Non-Goverment Organizations: Reviews

  1. Alberta Health Services An Autonomous Corporation
  2. American College Health Foundation Funded By Pharma
  3. American Israel Public Affairs Committee
  4. Amnesty International:
  5. Antifa, Political Violence:
  6. AstraZeneca Lobbying, Looking To Push Vaccines
  7. Atlas Network Controls “Conservative” Media And Think Tanks
  8. Bank For International Settlements:
  9. BC Provincial Health Services Authority A Private Corporation
  10. Bilderberg Meeting
  11. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Financial Information
  12. British Fertility Society Funded By Pharmaceutical Companies
  13. B’nai Brith: Anti-Free Speech, Bill 168
  14. Canada 2020; Steven Guilbeault, Proposals For Internet Regulation
  15. Canadian Bar Association, Oger, Subverting Legal System
  16. Canadian Council For Refugees’ Lobbying Efforts
  17. Canadian Immunization Research Network Funded By Pfizer, GSK, Sanofi
  18. Canadian Lawyers Abroad, Catherine McKenna
  19. (5.20) Canadian Public Health Association, Funded By Big Pharma
  20. CANZUK International
  21. Centre For Israel And Jewish Affairs:
  22. Century Initiative, Wants 100M Canadian Population
  23. Chicago Climate Exchange
  24. More On The NGOs Involved In Carbon Tax Challenge
  25. Clearview AI: Facial Recognition Technology
  26. COMER, Commission On Monetary & Economic Reform
  27. Council On Patient Safety (U.S.) Partners With Drug Companies
  28. Crestview Strategy:
  29. Democracy Without Borders
  30. DisinfoWatch Has Ties To Atlas Network/Koch, Liberal Party
  31. Economic Policy Institute
  32. EGALE Canada/Centre For Gender & Sexual Diversity, Bill C-75
  33. Facebook Lobbying Ottawa For Years
  34. Federal Reserve (U.S.)
  35. Focus Humanitarian Assistance, Aga Khan
  36. Frankfurt School Of Cultural Marxism
  37. G4S: Intelligence/Detention Firm Hired In Manitoba For Tickets
  38. Goldman Sachs, CCX
  39. Global Canada Wants Lockdowns, Lilley Omit Gates Funding
  40. Google Lobbying Ottawa, Meddling Online
  41. Health Bridge Foundation Of Canada, Aborting Babies Abroad
  42. Imperial College London, Neil Ferguson
  43. International Banking Cartel (Series)
  44. International Finance Facility For Immunization
  45. International Institute For Sustainable Development
  46. John Hopkins University, Simulations
  47. LGBTQ Groups Still Getting Funded For Pride Events
  48. Mastercard, Free Speech Secondary To Agenda
  49. Morgane Oger Foundation:
  50. Mozuud, Political Infiltration
  51. Omidyar Group; Luminate; Reset; Reset Australia; Misinformation
  52. Ontario Public Health An Autonomous Corporation
  53. Ontario Science Table
  54. Open Society; Soros Financing Smuggling; Open Borders
  55. Pfizer Lobbying In Canada, Vaxx/Indemnification Approved In UK
  56. Pirbright Institute, Virus Patents
  57. Planned Parenthood:
  58. Power Corporation:
  59. Post Media Empire Dominates Canadian News
  60. Post Millennial, Activism Masked As Journalism
  61. Public Health Agency Of Canada (PHAC) Branch Of UN
  62. Public Media Alliance, Brussels Declaration
  63. Sierra Club; Elizabeth May; IISD; Trudeau Foundation
  64. SNC Lavalin — Link To Series
  65. Trilateral Commission, Board Members
  66. Trudeau Foundation:
  67. True North Canada, Candice Malcolm’s Fake Charity
  68. Twitter Consulting Over Online Content, Michele Austin
  69. Unifor, Media Union Bought By Trudeau
  70. United Nations Parliamentary Assembly:
  71. University Of Toronto, Ontario Science Table Monopoly
  72. Vaccine Confidence Project
  73. Women’s Legal Education And Action Fund: Pro-Death Agenda
  74. World Border Congress
  75. World Economic Forum


Alliance of Democracies
Athens Democracy Forum
Bank for International Settlements
Bilderberg Group
CANZUK International
Century Initiative
Citizens for Global Solutions
Club de Madrid
Club of Rome
Democracy International
Democracy Without Borders
Democratic World Federalists
Forum of Young Global Leaders
Global Alliance of Civil Society Organizations
Global Challenges Foundation
Global Governance Forum
Green New Deal Group
International Monetary Fund
International Union for Conservation of Nature
One Shared World
Parliamentarians for Peace
Trilateral Commission
United Nations Parliamentary Assembly
World Bank
World Federalist Movement Canada
World Government Research Network
Young World Federalists