, these can be a gold mine of information. These include names, dates, clients, subject matter, and whether the lobbyist(s) have ever held public office.

Also in this series, we covered: (a) research, investigative journalism for beginners; (b) FOI/ATIP filings; and (c) court record searches. This is meant as introductory lessons, and not to include everything.

Broadly speaking, these registries work in much the same way. You can search for a number of different things, and see what results come up. You can limit the search to more recent entries (which is usually 1 year), or do an advanced search, which flags everything irrespective of time.

These Registries can be used to run a “background check” of sort on politicians, and prospective politicians. If they have been lobbied, or used to be lobbyists, that is important information to know. The cronyism never really goes away. A huge warning sign, as shown above, is Erin O’Toole. He used to be a lobbyist for Facebook, working for Heenan Blaikie (same law firm as Jean Chretien and Pierre Trudeau).

Why do you want to do this? Well, are you at all curious about who runs your Government, and who is engaged in influence peddling? Do you wish to know why your elected “leaders” act in ways that are often detrimental to your well being? This is a good place to start.

  • Key Words
  • Lobbyist
  • Lobbying Firm
  • Client
  • Subject (Health, Finance, Education, etc….)

Also, these Registries work very well in conjunction with placed like LinkedIn, and other personal websites. After all, once lobbyists have been identified, it’s time to learn about their many connections.

Of course, make sure to save your findings, just in case. Take screenshots, archive links, and download any pdfs that are available. Don’t want the evidence disappearing, or even getting moved innocuously.

If you have any doubts about the wealth of information that can be uncovered, just search any article on this site where such registries were checked. A few are here, here, here, and here.

Above is a recent example that shows when political handlers have interest on the side. Of course, this is not limited to just Doug Ford.

Pfizer was covered in a May 2021 article. It was shown that Loyalist Public Affairs had lobbied the Ontario Government 4 times in April of that year. 2 of the lobbyists, Dan Mader, and Chris Froggatt, claimed responsibility for installing Ford in June 2018. Both are longtime “Conservative” operatives. Mader also alleged to have helped put in Erin O’Toole as head of the CPC. This simple example shows how intertwined lobbying and politics really is.

By connecting the lobbyist to their political cronies and allies, you are able to show a clear (or at least very plausible) link for certain legislation or spending.

Another use for these Registries is they often list how much Government (or rather, taxpayer) money an organization has received. Chapters-Indigo is notorious for not honouring mask exemptions, however, they took the public for over $20 million in the last year.

In fairness, these databases don’t help if there is no formal record. Conversations and meetings that are “off the books” will not show up here. Still, this is a pretty valuable tool in seeing who is really pulling the strings.

A criticism that frequently comes up is the frustration with “who can we trust?” when it comes to reporting Government affairs. The answer is no one. Rather than relying on someone else, a more effective tool is to take the initiative, and factcheck things for yourself. If an article or posting comes with links or documents attached, then go through them, and come to your own conclusions.

There is a Federal database, Provincial/Territorial ones (except NWT and Nunavit), and a few Municipalities have them as well. Since your taxes already go towards funding these, why not take full advantage of these resources?

Federal Lobbying Registry

Alberta Lobbyist Registry

British Columbia Office Of The Registrar of Lobbyists

Manitoba Lobbyist Registrar

New Brunswick Office Of The Integrity Commissioner

Newfoundland & Labrador Registry Of Lobbyists

Nova Scotia Registrar Of Lobbyists

Ontario Lobbying Registry

Prince Edward Island Lobbyist Registry

Quebec Lobbyists Registry

Saskatchewan Registrar Of Lobbyists

Yukon Lobbyist Registry

Toronto Lobbyist Registrar

Groups Calling For Vaccine Passports Heavily Subsidized By Government

Jeff Guignard of the Alliance of Beverage Licensees B.C. claims that vaccine passports are widely supported, and that these companies “will have her [Bonnie Henry’s] back the way we have throughout the entire pandemic”. This was a July 27, 2021 showing on CTV News, and the video is posted above for full context.

This sounds lovely (or revolting) depending on your view. However, why does the Alliance of Beverage Licensees have Bonnie’s back? Why are they so supportive? Is this solidarity ideological, or financial in nature? We will get into that, and more.

At 1:07, Bonnie talks about people being more comfortable. That was basically the rationale behind masks on public transit last August. Talk about passive aggressive.

Bit of a side note: it would have been nice if in the video (see above), Guignard had disclosed the fact that he spent years as a staffer for the Liberal Party of Canada. He worked in the small business critic’s office. Of course, that same Party is now ruling Canada, and likewise supports vaccine passports. Of course, CTV didn’t take it upon themselves to mention it either, assuming they even knew about it.

Keep in mind, the British Columbia Restaurant and Foodservices Association and B.C. Hotel Association are also getting the CEWS. So are many, many organizations. Perhaps they think it unwise to bite the hand that feeds them.

As the topic of vaccine passports becomes a reality, a surprising number of retailers — across different sectors — appear to be clamouring for them. Why is that? What do they stand to gain from forcing vaccination by employees and/or customers? Won’t customers stay away, and won’t people quit? See this prior article for these passports coming to B.C.

Yes, they will quit or avoid the premises. However, given the myriad of Government programs available, it seems this is a financial decision for many. Sure, some will be driven by other things, but others see getting handouts as a worthwhile way of doing business. Free money, isn’t it?

Now, being “funded by the Government” really means being funded by the taxpayers. This happens either through direct spending, or deficit spending. Most know this of course, but it’s worth mentioning.

To be clear, this issue of taxpayers propping up businesses unnecessarily is not limited to B.C., or even to Canada. This looks like a coordinated effort to collapse economies everywhere.

A bit of a disclaimer: this is not an exhaustive list of all the grants that businesses are getting. It is, however, intended to be a guide to show just how widespread this is, and where the public’s money is really going. Also, this piece is not an authoritative source, but a good faith research effort.

To check out individual grants at the Federal level, OPEN SEARCH is a pretty good resource. The Provinces have their own listings for how they spend money.

Now, there are several programs to look at, starting with CEWS, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Program. In fact, typing that into OPEN SEARCH results in thousands of hits. But in fairness, many of those were programs in place years ago, and hence irrelevant.

  • Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Association Des Hoteliers Du Quebec/Hotel Association of Quebec
  • Association Des Hotels Du Grand Montreal
  • Association Hotelier De La Region De Quebec
  • British Columbia Hotel Association
  • Hotel Association of Canada Inc.
  • Manitoba Hotel Association Inc.
  • Ottawa Gatineau Hotel Association
  • Regina Hotel Association Inc.
  • Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association
  • The Fairways At Bear Mountain Resort Owners’ Association
  • The Toronto Hotel Association
  • Vancouver Hotel Destination Association

Hotel associations, as the name implies, are set up to advocate — as a bloc — for the interests of hotel owners. They subscribe to the notion of strength in numbers.

Just by typing “hotel association“, there are 13 organizations that are flagged in the CEWS program. It was set up to cover the salaries of workers, up to 75%, if they had seen a drop in income due to lockdowns and business closures.

There is currently a proposal to extend the program to October 2021. Remember, it was originally only supposed to last a few months in the Spring of 2020, to get businesses going again. Strange, that these “temporary” programs never seem to be that.

1. What is the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy? Updated: July 2, 2021
The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (wage subsidy) is a subsidy that was initially available for a period of 12 weeks (made up of three four-week periods), from March 15, 2020 to June 6, 2020, that provides a subsidy of up to 75% of eligible remuneration, paid by an eligible entity (eligible employer) that qualifies, to each eligible employee – up to a maximum of $847 per week.
The government subsequently extended the wage subsidy until June 5, 2021, for a total of 64 weeks consisting of 16 four-week periods.
In the April 19, 2021 budget announcement, the government has further extended the wage subsidy for an additional 16 weeks (i.e., four more four-week periods) from June 6, 2021 to September 25, 2021, with the ability to extend the wage subsidy further to November 30, 2021

The above quote comes from the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of the CEWS program. Talk about shifting the goalposts. Of course, this means that many businesses will be able to have wages (mostly) covered, even if they aren’t selling anything.

In fairness, the CEWS Registry doesn’t disclose how much has been paid. However, salaries are typically the single biggest expense of any company, so getting funding for that can go a long way.

By typing in “hotel” into the CEWS search, we will see that 1030 businesses were flagged as receiving grant money. “Motel” results in another 576 hits. This does include multiples in a chain. For example, Best Western has 83 of its buildings funded with this program. Typing in “restaurant” leads to another 6065 results.

Granted, there will be a bit of overlap, but this is a good reference point.

As for all those banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions who want to vaxx their employees, start searching their names in the Registry. One can play with the CEWS search indefinitely, but we do need to move on.

This will stand out a bit. Currently, there is the CRHP, the Canada Recovery Hiring Program. This is in some ways a substitute to the CEWS, and will subsidize the expenses of new hires. There is also the Work Sharing Program, where employees agree to work less, in order for everyone to stay employed. Think about this. Ottawa will subsidize new hires, and also pay people to work less. Or rather, the public will subsidize it.

Also, various loan and financing programs are set up to cover the gap that others will not. Guess the issue with this (one of many), is that is the loans are defaulted on, the Government could theoretically take the business. This being the same Government who caused the crash in the first place.

There are also programs to subsidize the costs of having TFW (Temporary Foreign Workers) isolated for their quarantine period. Even as we pay people to reduce their hours, or not work at all, we pay more to bring people into the country to work. Can’t make this stuff up.

CERS, the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy, is another major program that has become a money pit for taxpayers. Keep in mind, without the shutdowns from this fake pandemic, none of this would be needed.

The statistics page is updated regularly. As of August 8, 2021, these were 1,404,830 subsidies approved overall. Breaking it down by amounts, we get the following numbers:

Under $500 176,940
$500 to $1K 223,030
$1K to $1.5K 186,140
$1.5K to $2K 146,300
$2K to $4K 333,070
$4K to $10K 230,540
Over $10K 108,800

That’s interesting that the numbers all seem to end in zero, but apparently that is due to rounding. There have been 1,447,690 applications received, with 203,120 unique applicants approved. This suggests that the bulk of companies are getting multiple subsidies.

As of the time of writing this, there has been $5.69 billion spent on the program, with Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy making up $4.83 billion, or the bulk, and Lockdown Support being another $859.3 million.

According to the details of the program, or each claim period, businesses can claim eligible expenses up to a maximum of:

$75,000 per business location (base and top-up)
$300,000 in total for all locations (including any amounts claimed by affiliated entities)

Keep in mind, that’s money that public is debt financing. Also, remember that many of these are in the hospitality and “non essential” sectors. This means that they have been getting paid to close, or operate on a partial capacity. These places will also be the first to implement vaccine passports.

The site also gives details on how to calculate the rent subsidy. Interestingly, the rental subsidies seem to be shrinking, while “lockdown supports” are growing.

Most people know about CERB/CRB/EI and other programs of “emergency funding”. However, it’s rather disingenuous, considering Governments are causing the crises they now claim to be preventing. The hegelian dialectic is clear for all to see.

In reality, the Governments are subsidizing companies to downsize, and people to not work. Does anyone seriously think this is about a virus?

Anyone catching on here?

The CFIB, Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, contains a pretty thorough list of what benefits are available, both Federally and Provincially. To their credit, the coverage is quite detailed and helpful.

That said, their President, Dan Kelly, seems a bit too enthusiastic about all of this. See here and here. Some might think this whole thing is just for show. One would hope that there would be a greater emphasis on getting people back to work. There doesn’t appear to be any urgency on his part to get his members fully operational again, which is very strange.

While the CFIB may not directly be receiving money, their members pay them dues. Since this group pushes for more grants, this effectively makes the other companies middlemen.

One of the things the CFIB has been pushing for is a moratorium on evictions from commercial properties. Now, they don’t seem all that concerned with fully opening businesses up, but want them to be able to remain where they are. In essence, property rights for landlords disappears. They fight for loans, grants, and tax deferrals, but not for economic freedom.

The Toronto Region Board of Trade has also loudly called for restrictions and vaccine passports. Of course, they are heavily funded by Government, and are too close with China. One would think that a group advancing “trade” would support as much freedom as possible, but it seems not. Pretty screwy when these organizations come across as more authoritarian and Communist than actual Communists.

More and more colleges and universities are demanding vaccinations. Some apply this to everyone entering the campus, while others limit it to those living in dormitories. Oddly, they never mention that these injections are still only authorized on an interim basis, and not formally approved. Most are actually registered charities, whose finances are propped up under this classification.

Chapters-Indigo became notorious for not allowing people in without masks, even those with legitimate medical exemptions. Of course, Canadians propped this company up with over $20 million in handouts in the year 2020. Sure, we can boycott them, but it’s pretty meaningless when they just get bailed out. While they haven’t announced a vaccine passport requirement (yet), this company seems pretty likely to.

Of course, the media in Canada cheers loudly for more restrictions, more lockdowns, and more erosion of basic rights. Even “alternative” media and journalists offer only the most tepid opposition. Of course, looking at some of the grants they get (see bottom of article), things start to make sense. Additionally, this doesn’t include all of the ad space that gets bought up by Federal and Provincial Governments. Heck, the whole series is worth checking out.

Agence Science-Presse 2019-2020 $129,345
Apathy is Boring 2018-2019 $100,000
Apathy is Boring 2019-2020 $340,000
Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada 2019-2020 $460,000
Canadian News Media Association 2019-2020 $484,300
CIVIX 2018-2019 $275,000
CIVIX 2019-2020 $400,000
Encounters with Canada 2018-2019 $100,000
Quebec Professional Journalists 2019-2020 $202,570
Global Vision 2019-2020 $260,000
Historica Canada 2019-2020 $250,000
Institute for Canadian Citizenship 2019-2020 $250,000
Journalists for Human Rights 2019-2020 $250,691
Magazines Canada 2019-2020 $63,000
McGill University 2019-2020 $1,196,205
MediaSmarts 2019-2020 $650,000
New Canadian Media 2019-2020 $66,517
Ryerson University 2019-2020 $290,250
Samara Centre for Democracy 2019-2020 $59,200
Sask Weekly Newspapers Ass’n 2019-2020 $70,055
Simon Fraser University 2019-2020 $175,000
Vubble Inc. Unboxed project 2019-2020 $299,000

As just a very small sample, these are some of the “anti-misinformation” grants that had been handed out. Note: this is prior to the so-called pandemic, and mostly center around elections and democracy. It speaks volumes when not only is the media Government funded, but the fact checkers are as well.

And this doesn’t even cover the social media collusions, and censorship. They don’t even bother to hide that anymore.

Have you also noticed how more and more sports teams are demanding vaccinations from both players and fans? Take a look through the CEWS index. A surprising number of them are getting the wage subsidy. Imagine this: your taxes pay for this (now even more so), and in order to attend a game, you need to have a vaccine and a mask, and shell out outrageous amounts to millionaire athletes.

One such example is the Toronto Blue Jays, which is owned by Rogers Communications. They just made the announcement that everyone — including fans — would either need a vaccine passport, or a negative test. This is, of course, just one of many who are being funded by the public, to exclude the public.

Do you get it now, Canadians? Can you see why there are so many people that would be happy to keep the scam-demic going? There’s a lot of money to be made in all of this, including by crashing the economy. Experts like Abdu Sharkawy do quite well on the speaking circuit, spreading doomsday warnings.

This only ends in one of two ways: either society collapses, or there is sufficient pushback to stop it. At this point, option #1 seems more likely.

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The Conspiracy Theory Handbook By Lewandowsky & Cook

Yes, there was an actual conspiracy theory guide published in March 2020. Now, that date shouldn’t raise any suspicions whatsoever. This publication comes across as a form of gaslighting, cloaked in fake empathy and understanding.

At first glance, this small book may be dismissed as trolling or satire. However, the authors are very serious, and have put considerable effort into this publication. It’s also very interesting that such a publication can be put out with little to no concern for the consequences. Can you imagine a skeptic who questioned climate change publishing something similar to this?

Apparently people who feel vulnerable are spreading conspiracy theories. It can also be seen as a way to be contrarian in political circles. Instead of recommending that the truth be investigated, people seeking truth can be dismissed for a variety of reasons.

There is also a good deal of projection here. Many so-called “conspiracy theorists” are in fact searching for truth, and trying to make logical sense of what is going on. In the case of the (alleged) pandemic, it’s public figures and the media who keep shifting the goal posts. Also, this site has covered in great detail the amount of financial subsidies that mainstream outlets receive.

Conspiracy theories aren’t always the result of genuinely held false beliefs. They can be intentionally constructed or amplified for strategic, political reasons. For example, there is evidence that the Russian government recently contributed to the spread of various political conspiracy theories in the West.

Conspiracy theories may be deployed as a rhetorical tool to escape inconvenient conclusions. The rhetoric of climate denial is filled with incoherence, such as the simultaneous claims that temperature cannot be measured accurately but global temperatures have declined. Incoherence is one attribute of conspiratorial thinking, but it does not follow that climate denial is irrational—on the contrary, denialist rhetoric is an effective political strategy to delay climate action by undermining people’s perception of the strength of scientific evidence.

In confirmation, people selectively appeal to a conspiracy among scientists to explain away a scientific consensus when their political ideology compels them to do so—but not when the scientific consensus is of no relevance to their politics.

If people are preemptively made aware that they might be misled, they can develop resilience to conspiratorial messages. This process is known as inoculation or prebunking. There are two elements to an inoculation: an explicit warning of an impending threat of being misled, and refutation of the misinformation’s arguments. Prebunkings of anti-vaccination conspiracy theories have been found to be more effective than debunking.

This is a way to preempt a person from asking logical questions. If you implant the idea in their heads, any doubts that might later occur may seem like conspiracy theories setting in.

Source-based and empathy-based debunking
Source-based debunking attempts to reduce the credibility of conspiracy theorists whereas empathy-based debunkings compassionately call attention to the targets of conspiracy theories. A source-based debunking that ridiculed believers of lizard men was found to be as effective as a fact-based debunking. In contrast, an empathy-based debunking of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that argued that Jews today face similar persecution as early Christians was unsuccessful

When all else fails, a little emotional manipulation can do the trick. Think of how the targets of your theories may feel. Never mind the truth or accuracy of such suspicions.

Trusted messengers
Counter-messages created by former members of an extremist community (“exiters”) are evaluated more positively and remembered longer than messages from other sources.

Another technique is to recruit people who used to believe (or claim to have believed) in a conspiracy theory before. Apparently they entire thing comes across as more trustworthy this way. This may explain why crisis actors and “reformed” people are all the rage. They can conjure up a good narrative.

Show empathy
Approaches should be empathic and seek to build understanding with the other party. Because the goal is to develop the conspiracy theorist’s open-mindedness, communicators must lead by example.

Have to love the approach here. Let’s pretend to show an understanding with another person, which having already written them off as conspiracy nuts.

An astute reader will notice that these authors don’t really suggest that conspiracy theories get fact checked, and that people work out their accuracy for themselves. Instead, we have a variety of techniques to be employed to plant seeds of doubt in people’s minds

Perhaps we can take something from this. Since we know (in broad strokes) what techniques will be employed, it should become easier to counter them.

(1) https://www.climatechangecommunication.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/ConspiracyTheoryHandbook.pdf
(2) Conspiracy Theory Handbook

HireBIPOC, Replacing Whites In The Media Industry, All At Taxpayer Expense

HireBIPOC is a group that promotes the hiring of BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of colour) in the media. This includes pretty much everyone except whites, and that seems to be their only function.

All self-identified BIPOC working in all areas of the industry, across all experience/education levels, are encouraged to join.

Self-identified BIPOC? That sounds interesting.

The group claims to be run by volunteers, but this doesn’t mean that there is no cost to the public. The companies that they land jobs with are funded by taxpayers. But don’t worry, it’s all in the name of equality, or some such nonsense.

HireBIPOC’s objective is simple:
To eradicate systemic racism in the Canadian media landscape by

  • Shifting thinking and practices around hiring
  • Investing in the BIPOC community
  • Getting more BIPOC hired

Apparently, there is systemic racism in the Canadian media landscape. So, the solution seems to be to ensure more people of every background are hired, except for whites. That actually sounds really racist.

HireBIPOC will facilitate and increase BIPOC hiring in Canadian media & entertainment (television, film, digital) – whether Canadian or shot-in-Canada – in roles at all levels, across all areas of the industry – including production (above and below the line), behind the scenes, communications & marketing, and on-air.

HireBIPOC will be the most comprehensive roster of roles in the Canadian tv, film, and digital media and will encompass jobs in production as well as at media companies and arts organizations. The site will be available in both English and French. HireBIPOC’s category list will be extensive and include roles across all experience/education levels: writer, director, set decorator, wardrobe, production assistant, publicist, camera operator, post supervisor, social media manager, hair and makeup, accountant, on-air promotions, development executive, VFX/graphic designer, production executive… the list goes on and on.

We know a list is just a list unless it is used – consistently and across the industry. Canadian broadcasters Bell Media, CBC, Rogers, and Corus are HireBIPOC Foundational Partners and have committed to changing hiring practices within their respective organizations and the companies they work with. Specifically, they have committed to making the use of HireBIPOC a condition of greenlight.

HireBIPOC is operated by BIPOC TV & FILM, a volunteer-run advocacy group founded nearly a decade ago with deep roots in the BIPOC community and a track record for training and educational work, as well as building solidarity across industry organizations. BIPOC TV & FILM will also track how the site is being used in order to develop new programs and initiatives to address gaps.

You may notice on this site that there is no emphasis whatsoever on ensuring that SKILLED people are put into such positions. There’s no effort to ensure that the best people end up in such roles, regardless of background. A true meritocracy would be great. Instead, let’s hire based on race and skin colour.

One could argue that it’s private companies doing as they please, but that isn’t really true. Canada Media Fund, for example, is heavily subsidized by taxpayer dollars. It seems that they all are, and this has been the case for many years. The CBC gets around $1.5 billion from the public annually, and the City of Toronto is “supposed” to serve all residents of there.

Side note: Toronto is a “sanctuary city” and will allow illegal aliens to access services. Thank you Rob and Doug Ford. But it also supports explicitly racist hiring practices in the media. Taking a look at HireBIPOC’s partners, we see this:

Blue Ant Media Jul. 8, 2013 $45,153
Blue Ant Media Jul. 8, 2013 $286,950
Blue Ant Media Jul. 8, 2013 $290,808
Blue Ant Media Aug. 12, 2014 $44,833
Blue Ant Media Aug. 12, 2014 $302,691
Blue Ant Media Apr. 1, 2021 $350,000
Canadian Film Centre Apr. 30, 2018 $23,520
Canadian Film Centre Aug. 21, 2019 $3,395,000
Canadian Film Centre Apr. 29, 2019 $23,520
Canadian Film Centre May 19, 2020 $9,414
Canadian Film Centre Jun. 4, 2020 $600,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Jul. 18, 2006 $119,950,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Nov. 21, 2007 $119,950,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Jun. 20, 2008 $119,950,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Jun. 8, 2009 $119,950,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2010 $134,146,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Mar. 25, 2011 $34,596,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Aug. 12, 2011 $99,550,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation May 8, 2012 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation May 2, 2013 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation May 5, 2014 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation May 22, 2015 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation May 13, 2016 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2017 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2018 $134,146,077
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2018 – Mar. 31, 2019 $16,960,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2019 – Mar. 31, 2020 $157,793,710
***Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2020 $222,896,077
***Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2020 $22,000,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2020 – Mar. 31, 2021 $26,365,000
Canada Media Fund Corporation Apr. 1, 2021 $163,843,077
Canadian Media Producers Association Apr. 5, 2016 $156,704.
Canadian Media Producers Association Apr. 28, 2016 $50,600
Canadian Media Producers Association May 2, 2017 $136,120
Canadian Media Producers Association Jun. 1, 2018 $439,964
Canadian Media Producers Association Jun. 1, 2018 $504,964
Canadian Media Producers Association Apr. 12, 2019 $37,907
Canadian Media Producers Association Nov. 27, 2020 $138,300
Canadian Media Producers Association May 31, 2021 $99,750
Creative BC Oct. 20, 2014 $1,200,000
Creative BC Nov. 28, 2014 $1,199,992
Focus Media Arts Centre Jul. 6, 2020 $30,374
The Remix Project Jun. 11, 2018 $73,620
The Remix Project Jun. 11, 2018 $318,750
The Remix Project Apr. 1, 2021 $65,000
Rogers Media Inc. (Today’s Parent) Jul. 4, 2017 $374,592
Rogers Media Inc. (Châtelaine, French) Jul. 4, 2017 $567,295
Rogers Media Inc. (Chatelaine, English) Jul. 4, 2017 $1,176,978
Rogers Media Inc. (Maclean’s) Jul. 4, 2017 $1,492,069
Rogers Media Inc. (Today’s Parent) Apr. 1, 2018 $258,435
Rogers Media Inc. (Châtelaine, French) Apr. 1, 2018 $539,977
Rogers Media Inc. (Chatelaine, English) Apr. 1, 2018 $1,025,639
Rogers Media Inc. (Maclean’s) Apr. 1, 2018 $1,403,958
Telefilm Canada Jun. 8, 2007 $29,000,000
Telefilm Canada Nov. 14, 2007 $2,519,400
Telefilm Canada Jun. 10, 2009 $14,300,000
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Jun. 20, 2011 $50,000
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Jan. 31, 2013 $50,000
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Mar. 10, 2015 $50,000
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Oct. 27, 2016 $18,500
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Feb. 27, 2017 $60,000
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Aug. 1, 2017 $3,200
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Jul. 17, 2018 $7,532
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Apr. 11, 2019 $48,085
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival May 21, 2019 $8,860
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Apr. 1, 2020 $77,500
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival May 19, 2020 $7,840
Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival Sep. 15, 2020 $12,000

***With Rogers, those are just some more recent ones

HireBIPOC works with many different media outlets, all of whom are receiving some sort of subsidies. Keep in mind, the above list only refers to FEDERAL grants. One would think that this type of hiring policy would be condemned by a Government that claims to support diversity and equality. But the reality is, that it doesn’t.

It’s interesting that in a “white supremacist system”, the only group it’s legal to discriminate against is whites. Seems to be a really ineffective way of doing things.

In October 2020, the Sherbrooke Record wrote an article in support of these policies. They call it “being inclusive”, which is more than a bit dystopian. Just a thought, but perhaps that $12,000 subsidy they received 6 months earlier had something to do with it.

With all of that said, there seems to be a pretty easy way to game the system. There doesn’t appear to be any verification requirements. You can simply “identify” as a person of colour, in order to work with HireBIPOC. How odd it is to have a systemic racism problem (allegedly), where the only way to level the playing field is to identify as a non-white. Perhaps Rachel Dolezal was onto something.

On a final note, it’s unclear who actually runs HireBIPOC, at least from their website. Perhaps they’re trying to avoid the inevitable backlash. Also, their privacy policy is a bit unsettling. Read into that what you will.

Anyhow, take a look at Press Forward, another media collective that is committing to supporting the work of every group, except one.

(1) https://www.hirebipoc.ca/
(2) https://www.hirebipoc.ca/about/
(3) https://www.hirebipoc.ca/partners/
(4) https://www.hirebipoc.ca/privacy/
(5) https://www.hirebipoc.ca/create-account/?v=j#join
(6) https://search.open.canada.ca/en/gc/
(7) https://www.sherbrookerecord.com/hirebipoc-a-new-initiative-calling-for-more-inclusive-hiring-practices-in-media/
(8) https://canucklaw.ca/press-forward-anti-white-independent-media-controlled-and-funded-by-the-establishment/

Why I Believe Rocco Galati Is Controlled Opposition

Over the last 20 years or so, Rocco Galati has tried to project himself as a constitutional lawyer, fighting for the interests of Canadians, and humanity as a whole. However, looking more into it, I’ve come to believe that this image and persona are entirely artificial. I think he’s actively working against Canadians.

Since this will almost certainly result in more threats, a little disclaimer is needed. This is based on information readily available, and also, there is no intent to mislead or deceive. Given the circumstances we face, truth becomes even more important. Keep in mind, the Ontario Libel and Slander Act contains many built-in defenses for writers and publishers. Furthermore, anti-SLAPP laws prevent people from suing simply to shut another person up.

For extra information, Overdue Revolutions wrote a detailed article on July 17, 2020, outlining many of the same concerns. It is well worth a read, as is the overall “resistance” to Trudeau being controlled. One point the first article was spot on about predicted that Galati “appearing” to challenge Trudeau in the July 6 lawsuit would convince others that it was all taken care of — and that any outcome can be manufactured. However, the plan seems to be to leave it in limbo, at least for now.

Now, getting to the heart of the matter:

As a starting point, it’s a little strange that a person who claims to be censored is in the Canadian media so often. CBC has hosted Galati countless times over the years. True threats to the establishment aren’t given airtime on the national news.

It’s also curious to note that the CBC never threw Galati under the bus over that bogus July 6 lawsuit. Sure, they did a half hearted piece about how this poorly written, and rambling document was likely to be dismissed. And it would have been. However, they could have done so much more damage if they reported that it was still sitting a year later. Then again, lawyers for Trudeau, Tam, Ford, etc…. could have exposed this. It’s been covered many times on Canuck Law. Have to wonder when the “establishment” media and politicians protect the “resistance” lawyer who’s taking them to task.

1. Comments Like This Never Questioned By The Public

This video is a clip from a January 2015 interview, posted in February (see 10:45). Apparently, there are too many white men on benches, and this “white supremacist” system is appalling. The topic wasn’t relevant to the issue of banking practices in Canada, or the COMER case, but the contempt and disgust spills out anyway. In fairness, this was 6 years ago, but is there anything to indicate his views have changed at all?

Have to say, this rant comes across as pretty racist. Can you imagine if those remarks were directed at another group? Also, it was an interview, intended to be aired, not things said at a private event.

2. Representing Assets, Strange Cases

The law is a very broad field, and a lawyer will encounter many types of clients and cases in their careers. However, here are a few that might make people take notice, as they are unusual:

  • Galati represented Abdurahman Khadr in 2003, a suspected terrorist who was brought back to Canada. Khadr claimed to be a CIA informant, making his representation by Galati very odd. After all, this was a lawyer who prided himself on working against the Government.
  • Another noteworthy client was Delmart Vreeland, supposedly a Naval Intelligence Officer. He was arrested in 2000. Vreeland claimed to have information about upcoming attacks that needed to be prevented.
  • Galati challenged the appointments of 2 Justices: Marc Nadon (Supreme Court of Canada); and Robert Mainville (Quebec Court of Appeal). What motivated these, and was there was some client behind the scenes? Also, getting paid for the Nadon case must have been important, given the applications to the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court of Canada.

3. Bank Of Canada, COMER Canada Infrastructure Bank

COMER, the Committee on Monetary & Economic Reform, sued the Federal Government in 2011. On paper, this seemed a noble and worthwhile goal, although there may be more than meets the eye. Overdue Revolution covers it pretty well, including the founders of the organization. Strange how the Canadian Infrastructure Bank seemed to rise from the ashes of this case. It’s an organization handing out money for construction and development, and is even less accountable than the Bank of Canada.

The other consequence of losing the Bank of Canada case means that any future challenge to the banking system will be next to impossible. Read into that what you will.

Now, Rob Carbone, of the fake “Republican Party of Canada”, claims to own the Canada Infrastructure Bank. He hangs around the protests a lot, pretending to be a wealthy businessman, larping as a billionaire, apparently with access to trillions of dollars in assets. Supposedly, Chris Saccoccia is planning to become Finance Minister one day. The entire story is nonsense.

4. Citizenship For Convicted Terrorists/Traitors

June 25, 2014, Galati and Manuel Azevedo sued the Governor General of Canada, the Attorney General of Canada, and the Immigration Minister. This was to stop Bill C-24, which would have stripped the dual nationals of their Canadian citizenship if convicted of terrorism or treason. This has nothing to do with guilt or innocence, but letting monsters enjoy rights they don’t deserve.

Curiously, Galati and Azevedo tried to use their own dual citizenships (Italian and Portuguese respectively), in order to gain private interest standing. On January 22, 2015, the Application was dismissed by the Federal Court. An appeal was filed (File #A-52-15).

It would have been nice to know who was really behind this challenge. Presumably, Galati and Azevedo are busy lawyers with a lot to do. A bewildering choice, unless there was someone behind the scenes, directing the action. Could they have picked a less deserving class of people?

After Trudeau took office in late 2015, Bill C-6 was one of the first pieces of legislation introduced. Hearings began in April 2016. The Bill passed, making the Appeal moot, and it was formally discontinued in September 2018.

One of Galati’s clients in 2006 was Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, who was (allegedly) one of the Toronto 18 suspects. The charges against him were eventually stayed. The ringleader, Zakaria Amara, was scheduled to have his Canadian citizenship stripped away following his conviction and life sentence. However, he won’t now. Just a thought, but this may be the real reason (at least in part), why Galati and Azevedo challenged Bill C-24.

True, everyone has the right to representation, even accused terrorists. That being said, this is a bizarre way for these lawyers to become household names.

5. The Boyle & Khadr Families

In 2003, Galati worked to secure the release of Abdurahman Khadr, older brother of Omar Khadr. He was being held on suspicion of terrorism. Supposedly, he “implored the public earlier this week to not judge him since he did not face any charges while in American custody for the past two years. But at the same press conference, Khadr later admitted that in the summer of 1998 he attended a notorious training camp in Afghanistan, which Osama bin Laden is rumoured to have visited.”

This is not to imply that Galati is involved in terrorism, but again, it’s certainly unusual for a tax lawyer to take this path. Of all the areas of law that are out there, why is a person drawn to terrorism cases? However, there would later be new ties to the Khadr Family revealed.

If your wife is pregnant, taking her backpacking through a warzone in Afghanistan isn’t really the best idea. But that’s what Joshua Boyle supposedly did. Allegedly, they were kidnapped in 2012 and held prisoner for 5 years. However, they had 3 children in the meantime, making their “captors” some of the nicest people imaginable. The story is farfetched, to put it very mildly.

On December 19, 2017, photographs were posted of a meeting meeting between Trudeau and the Boyles. Now, people can’t just get in to see the Prime Minister, as they would have to be cleared by the RCMP. Interesting, that Trudeau didn’t see him as a threat. Interesting, to have a Twitter account with the name BoylesVsWorld.

Boyle used to be married to Zaynab Khadr, making him the former brother-in-law of Omar Khadr. This is the convicted terrorist who attacked the American army and was captured in 2002 in Afghanistan. Khadr became a multimillionaire as a result of a lawsuit years later. Trudeau handed over $10.5 million of taxpayer money, without putting up any real resistance.

Boyle was later charged with 19 offenses, including assault, sexual assault, and forcible confinement. He was acquitted by the Judge.

As a bit of an aside, Joshua’s father, Patrick Boyle, was a connected Judge with the Federal Court, in the tax department. Galati got his start in law working with the Government as a tax lawyer. But that’s probably a coincidence.

While the above sections related to past and historical information, let’s look at something more recent: the so-called challenges to the medical martial law imposed by various Governments.

6. Controlled Opposition To Lockdowns In Canadian Courts

In December 2020, Galati filed a defamation suit against a bunch of people and a few media outlets over comments and publications involving Kulvinder Gill and Ashvinder Lamba, (file #CV-20-00652918-0000)

While touted as being a way to fight back against censorship of doctors, this does no such thing. Instead, it sues a variety of people and organizations over mean words. And suing private individuals won’t result in policy changes. Looking at the statement of claim, we can see what exactly it being sought. Quoting pages 5 and 6:

With respect to Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill:
(a) General damages as against the Defendants, as follows:
(i) As against the personal defendants, jointly ad severally, $4,000,000.00 for express libel and slander and by innuendo and irresponsible publication;
(ii) As against the print publication defendants, The Pointer, Societe Radio-Canada, and the Hamilton Spectator, $750,000. For libel and negligence;
(b) Aggravated damages as against the Defendants, jointly and severally, in the amount of $1,000,000;
(c) Punitive damages as against the Defendants, jointly, and severally, in the amount of $1,000,000;
(d) An interim and permanent injunction requiring the retraction, removal, and prominent apology for any and all defamatory publication and/or remarks by the Defendants;
(e) Prejudgement interest pursuant to s. 128 of the Courts of Justice Act R.S.O. 1990 c. C43; and
(f) Costs of this action on a substantial indemnity basis and such further or further relief as this Court deems just.

With respect to Dr. Ashvinder Kaur Lamba:
(a) General damages as against the Defendants, Dr. Angus Maciver and Dr. Nadia Alam, as follows:
(i) As against the person defendants, jointly and severally, $4,000,000.00 for express libel and slander and by innuendo and irresponsible publication.
(b) Aggravated damages as against the Defendants, jointly and severally, in the amount of $1,000,000;
(c) Punitive damages as against the Defendants, jointly, and severally, in the amount of $1,000,000;
(d) An interim and permanent injunction requiring the retraction, removal, and prominent apology for any and all defamatory publication and/or remarks by the Defendants;
(e) Prejudgement interest pursuant to s. 128 of the Courts of Justice Act R.S.O. 1990 c. C43; and
(f) Costs of this action on a substantial indemnity basis and such further or further relief as this Court deems just.

Even if this lawsuit is successful, nothing will change in the big picture. Sure, Gill and Lamba may become millionaires in the process, and apologies might have to be issued. That said, lockdown regulations and policies will not be impacted in the slightest.

To everyone donating to the Constitutional Rights Centre, you will never see a penny of this money. You’re just subsidizing private litigation.

Looking up the case online, it seems that many defendants don’t have lawyers. However, in situations like this, it’s fairly common to pool funds to have a single lawyer represent multiple people. According to the records, the next scheduled appearance is September 27, 2021.

Feel free to read the Statement of Claim, which is publicly available. The 2 Plaintiffs are seeking at least $12.75 million, over rude tweets and publications.

Just a personal take, while distasteful comments were made, these are hardly worth suing over, and don’t merit such an action. Even taking everything at face value, this is not $13 million in damages. And such a claim would probably be thrown out if a SLAPP Motion (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) were filed. And again, even if the Plaintiffs won, it would create no policy changes whatsoever.

As for the comments that Gill goes around blocking people, there is a high degree of truth to that. Besides, how can a person sue another for commenting on someone else’s blocking rates? Rempel may still be on top, but she’s facing some competition.

A source close to this mentioned that depositions took place in July. That’s interesting the case is moving ahead, considering how insignificant it really is.

A private defamation gets Galati’s attention, but these don’t. It’s been addressed repeatedly on this site how 2 claims by Vaccine Choice Canada remain in limbo. One is from October 2019 and involves mandatory vaccination of Ontario students (CV-19-00629801-0000). Another is the infamous one from July 2020, which would end all measures completely, (CV-20-00643451-0000). Supposedly, a group called Action4Canada will be filing a lawsuit in B.C., but hasn’t, even after fundraising for a year.

What litigation people pursue privately is their business. When one repeatedly asks for money to support litigation, it becomes everyone’s business.

There have been rumours circulating that there are all these Affidavits ready to drop on Trudeau and his cronies, and it’s all coming together. Thousands of pages of evidence is about to be submitted, and the Courts will fix it all. Basically, trust the plan. Don’t worry, there is a major effort behind the scenes, and everything is being taken care of.

[1] Diligently push a case that impacts nothing long term.
[2] Let potentially groundbreaking cases remain idle.

The Defendants in the July 6, 2020 case (excluding Windsor-Essex Country and their CMOH) haven’t even bothered to lawyer up. And no attempt was made to force a default judgement. A cynic may wonder if there was collusion involved, an agreement by all parties to do nothing. The Statement of Claim was written up in such a piss poor manner — and maybe that was deliberate — that it would be struck by any challenge filed. Considering that the Claim alleges serious human rights violations, it seems odd to be worth only $11 million, far less than the defamation case.

Considering that the real cases (again, publicly funded) are going nowhere, how exactly can Galati justify spending his time patrolling Twitter, dropping Section 5 threats, and then start suing nobodies?

One could argue that this is just a convoluted strategy, or that there is some grand plan. However, this looks like an effort to “appear” to be fighting against the Trudeau/Ford agenda, while ensuring that it continues. In short, this seems to be an attempt to neutralize real opposition.

Interesting side note on the Sgt. Julie Evans case: the Attorney General used Rule 2.1.01 to try to get the case dismissed. This is the Police on Guard for Thee. However, it’s meant for very obviously defective cases. If the AG was serious about this, why not use a regular Motion to Strike? Was the goal to launch a half hearted effort to make it appear to challenge the case?

7. Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy & Challenging Trudeau

While claiming to be opposed to Trudeau, and the medical martial law measures, Galati’s law firm has been receiving CEWS, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. Check the link out. Pretty hard to be against the system when the system is subsidizing your office. Although it doesn’t say the total amount, it could be substantial, given the expenses law firms can incur.

8. Selling Basic Information To Self Represented Litigants

This offer no longer appears to be available, but it was in late Fall 2020. For the low, low rate of just $90, you could purchase half filled Court forms to sue businesses and the Government. Of course, it came with the disclaimer that this didn’t mean you were represented, and that Galati and Co. were indemnified from any consequences. This meant the lawyers assumed no responsibility, no matter what ultimately happened. This is pretty much the safety that vaccine manufacturers enjoy. People would literally be sold the rope to hang themselves with, and the lawyers drafting the papers are laughing all the way to the bank.

Just a hunch, but perhaps this product was stopped because it was a liability. The Law Society of Ontario may view this as selling legal advice, regardless of whatever disclaimers were added. We see more of the same pattern with these legal challenges:

[1] Divert attention with relatively minor matters.
[2] Ensure the big cases never move ahead.

Sure, desperate people could purchase these forms if they wish, and some will buy anything. Now, where does the money from these purchases go? Where does all of the donations for the “lawsuits” go? Unfortunately, too few people ask those difficult questions. This isn’t something where you can just write a cheque and forget about.

Just like with the Gill/Lamba suit, such claims against private parties will not result in any public policy changes. Sure, some will win their cases, but it doesn’t mean the Provincial dictates suddenly become void. There will be no lasting effects outside of individual claims.

Now, had some basic informational videos (not advice) been posted instead to let Canadians know of their options, that would have been a really stand up thing to do. However, this comes across as pretty scummy.

9. Controlled Opposition To Lockdowns In Canada

It’s typically wrong to judge people by the company the keep. However, in this case it’s relevant. Beyond the Courts, the psy-op is preserved by managing and controlling the protests against these measures. Many of the people leading them come across as grifters and subversion agents, while others present as intelligence operatives. After a bit of searching, it becomes clear that it’s the same group of people running everything. Let’s take a quick look.

As addressed earlier, it seems that the anti-lockdown political efforts aren’t a real solution. People like Maxime Bernier claim to support freedom, but will never talk about the experimental nature of these “vaccines” being pushed on children. Likewise, a party that cannot put together a basic structure in 3 years should not be taken seriously. This principle also applies to the Republican Party (Carbone), New Blue Ontario (Karahalios), and Maverick/WExit (Hill), who have each had a year or more. None of them even have an internal constitution, effectively making them dictatorships. Rob Carbone, of course, supposedly is in control of the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

You also have to question the thinking of those promoting the rise of unelected people. Yes, traditional parties have failed. So let’s get rid of that, and install someone not chosen by his people, and not restricted by any constitution or governing documents. If you want to save Canada, get rid of democracy. It’s absurd, trading one set of tyrants for another.

Even so-called renegade politicians like Roman Baber and Randy Hillier will only go part way. They’ll complain that these measures are heavy handed, but never call out the medical fraud for what it is. They feed “hopium” to the masses, trying to delude others into believing a political solution is possible.

Kelly Ann Wolfe has been one of the prominent voices from the beginning. However, she has asked (or claims to have asked) the Canadian Military to intervene, and is in talks with the U.S. Armed Forces See 18:30 in the video. Strange how she can openly call for the Government to be overthrown, but is allowed to speak openly. Not a peep from anyone here. You’d think that Wolfe calling for a military dictatorship would be a cause for concern, but apparently not.

According to her own biography, Wolfe is connected to:

  • Hugs Over Masks (Sobolev)
  • Mothers Against Distancing (Saccoccia)
  • Freedom Forum Canada (Black, Jamnisek)
  • The Line Canada (Daigle)

Think these groups don’t all run in the same circles? They do. Wolfe is just one of them, and it’s pretty chilling that such a person is so intertwined in the “resistance”. Think of this as a corporate empire, where the different logos are used to camouflage the fact that the companies all have the same owners.

Considering the “Fed vibes” that Wolfe gives off, it’s fair to ask to what degree these protests are used as a way to monitor citizens. Why are these people leading the opposition? Because they’re ensuring that things go nowhere, following the wisdom of Vladimir Lenin.

Patrick King claims to have attended Bilderberg, which is interesting. He doesn’t really come across as an investigative reporter. King is a co-Founder of the WExit Party (now Maverick), which makes it clear it doesn’t actually oppose the lockdowns the Provinces push. He’s also part of the Yellow Vests.

Vladislav Sobolev used the “pandemic” as an opportunity to start up a clothing line with his company, Hugs Over Masks. Yes, global tyranny is here, but let’s make some quick money selling sweaters and T-shirts. One of the reasons protests fizzled out is that people like Sobolev were simply using them as an opportunity to make money. Now, are these grifters were just in it for profit, or was there a deliberate attempt to drive away real support?

Chris Saccoccia, a.k.a. Chris Sky, came out of nowhere to emerge as the “freedom fighter” for Canada. While he does say a lot of truthful things, his behaviour and appearance are a complete turnoff to normies. Maybe that was the point of selecting him, to make resisters seem like crazies. In fact, it would be difficult to hand pick a better choice. He also started a GoFundMe, and has a (defunct?) business. There’s also this site, Mothers Against Distancing, or MAD, which is pretty sparse. Of course, he doesn’t really need to work, since his father, Art Saccoccia, is a wealthy developer.

Sky also got himself arrested for (allegedly) threatening to kill Doug Ford. The story goes that Rob Carbone turned him in — or made it up — after their relationship soured. While this may be legitimate, it comes across as a psy-op to give the police an excuse to crack down even harder on peaceful demonstrators.

Lamont Daigle of The Line is either a pedophile, or at least a pedophile sympathizer. Beyond that, this “organic” group is part of an international chain, and seems to support violence to achieve its goals. Wolfish did a great piece on organization. It’s unclear if this really is an Antifa style outfit, or is just Feds pretending to be.

Hanging out with these people seems like a good way to end up on a watchlist, or at least get bamboozled into buying useless junk. It’s best to not get involved with them.

Odessa Orlewicz (or is it Munroe?) was an actress about 20 years ago. She was in a few films, including Freddy vs. Jason. She promotes the grifting of Action4Canada and Vaccine Choice Canada. Her husband, Norbert, went to Langara College to study theatre. He has a formal education in acting, which should set off alarms. Are these 2 even married, or is that just a cover story they use?

In fact, a lot of the people involved seem to be performers as well. Check out their IMDb page. Maxime Bernier, James Coates, Lamont Daigle, Len Faul, Galati, Artur Pawlowski, Adam Skelly and many others all have roles in the series. Is this all just some grand production? At times it seems like it. They recently discarded Chris Sky from the cast, and perhaps Patrick King will take up the role.

Seriously, had anyone heard of many of these “freedom fighters” prior to the Spring of 2020? They all know each other, and it seems to have been the case prior to these lockdowns.

A couple exceptions: Ezra has been around writing for years in a variety of publications. Carpay has been with the JCCF a long time, which has launched challenges against a variety of measures. So it was unfair to lump them in with newcomers. (correction from original)

There is more, but overall, the entire “opposition” movement seems designed to subvert real challenges, and deter Canadians from banding together for mutual interests. While it could be dismissed as a few bad apples, it appears too coordinated. This looks like an effort to pretend to oppose martial law, while ensuring it continues on. The Court aspect is important, but it’s part of a larger agenda.

Anyhow, these are some thoughts on why I believe Galati acts as a form of controlled opposition to the Government. I don’t buy the crafted persona he sells to the public. Aside from the company he keeps, how are any of the cases he takes beneficial to Canadians? How is endless fundraisers with Vaccine Choice Canada or Action4Canada productive, when they don’t result in anything? With all of the information presented, does he really have the public’s interests at heart?

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