Voting: Processes and Procedures

(Peter Mackay pledges – in writing – no merger with Alliance if he wins)

(1) Using Notwithstanding Clause To Shrink TO City Council
(2.1) Voting Eligibility #1: Crime & Citizenship
(2.2) Voting Eligibility, Part #2: Identification
(2.3) Bill C-76, Vouch Voting Now Allowed
(2.4) Elections Canada Answers Questions
(3) Questions For MP Stephen Fuhr
(4) Democracy Without Borders
(5) Communist Party Of Canada
(6.1) Lobbyists Dominating US Politics
(6.2) Efforts To Undermine Republic In The US
(7.1) Reasons For Leaving The PPC
(7.2) PPC EDAs Shut Down For No Financials, Spun As Cost Cutting
(7.3) 4 Years Later, PPC Lacks Even Basic Party Structure
(7.4) Romana Didulo Claims To Be Head Of State In Canada
(8) Scrapping Tax Subsidies For Political Parties
(9) Peter MacKay Shanks David Orchard In 2003 PC Race
(10.1) A World Parliament By Leinin & Bummel
(10.2) UNPA, A Proposed World Government
(10.3) Foreign Affairs Committee Votes For UNPA, 1993 & 2007
(11) Desmarais, Beaudoin, Buying Off Canada’s Politicians
(12) Crestview Strategy Lobbying Canada’s Politicians
(13.1) Making More Informed Voting Choices
(13.2) Controlled Opposition Politicians To Banking Cartel
(14) Has Trudeau Been Swapped Out?
(15.1) Fords, Conservatives, Supporting Sanctuary Cities
(15.2) Ford Illegally Allowed Deco Clients To Lobby Him In 2014
(16.1) Private Members’ Bills: Endless Pandering
(16.2) Private Members’ Bills In Canadian Parliament
(17.1) BC Election Just Illusion Of Choice, No Real Options
(17.2) Trolling Sadie Hunter’s Stream, BC Election Rigged
(17.3) BC Liberals Are Just Controlled Opposition; Pandemic Gatekeepers
(18.1) CPC Vice President Valerie Assouline Also A QC City Councillor
(18.2) Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin: Fake Populist; Pharma Shill In Nova Scotia
(18.3) Senator Denise Batters, Fake Opposition To O’Toole
(18.4) Trudeau Subsidizing All Parties In Ottawa
(18.5) Michael Cooper Pretends To Be Shocked About Permanent Passports
(18.6) Candice Bergen “Pretends” To Be Fighting Federal Mandates
(18.7) What Danielle Smith Isn’t Telling Her Supporters
(18.8) Danielle Smith Already Backpeddling On Protecting The Unvaxxed
(18.9) Danielle Smith Betrays Supporters On Banning Vaccine Passports
(19.1) If You DO Vote, You Don’t Have The Right To Complain


Cathy McLeod, CPC MP (November 13, 2018)

Cathy’s Secretary (October 23, 2020)

Cathy’s Response (October 30, 2020)

MILOBAR: BC Liberals (October 5, 2020)

HUNTER: BC NDP (October 7, 2020)

MARTIN: BC Greens (October 15, 2020)

MILOBAR: BC Liberals (May 14, 2021)

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