Non-Goverment Organizations: Reviews

(1) American Israel Public Affairs Committee
(2.1) Amnesty International’s Zionist Roots
(2.2) Amnesty International, Other Lawfare, Canadian Courts
(2.3) Amnesty Int’l, Others In Court To Open Canada’s Borders
(3.1) Antifa Violence Defended By CNN’s Chris Cuomo
(3.2) Antifa, Mark Bray’s Handbook On Political Violence
(3.3) Antifa Mob Stalks Tucker Carlson’s Family
(4) AstraZeneca Lobbying, Looking To Push Vaccines
(5) Atlas Network Controls “Conservative” Media And Think Tanks
(6.1) Bank For International Settlements, Basel Committee, Cartel
(6.2) BIS Immunity Act In Canada, BIS Overreach
(6.3) BIS, Central Banks On Implementing Digital Currency
(7) Bilderberg Meeting
(8) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Financial Information
(9) B’nai Brith: Anti-Free Speech, Bill 168
(10) Canadian Council For Refugees’ Lobbying Efforts
(11) Canadian Lawyers Abroad, Catherine McKenna
(12.1) CANZUK International, Opening Canada’s Borders
(12.2) CANZUK International, More Information
(13.1) Center For Israel And Jewish Affairs
(13.2) CIJA’s Constant Assault On Free Speech
(13.3) CIJA, More Information About Non-Profit
(14) Century Initiative, Wants 100M Canadian Population
(15) Chicago Climate Exchange
(16) COMER, Commission On Monetary & Economic Reform
(17.1) Crestview Strategy Acting As A Proxy
(17.2) Crestview Strategy’s Political Ties
(17.3) Crestview Strategy: Zakery Blais Renews Registration
(17.4) Ashton Arsenault Replaces Zakery Blais As GAVI/Crestview Lobbyist
(18) Democracy Without Borders
(19) DisinfoWatch Has Ties To Atlas Network/Koch, Liberal Party
(20) Economic Policy Institute
(21) Facebook Lobbying Ottawa For Years
(22) Federal Reserve (U.S.)
(23) Focus Humanitarian Assistance, Aga Khan
(24) Frankfurt School Of Cultural Marxism
(25) G4S: Intelligence/Detention Firm Hired In Manitoba For Tickets
(26) Goldman Sachs, CCX
(27) Global Canada Wants Lockdowns, Lilley Omit Gates Funding
(28) Google Lobbying Ottawa, Meddling Online
(29) Imperial College London, Neil Ferguson
(30) International Banking Cartel (Series)
(31) International Finance Facility For Immunization
(32) International Institute For Sustainable Development
(33) John Hopkins University, Simulations
(34) Mastercard, Free Speech Secondary To Agenda
(35.1) Morgane Oger Foundation, Doxing Site
(35.2) Morgane Oger Weaponizing Human Rights Codes
(36) Mozuud, Political Infiltration
(37) Omidyar Group; Luminate; Reset; Reset Australia; Misinformation
(38) Open Society; Soros Financing Smuggling; Open Borders
(39) Pfizer Lobbying In Canada, Vaxx/Indemnification Approved In UK
(40) Pirbright Institute, Virus Patents
(41.1) Planned Parenthood, Baby Chop Shop
(41.2) Action Canada, Our Branch Of Planned Parenthood
(42.1) Power Corporation; History; Bombardier & Loblaws
(42.2) Power Corporation; Air Canada; Agenda 2030; Trudeau
(42.3) Power Corporation; Pierre Beaudoin, Bombardier
(43) Post Media Empire Dominates Canadian News
(44) Post Millennial, Activism Masked As Journalism
(45) Sierra Club; Elizabeth May; IISD; Trudeau Foundation
(46) SNC Lavalin — Link To Series
(47) Trilateral Commission, Board Members
(48.1) Trudeau Foundation, Media Covering
(48.2) Trudeau (Mockingbird) Foundation Of Canada (Connections)
(49) True North Canada, Candice Malcolm’s Fake Charity
(50) Twitter Consulting Over Online Content, Michele Austin
(51) Unifor, Media Union Bought By Trudeau
(52.1) UNPA World Gov’tL Leinen & Bummel
(52.2) UNPA, Review of Proposed Global Gov’t
(52.3) Canadian Gov’t Endorsed UNPA 1993/2007
(53) Vaccine Confidence Project
(54) Women’s Legal Education And Action Fund: Pro-Death Agenda
(55) World Border Congress
(56) World Economic Forum

(57.1) Fake Refugees, Gaming The System
(57.2) DNA Testing To Spot Fake Families
(58.1) Soros Financing Smuggling; Open Borders
(58.2) Sanctuary Cities (Toronto) Help Conceal Smuggling/Trafficking
(58.3) Open Borders, In General, Facilitate Trafficking & Smuggling

(59) NGOs Meddling In Court Climate Cases For Financial Reasons