Who’s Pulling Erin O’Toole’s Strings?

So who is Erin O’Toole, the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada? What does he believe, and what does he stand for? Turns out, the answers are pretty bad. The CPC is just a parody of an opposition party (6uild 6ack 6etter is now 6uild 6ack “stronger“).

1. Important Links

O’Toole Supports Even More Draconian Measures
Walied Soliman, Sick Kids Toronto Director
Walied Soliman Wins Global Citizen Of The Year Award
O’Toole Lobbied By NCCM, Anti-Free Speech
O’Toole Lobbied By CIJA, Anti-Free Speech
Jeff Ballingall, Canada Proud
Erin O’Toole Pushing FIPA In House Of Commons
Full Text Of FIPA With China
CANZUK International Website
James Skinner’s LinkedIn Page
CPC On The Climate Change Agenda
O’Toole, Private Member’s Bill C-405
Lobbying By SNC Lavalin For Deferred Pros. Agreement
Aga Khan Lobbies O’Toole For Funding
Derek Sloan’s Petition e-2961

2. O’Toole Chief Of Staff Walied Soliman

Walied Soliman, O’Toole’s Chief of Staff, has been a Director of Sick Kids Hospital Toronto since 2012. Sick Kids is heavily funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. One has to wonder if that is why O’Toole is so supportive of restrictive measures and lockdowns in general.

Soliman was awarded “Global Citizen Of the Year” in 2019. He’s also part of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, which is pushing hate speech laws in Canada.

3. Ties To Anti-Free Speech Lobby

The National Council of Canadian Muslims, (NCCM) and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, (CIJA), are just 2 groups working to rewrite the laws in Canada on hate speech. While this is marketed in a harmless manner, the devil’s in the details about what may be included.

4. Ties To Vaccine/Pandemic Industry

Why is O’Toole so vaccination happy? It could be the rampant pharmaceutical lobbying that has been going on, of all major parties. To the lay observer, it looks like he is fulfilling the wishes of special interests, instead of those of Canadians.

This is true with GAVI as well, which is also Gates funded. GAVI and Crestview Strategy lobbied the Office of the Official Opposition as well. At the time, this was Andrew Scheer. However, it seems doubtful that O’Toole’s stance will be any different.

5. Heenan Blaikie, Desmarais, Facebook

Before getting into Parliament, O’Toole worked for the law firm Heenan Blaikie (which is now defunct). It’s the same firm that Jean Chretien and Pierre Trudeau worked for. The Desmarais Family also had connections the the company.

In his duties, O’Toole also acted as a lobbyist for Facebook, trying to influence the Government of Stephen Harper — which he later became part of.

6. Jeff Ballingall, Canada Proud

O’Toole’s campaign was aided by Jeff Ballingall, and a group called Canada Proud. This is an NGO that tries to promote “conservative” politicians and movements. There are Provincial efforts as well, including Ontario Proud, which helped install Doug Ford into power. O’Toole was helped along by social media pros who got him more attention.

Side note: Ballingall works for The Post Millennial, which is owned by Matthew Azrieli. He is the grandson of the late David Azrieli, media mogul and billionaire.

7. FIPA, Selling Out Canada To China

Upon entering the House of Commons, O’Toole worked as a Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of International Trade. His first major gig was pushing FIPA, an agreement which sold Canadian sovereignty to China for a minimum of 31 years. Even after all this time, there’s no indication O’Toole regrets his involvement. See this earlier review on FIPA.

8. CANZUK, Open Borders Agreement

CANZUK is an acronym (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom). The group, CANZUK International, is in a compaign for a treaty that would open borders between those countries. More countries could eventually be added. James Skinner, the head of the group, also worked for the CPC, and it looks like CANZUK is in fact their creation.

O’Toole is on record supporting CANZUK, and future expansion as well. He gives a variety of reasons, depending on what the circumstances are.

9. Open Borders Immigration Agenda

Would O’Toole and the Conservatives reduce the hordes of people entering Canada each year? Would they do something about the large numbers of students and temporary workers who have pathways to extend? It seems most unlikely.

The true scale of immigration into Canada has been covered extensively on this site, so no need to rehash it here. But fair to say that O’Toole either lowballs it, or has no clue whatsoever.

10. Supporting Climate Change Agenda

Ottawa, ON – Dan Albas, Conservative Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, released the following statement regarding Justin Trudeau’s plan to triple the Carbon Tax:

“Fighting climate change at home and around the world is an important goal that takes work. Canadians agree on the importance of protecting our environment and natural spaces, and it is an issue that our Party and Leader are passionate about.

“It’s shameful that the Liberals failed to properly consult provinces on their plan raise the Carbon Tax. The environment is an area of shared jurisdiction and Canada’s Conservatives will respect the jurisdiction of the provinces and territories by scrapping Trudeau’s Carbon Tax. If provinces want to use market mechanisms, other forms of carbon pricing, or regulatory measures, that is up to them.

“This week, Conservatives put forward a motion to stop the Liberals from raising taxes during the pandemic. Not only did the Liberals vote against our motion, but they are now raising the Carbon Tax even higher. This increase will mean that Canadians will pay more for groceries, home heating, and add up to 37.57 cents per litre to the cost of gas.

A moment of clarification here: O’Toole and the CPC don’t actually take issue with the climate change agenda itself. Instead, they limit their criticisms specifically to Carbon taxes.

The disingenuous nature of the Provinces “challenging” the Carbon taxes, while supporting the climate change agenda has also been covered here.

11. Weakening Protections On Worker Pensions

Although it ultimately went nowhere, O’Toole previously introduced Private Member’s Bill C-405, which would make it easier for bankrupt companies to transfer employee pensions instead of paying them out. Wonder where he got that idea from.

12. SNC Lavalin, Deferred Prosecution

Ever wonder why Conservatives were so tepid on SNC Lavalin getting their deferred prosecution agreement? Could be because they were also lobbied for it. Seems that “tough on crime” has its limits.

13. Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is a registered charity that supports social development programs in Asia and Africa. As a member of the Aga Khan Development Network, AKFC works to address the root causes of poverty: finding and sharing effective and lasting solutions that help improve the quality of life for poor communities. Our programs focus on four core areas: health, education, rural development and building the capacity of non-governmental organizations.

In the year 2018, the Aga Khan Foundation received roughly $32 million from Canadian taxpayers. It’s a little disturbing to see Conservatives lobbied by this group as well, especially considering the grief they gave Trudeau over his winter vacation.

14. O’Toole Never Mentions Central Banking

From time to time, O’Toole will make noises about how Conservatives are better managers of money than Liberals. However, he never talks about private central banking, which is probably the biggest scam in history. He was in Parliament during the Bank of Canada case (so he presumably is familiar with the issue). But he will never talk about it openly.

15. Why Throw Derek Sloan Under The Bus?

Derek Sloan, a CPC MP, faces expulsion from his party for accepting a donation of $131 from a so-called “white supremacist”. Is that the real reason for this, or was O’Toole pressured by his pharma handlers after Sloan sponsored? Petition e-2961 referred to these vaccines as “human experimentation”.

Obviously O’Toole knows for sure, but the claim of a “racist donation” seems like a thinly veiled attempt to dump a politician who is actually critical of the vaccination agenda.

So who’s pulling Erin O’Toole’s strings? It seems everyone except the Canadian public.

CV #19(D): About The “Debate” Between Brian Lilley And Anthony Furey….

Postmedia just put out an article detailing a philosophical “debate” between Brian Lilley and Anthony Furey. Here is the video of the exchange. While commentary is provided below, watch this, and make your own decisions.

1. Lilley/Furey Just Putting On An Act

To address the obvious: it looks like Furey and Lilley are simply performing for the cameras. It seems doubtful that either of them (especially Lilley) believe in what they say. It’s not entirely clear if this is grandstanding for the cameras, or an attempt to “appear” to give different ideas. This may be ego-driven, but could just as easily be more controlled opposition.

2. Lilley Focuses On “Selling” The Idea Too Much

Lilley doesn’t take the default position that any restrictions must be clearly justified. Instead, he goes on about how anti-lockdown activists need to “sell” the idea, or to “move the dial”. He offers nothing in the way of evidence to justify martial law. He only claims that the politics support it.

Lilley claims that the so-called experts the Government parades up in press conferences are convincing the public. He omits that these sessions are scripted, controlled, and questions are pre-approved. Genuine opposition is not allowed.

3. Furey Intentionally Weak On The Lies

Furey seems to accept at face value recent “polls” claiming that the public at large supports having their freedoms stripped away in an arbitrary and open-ended manner. He blames this alleged support on the media not doing a good job of convincing the people otherwise.

However, Furey does little to push the hard questions challenging the official narrative.

  • Computer modelling creates predictions, not evidence
  • Various models have proven to be drastically wrong
  • The virus itself hasn’t been isolated
  • The PCR test was not designed to detect active infection, and as a result, is useless and gives many false positives
  • Masks do nothing, and even the World Health Organization says its evidence is conflicted
  • Countless instances of people dying WITH this virus are bein counted as having died FROM it. Real pandemics don’t need lies to keep it going.
  • The overwhelming majority of people who test positive (which doesn’t equate infection), recover on their own, without any vaccine
  • Bipartisan pharma lobbying has been rampant
  • There is lots of money to be made by groups with a vested interest in perpetuating the situation. This includes: vaccine manufacturers, test kit manufacturers, online retailers, AI companies, cell phone and tracing developers, etc…
  • So-called restrictions have been largely arbitrary, and applied unevenly
  • Social media companies openly collude with Governments
  • The GREAT RESET is now out in the open. If this wasn’t planned out, then it was at least very opportunistic

It’s hard to take such a “debate” seriously, when one side has such overwhelming material to use, but chooses not to. Furey had many very valid and legitimate concerns that could have been addressed, but weren’t. It’s a bit like taking about national debt, but not discussing central banking.

Difficult to imagine Furey hasn’t at least heard of any of the above points, but he seems to have no interest in covering any of it. He seems to be working from a script.

4. Anthony Furey Ignores The Smoking Guns


  • (2001) Dark Winter
  • (2005) Atlantic Storm
  • (2018) Clade X
  • (2019) Event 201

Furey was supposedly debating that lockdowns were unnecessary. But seriously, he couldn’t have mentioned any of the above content? When you can crush your opponent in an argument this easily, why is it not being used? The likely answer, Furey is just going through the motions.

The fact that Theresa Tam mentioned locking up and quarantining people A DECADE ago in that 2010 documentary…. that doesn’t set off any alarms for Furey? What about the Lock Step Narrative? What about all of the “planning scenarios”?

5. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

The rest of the series is here. Many lies, lobbying, conflicts of interest, and various globalist agendas operating behind the scenes, obscuring the vile agenda called the “Great Reset“. The Gates Foundation finances: the WHO, the US CDC, GAVI, ID2020, John Hopkins University, Imperial College London, the Pirbright Institute, the BBC, and individual pharmaceutical companies. Also: there is little to no science behind what our officials are doing; they promote degenerate behaviour; the Australian Department of Health admits the PCR tests don’t work; the US CDC admits testing is heavily flawed; and The International Health Regulations are legally binding. See here, here, and here. The media is paid off, and our democracy compromised, shown: here, here, here, and here.

For some real journalism, check out the work on this site.

IMM #1(D): CANZUK Still Going Ahead, Despite “Global Pandemic”

Canada is supposedly in the middle of a deadly health crisis. One might expect there to be a push to close national borders to the greatest extent possible. Instead, it’s full speed ahead to the one-world order. See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

1. Mass LEGAL Immigration In Canada

Despite what many think, LEGAL immigration into Canada is actually a much larger threat than illegal aliens, given the true scale of the replacement that is happening. What was founded as a European (British) colony is becoming unrecognizable due to forced demographic changes. There are also social, economic, environmental and voting changes to consider. See this Canadian series, and the UN programs for more detail. Politicians, the media, and so-called “experts” have no interest in coming clean on this.

CLICK HERE, for UN Genocide Prevention/Punishment Convention.
CLICK HERE, for Barcelona Declaration & Kalergi Plan.
CLICK HERE, for UN Kalergi Plan (population replacement).
CLICK HERE, for UN replacement efforts since 1974.
CLICK HERE, for tracing steps of UN replacement agenda.

Note: If there are errors in calculating the totals, please speak up. Information is of no use to the public if it isn’t accurate.

2. Offshoring, Globalization, Free Trade

The other posts on outsourcing/offshoring are available here. It focuses on the hidden costs and trade offs society as a whole has to make. Contrary to what many politicians and figures in the media claim, there are always costs to these kinds of agreement. These include: (a) job losses; (b) wages being driven down; (c) undercutting of local companies; (d) legal action by foreign entities; (e) industries being outsourced; (f) losses to communities when major employers leave; and (g) loss of sovereignty to foreign corporations and governments. Intellectual property also becomes a tricky issue. Don’t believe the lies that these agreements are overwhelmingly beneficial to all.

3. Important Links

James Skinner’s LinkedIn Page
Open Parliament, HoC Quotes, Speeches
CPC Adopts CANZUK In 2018 Party Convention
CANZUK’s Registry With Corporations Canada
CANZUK’s Information With Lobbying Registry
CANZUK And Health Care Challenges
CANZUK All Party Parliamentary Group


4. CANZUK During (Alleged) Deadly Epidemic

For a bit of context, keep in mind that Covid-19 is supposedly a deadly disease that has caused untold death and misery across the planet. Now, it would seem counter-intuitive to promote the open borders agenda in the middle of it. However, that is exactly what is happening.

5. Who Is James Skinner, CANZUK Head?

  • Congressional Assistant (U.S.)
  • Parliamentary Adviser (Australia)
  • Parliamentary Adviser (U.K.)
  • Conservative Party of Canada

James Skinner is quite the varied political operative. It’s important to note that he was the Vice President of a Conservative Party of Canada EDA at the same time. Quite the conflict of interest.

Also, the politicians supporting CANZUK aren’t Liberals, they’re Conservatives. Skinner is using his political ties to push CPC policy towards open borders. Skinner is also an experienced lobbyist, and brings those skills to this project.

6. Bait-And-Switch #1: CANZUK V.S. UNGMC

In late 2018, the Conservative Party of Canada finally decided that it opposed the UNGMC, the United Nations Global Migration Compact. This was done just days before the agreement was scheduled to be signed. There were valid criticisms about “setting international standards” for migration.

However, this involves some serious mental gymnastics. CANZUK is literal open borders, and the CPC has that policy on its books. Worse, this would be legally binding, unlike the UN Compact.

7. Bait-And-Switch #2: Expand CANZUK Zone

This was addressed here. CANZUK is sold to the public as a free trade & open movement agreement between 4 countries. However, there are many, like Erin O’Toole, who support expanding it even further. Once it’s operational, open up to other countries.

8. Bait-And-Switch #3: When It Started

To begin with, the group was formed in 2015. The Above video of Erin O’Toole was from the 2018 CPC Policy Convention in Halifax. At that point, the Party officially adopted CANZUK. It is only AFTER this adoption that CANZUK International forms a Federal Corporation in Canada.

And it is only in the last few months that there is any “official” lobbying done on behalf of the organization. The order seems completely backwards.

The only way this makes sense is that it was all agreed to — behind closed doors — long before anything official was put into writing.

9. Bait-And-Switch #4: Countering China

Here’s another sleight of hand going on: CANZUK is currently being sold as a way to counter growing Chinese influence. This is nonsense, as CANZUK is not any sort of military agreement, simply trade and movement. Moreover, since O’Toole still supports high levels of Chinese immigration and trade, it’s unclear what he expects to accomplish.

Got to admire the nerve. The CPC pushed for FIPA, which allowed China almost unfettered access into Canada. It was sold as an investment protection initiative, and an increase in trade. Now that Canadians want less to do with China, CANZUK is sold as a way to counter China increasing global influence.

10. Bait-And-Switch #5: Healthcare Boost

Remember the panic over empty shelves of toilet paper or the sudden drug prescription limit of 30 days? Now imagine an alliance that would have allowed us to be better prepared to handle this crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted numerous gaps in our healthcare systems, be it issues of equity and access as evidenced by the disproportionately affected visible minorities or the inadequate security of our supply chains. The disruptions in personal protective equipment (PPE), lack of adequate testing and drug shortages have been sources of stress for frontline workers, healthcare managers and patients alike.

Our healthcare services are perennially underfunded and overstretched: the pandemic has laid bare our vulnerabilities to physician shortages, high rates of infection (nearly 20 per cent as of September 2020) among healthcare workers, increased healthcare costs, worsening mental health, and chronically underfunded long-term care. Furthermore, the pandemic has demonstrated the lack of an effective international crisis-management system. With global and national realignments the need of the hour, CANZUK is an idea whose time has come.

Remember people buying out all the toilet paper last year? Well, guess what? If we had more open borders, with more free trade, that likely wouldn’t have happened. In fact, things would have been a lot better off. Forget about closing borders in a crisis.

11. Bait-And-Switch #6: No Global Crisis

One would think that in the middle of a so-called “global pandemic” that open borders ideas like CANZUK would be put on the backburner, at least for the foreseeable future. Nope. Instead, there is scarcely a mention. Funny, how that works out. It’s almost like there really is nothing serious to worry about.

In fact, scrolling through CANZUK’s many articles, there’s barely a mention at all.

Different excuses. Different lies. But the open borders agenda rolls on.

Who’s Pulling Steven Guilbeault’s Strings? (Part 2: Anti-Free Speech, Privacy)

Last year, Steven Guilbeault (rightfully) took a lot of criticism for the recommendation that media outlets be forced to obtain licenses. He later backtracked somewhat, claiming that news outlets would be exempt. Now, he’s back, pushing hate speech laws.

A disclaimer: it’s entirely possible (likely), that there are groups pushing for these laws that are not listed publicly. However, all that is listed is documented information.

Worth noting: the original intent of the bill was on “hate speech”. Sending pornography, or lewd images was just an afterthought. Still, this does raise privacy concerns, not just ones for free speech.

See Part 1 for Guilbeault’s ties to the eco-movement.

1. Free Speech Is Under Constant Threat

Check here for the series free speech. It’s a crucial topic, and is typically intertwined with other categories. Topic include: Digital Cooperation; the IGF, or Internet Governance Forum; ex-Liberal Candidate Richard Lee; the Digital Charter; Dominic LeBlanc’s proposal. There is also collusion, done by UNESCO, more UNESCO, Facebook, Google, and Twitter lobbying.

2. The Media Is Not Loyal To The Public

Truth is essential in society, but the situation in Canada is worse than people imagine. MSM in Canada (and elsewhere), has been largely obedient to the official stories since they are subsidized to do so, though they deny it. Post Media controls most outlets in Canada, and many “independents” have ties to Koch/Atlas. Real investigative journalism is needed, and some pointers are provided.

3. Important Links

Office Of The Lobbying Commissioner Of Canada
Canadian Parliament Discusses Online Hate
(Audio) Testimony Into Online Hate
Toronto Sun On Hate Crime Hoax
National Post Shrugs Off Hate Crime Hoax
National Council Of Canadian Muslims Lobbying
Centre For Israel And Jewish Affairs Lobbying
Friends Of Canadian Broadcasting Lobbying
YWCA Receives $760,000 Anti-Hate Grant
Various Initiatives/Grants From Ottawa In Recent Years
Bill C-30, Vic Toews, Online Privacy, Pornography

4. The Downside To “Hate Speech” Laws

To begin with, let’s address the elephant in the room: hate speech laws can, and often are used to silence legitimate concerns and criticisms. Worse, they are applied unevenly. When very different groups with different cultures and value are brought together, how it operates is fair discussion. What will be expected, what compromises will be made, and how to settle differences must be addressed.

Regardless of whether a person prefers a more assimilationist approach, or is more libertarian, hard questions have to be asked. When such questions cannot be asked — because of hate speech laws — it doesn’t erase the concerns, but simply erodes public trust.

Banning valid discussion with false accusations of racism, or false claims of violence, does nothing to advance open discourse. Instead, it’s used to gaslight and prevent necessary discussion.

Is this a call to violence, or to condone violence? Certainly not. But all too often, ideas and violence are wrongly conflated.

5. Hate Crime Hoaxes Undermine Public Trust

Now Toronto Police say the alleged attack on an 11-year-old girl wearing a hijab last week was a hoax. In other words, the hijabi girl and her brother simply made up the story.

We still don’t know enough whether this incident was orchestrated to further entrench the sense of victimhood among Canada’s Muslims or if it was a tale made up by the 11-year-old girl to cover up some other incident.

Khawlah Noman isn’t the first Muslim girl to pull off such a hoax, but she surely must be the youngest to do so.

Another valid question must be asked. Before passing censorship laws to combat hate speech and related crimes, how many incidents actually happened, and how many are hoaxes? Before considering such laws, it’s important to know the full scale of the problem. However, some outlets continue with the narrative, even when hoaxes are exposed.

6. Canadian Parliament On Online Hate

Check this page for information on a Parliamentary study in Canada concerning online hate. Witnesses were called to give more insight into the topic. While there was a lot of reasonable discussion, one problem remains: it’s far too easy to demonize people by CLAIMING that certain topics are hate and violence.

7. National Council Of Canadian Muslims

Subject Matter Details
Legislative Proposal, Bill or Resolution
Canadian Human Rights Act and Online Hate, respecting the repealed section 13 of the CHRA and opening the Act for legislative review.
Legislative Proposal, Bill or Resolution, Policies or Program, Regulation
Security & Targeted Communities: Advocating for policies to enhance the security and safety of Canadian Muslim communities and other at-risk communities given the rise in hate crimes, including the Security Infrastructure Program; countering white supremacist groups
Policies or Program
Anti-racism: Advocating for policy initiatives in the Department of Canadian Heritage related to combating Islamophobia and discrimination, including the updating of Canada’s Action Plan Against Racism (CAPAR); Supporting various programs to promote diversity and inclusion in Canada.
Religion: Advocating for the protection of freedom of religion in Canada and with respect to the reasonable accommodation of religious observances.

One of the groups lobbying Guilbeault is the National Council of Canadian Muslims. They claim that “white supremacists” are causing a hateful environment, and that more diversity and inclusion is needed. Of course, ask how THEY accommodate minorities, and that’s hate speech.

Also noteworthy: Walied Soliman, Erin O’Toole’s Chief of Staff, is a member of the NCCM. He’s on record as supporting their activities.

8. CIJA, Centre For Israel And Jewish Affairs

Subject Matter Details
Grant, Contribution or Other Financial Benefit
Digital Citizen Contribution Program (DCCP): The objective of the project is to combat online disinformation and hate, specifically, antisemitism and antisemitic conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 where it is spreading: online via social media. Antisemitism cannot be allowed to permeate civil discourse and become mainstream.
-Activities include:
•Collect examples of how antisemitism presents itself in the context of COVID19
•Create website landing page lor campaign to highlight the campaign’s purpose and goals
•Prepare social media calendar for the duration of the campaign
Prepare Facebook ads, prepare toolkit to distribute to partner organizations to promote the campaign
•Program content for campaign, run Facebook ads, and ensure participation from various cultural groups; and
•Report to government and stakeholders on the outcome of the campaign. The Digital Citizen Contribution Program (DCCP) supports the priorities of the Digital Citizen Initiative by providing time-limited financial assistance that will support democracy and social cohesion in Canada in a digital world by enhancing and/or supporting efforts to counter online disinformation and other online harms and threats to our country’s democracy and social cohesion.
-Provide economic support for the charitable and not-for-profit sector through a direct granting program. Donations from Canadians should be incentivized through a temporary enhancement of the charitable giving tax credit, or through a donor matching program, whereby the government matches donations from Canadians.
-Public Security threats to the safety and security of the Jewish community of Canada and the extension of funding of capital costs and staff training for security of communities at risk
-The project ‘United Against Online Hate’ aims to develop a national coalition with numerous targeted communities to actively combat online hate, following recommendations from the study conducted by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. We have been granted $141,000 for the government’s current fiscal year (ending March 31 2021). We were also awarded $31,800 for the year April 1 2021 to March 31 2022.

The page on lobbying information is very long, but well worth a read. A lot of effort has clearly gone into writing and updating this.

9. Friends Of Canadian Broadcasting

Subject Matter Details
Legislative Proposal, Bill or Resolution
Canadian Heritage Committee study of online hate and illegal content and promised legislation
Possible amendment to Section 19 of the Income Tax Act respecting the deductibility of digital advertising on non-Canadian platforms
Review of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts with respect to the promotion of Canadian culture and democracy.
Policies or Program, Regulation
Broadcasting policy: regulation, funding, licensing, Canadian programming, media concentration and restrictions on foreign ownership, equal enforcement of the Broadcasting Act, application of the Broadcasting Act to non-traditional media, support for public broadcasting, independence of CBC/Radio Canada and other related governance concerns, protecting Canadian content on air and online.

This lobbying actually covers a number of topics, but online hate is one of them.

10. YWCA, Others Get Federal Grants

October 20, 2020 – Toronto, Ontario
The Government of Canada is committed to taking action against online hate and preventing the promotion of racism and violence. Today, the Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, the Honourable Bill Blair, announced $759,762 to YWCA Canada for their project Block Hate: Building Resilience against Online Hate Speech.

The four-year project will examine hate speech trends across Canada and work with experts to develop online tools and digital literacy training for young Canadians aged 14 to 30 across ten communities.

The YWCA will bring together partners from digital industry, civil society, government, and academia to better understand online hate in Canada, support those targeted by hate speech, inform technical solutions to online hate, hate crime, and radicalization to violence, and increase community resilience.

The YWCA received a grant from the Federal Government, but it is hardly alone in that. Fighting online hate and hate speech appears to be a growth industry.

One also has to ask how such hate speech regulations would be enforced? What information would internet providers, or cell phone companies have to provide? What would the process and limits for that be? What privacy protections would be in place?

11. Vic Toews, Online Privacy, Bill C-30

Since the proposal did mention punishing of sharing images (even as an afterthought), let’s address this. It was in 2012 that “Conservative” Public Safety Minister Vic Toews tried to bring in Bill C-30, which could force online providers to hand over private information without a warrant. Toews gaslighted privacy concerns as people “siding with the child pornographers”. While the Bill died in 1st Reading, could something like this happen again?

12. What Are Impacts On Free Speech? Privacy?

What will this bill look like, and what are the impacts? Until the legislation is tabled, we won’t know for sure. Even then, amendments are quite likely, as are court challenges.

This shouldn’t have to be repeated, but it is. Being critical of “hate speech” for being overreaching does not equate to supporting hate or violence. All too often, false accusations of racism, hate and bigotry are used to silence legitimate concerns and questions.

Vic Toews vilified critics of warrantless searches as “pedophile sympathizers”. Could this iteration lead to critics being smeared as “Nazi supporters”? Will a provision for warrantless searches be slipped in?

It’s also possible that such legislation will be scrapped altogether. After all, Guilbeault supported mandatory media licensing only last year, but backed down under heavy pressure. This is an important story to keep an eye on.

Who’s Pulling Steven Guilbeault’s Strings? (Part 1: Eco-Movement)

Steven Guilbeault, the new Heritage Minister of Canada, was arrested in 2001 for climbing the CN Tower. While obviously an eco-supporter, there is more to him than meets the eye.

1. Debunking The Climate Change Scam

The entire climate change industry, (and yes, it is an industry) is a hoax perpetrated by the people in power, run by international bankers. Plenty has also been covered on the climate scam, the propaganda machine in action, and some of the court documents in Canada. Carbon taxes are just a small part of the picture, and conservatives are intentionally sabotaging their court cases.

2. Important Links

Office Of The Lobbying Commissioner Of Canada
National Post On Steven Guilbeault
Steven Guilbeault’s Wikipedia Page
Equiterre’s Profile With Canada Revenue Agency
CBC: Guilbeault Steps Down As Director
Cycle Capital Management

3. Guilbeault A Lobbyist For Greenpeace

From 2000 until 2006, Guilbeault was formally registered as a lobbyist for Greenpeace Canada. He was one of many.

4. Guilbeault A Lobbyist For Équiterre

2009 Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) $108,361.00
2009 Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) $23,780.00
2009 Transport Canada $33,107.00
2010 Canadian Heritage (PCH) $2,970.00
2010 Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) $18,654.00
2010 Développement compétence Canada $5,214.00
2010 Industry Canada $49,278.00
2010 Transport Canada (TC) $26,893.00
2011 Canadian Heritage (PCH) $2,970.00
2011 Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA $18,654.00
2011 Développement compétence Canada $5,214.00
2011 Industry Canada $49,278.00
2011 Transport Canada (TC) $26,893.00
2012 Canadian Heritage (PCH) $1,258.00
2011 Human Resources and Skills Development Canada $5,082.00
2013 Employment and Social Development Canada $3,845.00

From 2010 until 2018, Guilbeault was a lobbyist for Équiterre. He oversaw an ever dwindling amount of Government grants come in from Canadian taxpayers.

5. Équiterre A Registered Canadian Charity

Year 2014
Receipted donations $1,136,703.00 (34.14%)
Non-receipted donations $187,277.00 (5.63%)
Gifts from other registered charities $105,088.00 (3.16%)
Government funding $363,750.00 (10.93%)
All other revenue $1,536,304.00 (46.15%)
Total income: $3,329,122.00

Year 2015
Receipted donations $1,511,658.00 (43.31%)
Non-receipted donations $232,393.00 (6.66%)
Gifts from other registered charities $17,508.00 (0.50%)
Government funding $334,028.00 (9.57%)
All other revenue $1,394,949.00 (39.96%)
Total income: $3,490,536.00

Year 2016
Receipted donations $1,860,021.00 (49.27%)
Non-receipted donations $120,156.00 (3.18%)
Gifts from other registered charities $330,213.00 (8.75%)
Government funding $277,160.00 (7.34%)
All other revenue $1,187,945.00 (31.46%)
Total income: $3,775,495.00

Year 2017
Charitable programs $2,968,892.00 (67.96%)
Management and administration $366,635.00 (8.39%)
Fundraising $928,004.00 (21.24%)
Political activities $105,099.00 (2.41%)
Gifts to other registered charities and qualified donees $0.00 (0.00%)
Other $0.00 (0.00%)
Total expenses: $4,368,630.00

Year 2018
Charitable programs $3,596,315.00 (70.94%)
Management and administration $358,669.00 (7.07%)
Fundraising $1,114,748.00 (21.99%)
Political activities $0.00 (0.00%)
Gifts to other registered charities and qualified donees $0.00 (0.00%)
Other $0.00 (0.00%)
Total expenses: $5,069,732.00

In 2018, Équiterre took in some $5 million in revenue. The majority of which went to the group’s employees. Incoming money has been high for quite a while.

Équiterre welcomes the regulatory tightening in the federal government’s new climate plan, but reiterates the need for new and more ambitious targets – an obligation in order to face the climate crisis.

“Will we get it right this time – will we finally meet our targets? Let’s hope! The European Union just unveiled its new target of reducing GHGs by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. For its part, Canada is still working within a scenario of a 30% reduction in emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels, despite its intention to improve this target. Today’s announcement is progress in our current scenario, but our current scenario is not adapted to the climate emergency,” says Marc-André Viau, Director of Government Relations at Équiterre.

One has to wonder why Guilbeault was selected as Heritage Minister, instead of Climate Change Minister. This is clearly where his group’s passion is.

6. David Suzuki Foundation Lobbies Guilbeault

The David Suzuki Foundation has lobbied Guilbeault for a “green budget”, and for the 2020, 2050 agendas. Interesting that they also list Implementation of Canada’s Policy for the Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon in their profile.

7. Climate Action Network Lobbies Guilbeault

Climate Action Network is advocating for the destruction of the oil & gas sector by cutting off potential subsidies and tax breaks. They also are on board with the climate change agenda.

8. Environmental Defence Canada Lobbies

Environmental Defense Canada has also lobbied Guilbeault on a number of environmental initiatives.

9. Cycle Capital Management, Lobbying

Subject Matter Details
Legislative Proposal, Bill or Resolution
Representations made so that orientations are taken in order to possibly authorize a mixed real estate project (residential in condo or rental, convenience store and offices) near the Bonaventure Expressway in the Ville-Marie borough (Bassin Peel sector, between Wellington, Mill and Bridge streets).
Legislative Proposal, Bill or Resolution, Policies or Program
Representations made to the Government of Canada in order to obtain the creation of a program or action plan for its participation in the financing of a fourth investment fund to be formed by Cycle Capital Management and whose mission would be to investments in the clean technology sector.

Guilbeault went to work for Cycle Capital Management, a “green investment” firm. One of their lobbying goals was the funding in the green technology sector, which they wanted taxpayers to finance.

It’s also interesting to note that CCM was lobbying the Prime Minister’s Office as recently as 2019. Guess what? Now, one of their people, Steven Guilbeault, is in Cabinet, and has direct access to the PMO. That is pretty convenient.

10. Did Guilbeault Really Leave The Movement?

Steven Guilbeault, one of the most well-known faces in Quebec’s environmental movement, has announced he is leaving his job, but not abandoning the cause.

“I’ve made the very hard decision to leave Équiterre after being, in a way or another with the organization for 25 years, not because I don’t like working at Équiterre and not because I don’t love the people who are here,” he said during a news conference Friday.

Guilbeault, who co-founded Équiterre and has been a senior director since 2007, says he is stepping down because he wants to explore “new elements of the fight against climate change.”

He is going to work with Cycle capital management, which he called one of the biggest fund managers for clean technology in Canada.

He will also work as a public relations advisor with Copticom, a company specializing in green and social economy issues.

He and Sidney Ribaux co-founded Équiterre in 1993, a citizens’ group that aimed to find solutions to issues such as pollution and large-scale industrialization.

Ribaux said Guilbeault is an incredible communicator, and credited him with making environmental issues more accessible.

A legitimate question needs to be asked: has Steven Guilbeault actually left the movement? Or is he using his position as a Cabinet Minister to implement policies that he couldn’t otherwise have done? Is he really a public servant, or an operative who’s infiltrated the Government?

Stay tuned for Part 2. There is even more to Guilbeault than what we are being told publicly.

Defense In Doug Ford’s Trial For Crimes Against Humanity: We’re All In This Together (Satire)

(warning signs were missed when Ford campaigned in 2018)

The lawyers representing Doug Ford, former Premier of Ontario, and accused mass murder, have come up with a new defense: We’re all in this together. It’s a bizarre spin-off of the “just following orders” defense that became notorious during the Nuremberg Trials.

For the fifth day in a row, an angry mob was outside the Court, shouting and carrying pitchforks.

Ford is complaining of cruel and unusual punishment, since the prison refuses to serve cheesecake. He also states that he routinely gets mocked in the exercise yard.

Ford’s lawyers explained that according to computer modelling, Covid-19 was going to overwhelm the hospitals. Accordingly, most non-essential medical care had to be postponed. When asked why there were mass layoffs at hospitals, the lawyers shrugged and said it was to save money.

The lawyers were also asked if this computer modelling had ever proven accurate. They responded that it was irrelevant, and that only dinosaurs question the science.

Reporters further pressed on about the virus never being isolated, and that was met with confusion. Since drawings of it were all over the internet, everyone just assumed it had been.

But it turned out that the Defendants weren’t really all in it together. They refused to support each other, and blamed the co-Defendants for the situation.

A video surfaced of Christine Elliott saying at a press conference that if someone died WITH the virus, it was treated as dying FROM it. Lawyers for the ex-Health Minister denied that it artificially drove up cases.

Former Deputy Medical Officer Barbara Yaffe pointed out that things weren’t as bad as originally thought. She said, “If we’re working in an area without very much Covid, we get false positives, almost half the time. Heck, half the people who we think may have died, really haven’t.”

When asked what data she was relying on, Yaffe replied, “I don’t know. I don’t know why I bring all these papers to press conferences. I never look at them, and only say what they tell me to.”

“Yeah, yeah, me too.” confirmed former Chief Medical Officer David Williams.

The staff who run the Twitter account for Toronto Public Health blamed each other for the admission that if a person dies with Covid-19, it is considered to be the BECAUSE OF Covid-19

Patrick Brown, the former Mayor of Brampton, had been detained while playing hockey in an otherwise abandoned arena. He had been indignant and yelled “I’m a conservative”. Similar comments were made by former Toronto Mayor, John Tory, arrested at a Blue Jays game.

Brian Pallister was finally removed as Premier of Manitoba. He had ordered G4S to act as security for the building, and was often heard shouting, “You’re an idiot. We’re all in this together”.

Former Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, had been asked about the 90% false positives he discussed on Danielle Smith’s talk show. Kenney reiterated that he was not an expert, and relied on experts to tell him what to do.

Kenney had also openly discussed how harmful and destructive lockdowns were — right before imposing a more harsh lockdown.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi hasn’t been seen in almost 4 months. Riots broke out in the City after police tasered a 7 year old boy for playing hockey without a mask.

Bonnie Henry, the former Provincial Health Officer of BC, is being tried in that Province on similar charges to those in Ontario. Rumours spread that she had suffered depression in custody, but cheered up when she started talking about vaccinating everyone. Her lawyer defended her actions stating that while there was no science behind what she does, it was a consistent and rational approach.

These trials are expected to last several months. While no one wanted the case initially, a few lawyers stepped forward when it became known that convictions for crimes against humanity could lead to some deportations.

A civil lawsuit had been filed in Toronto 10 months ago, though it’s unclear if everyone had been served. The Statement of Claim was missing most service addresses, and no one has responded.

It’s now up to the Judges to see if “we’re all in this together” is a valid and legitimate defense to the destruction that has been brought on Canadians.