CIHR Using Taxpayer Money To Convince Pregnant Women & Children To Get Vaccine

If this doesn’t make your blood boil, nothing will. CIHR, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research has been handing out public money to pay people to convince others to take the experimental, unapproved, gene replacement “vaccines”. And yes, pregnant women are specifically mentioned in these grants.

To make things even worse, the CIHR wants to hire people to convince children to get poisoned as well.

Now, who are the people who have sold their souls in return for getting some sweet, sweet “pandemic bucks”?

Barkun, Alan N $784,125
Berman, Peter $118,575
Bottari, Carolina $218,025
Brignardello Petersen, Romina Andrea $1,365,525
Brunet, Alain F $240,975
Burchell, Ann N $768,825
Campbell, Tavis S $271,575
Caron, Etienne $738,000
Cheng, Adam $248,625
Divangahi, Maziar $569,925
Durocher, Evelyne $115,000
Elahi, Shokrollah $1,071,000
Ehrhardt, Rudolf A $229,500
Estabrooks, Carole Anne $756,890
Foster, Jennifer $332,775
Fowler, Robert A $455,175
Gesink, Dionne $393,975
Harris, M. Anne $325,125
Jan, Eric $445,230
Jardine, Cynthia $348,075
Katapally, Tarun Reddy $554,434
Kaul, Rupert $489,600
Lavoie, Kim $638,775
Lisonkova, Sarka $168,300
Luo, Honglin $562,275
Mazurak, Vera C $344,250
Meyer, Jeffrey H $761,175
Mubareka, Samira $612,765
Nissim, Rinat $294,525
O’Campo, Patricia J $302,175
Oremus, Mark $195,075
Pai, Nitika $378,675
Pike, Ian $267,750
Puyat, Joseph H $302,175
Rigatto, Claudio $562,275
Robillard, Rébecca $168,300
Rothman, Linda $416,925
Rousseau, Cecile $240,975
Sylvestre, Marie-Pierre $457,422
Vivion, Maryline $153,000
Wang, JianLi $137,700
Webster, Fiona $160,650
Woodgate, Roberta L $358,594
Zimmermann, Camilla $423,045

Should anyone raise the topic, no, this isn’t doxing. If one accepts grants from the Federal Government, it is public, and searchable by anyone. Moreover, it’s in the public interest that others know who they are. These people are pushing injections on the general population, most likely without being completely forthcoming.

Interesting to note: most of these grants run until 2022 or 2023. It could be because these drugs are in the experimental stages, and the testing won’t be done until then. These drugs are not “approved” by Health Canada, but instead, are given interim authorization under an emergency order.

  • INTERIM AUTHORIZATION — deemed to be “worth the risk” under the circumstances, doesn’t have to be fully tested. Allowed under Section 30.1 of the Canada Food & Drug Act. Also known as emergency authorization.
  • APPROVED — Health Canada has fully reviewed all the testing, and steps have been done, with the final determination that it can be used for the general population.


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