Unpopular Viewpoint: People Like Gill Are The Reason Anti-SLAPP Laws Are Necessary In Society

As many have now heard, Elon Musk is offering to pay for Kulvinder Gill’s outstanding legal bills. In a recent tweet, the reasoning was explained. However, from reading the message, is becomes clear that Musk doesn’t really know anything about the case.

The most obvious point is that Gill isn’t out $300,000 because the Government went after her. She went after other people for expressing different views online. Her $12.75 million case was thrown out under Ontario’s anti-SLAPP laws (Section 137.1 of the Courts of Justice Act). She was then hit with full indemnity (100% of costs) for a libel-chill lawsuit that she and Ashvinder Lamba initiated.

If not for anti-SLAPP laws, which are designed to screen out frivolous and abusive defamation claims, this would likely have cost several million more to fight against.

Gill is the instigator here, not the victim.

People like Gill are the reason we need anti-SLAPP laws, with full indemnity provisions.

X is proud to help defend Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill against the government-supported efforts to cancel her speech.

@dockaurG is a practicing physician in Canada, specializing in immunology and pediatrics. Because she spoke out publicly on Twitter (now X) in opposition to the Canadian and Ontario governments’ COVID lockdown efforts and vaccination mandates, she was harassed by the legacy media, censored by prior Twitter management, and subjected to investigations and disciplinary proceedings by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario that resulted in “cautions” being placed on her permanent public record.

The legal battles that ensued cost Dr. Gill her life savings, and she now owes $300,000 in a court judgment due Monday. When Elon Musk learned earlier this week about her crowdfunding campaign to pay the judgment (https://givesendgo.com/kulvinder), he pledged to help. X will now fund the rest of Dr. Gill’s campaign so that she can pay her $300,000 judgment and her legal bills.

Free speech is the bedrock of democracy and a critical defense against totalitarianism in all forms. We must do whatever we can to protect it, and at X we will always fight to protect your right to speak freely.

From the tweet, it’s apparent that Musk hasn’t read any of the 4 published Court rulings. 2 are from the Ontario Superior Court, and the other 2 from the Ontario Court of Appeal.

(1) Gill v. Maciver, 2022 ONSC 1279 – Case dismissed under anti-SLAPP laws
(2) Gill v. Maciver, 2022 ONSC 6169 – Over $1 million in costs awarded
(3) Gill v. Maciver, 2023 ONCA 776 – Security for costs from The Pointer Group
(4) Gill v. Maciver, 2024 ONCA 126 – Appeal dismissed

While many of the Defendants had insurance, several did not. Gill forced them to pay out of pocket to defend against her $12.75 million suit. At no point does Gill express any guilt or remorse over the carnage she inflicted. Instead, she tries to get pity since it didn’t work out as expected.

Imagine what would have happened if this monster had actually won.

Musk is offering to fund the money that Gill still owes, but there’s no concern apparently over the people she attempted to bankrupt. Again, she and Lamba filed this suit, forcing the others to defend themselves. He appears to know nothing about the case history, or the related matters.

The Attaran suit is particularly bad. Not only is she demanding $7 million because he called her an idiot on Twitter, but it’s still ongoing. Gill whines about facing bankruptcy, while she still tries to bankrupt someone else.

Given Musk’s willingness to fund her outstanding legal bills, it also becomes apparent he never read the Statement of Claim either. It’s pretty clear what this was about.

(Paragraph 41) – Tweet from Angus Maciver
(Paragraph 44) – More tweets from Angus Maciver
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(Paragraph 67) – Medical Post covers Macivers comments regarding Gill
(Paragraph 88) – Tweets from Andre Picard
(Paragraph 90) – Tweets from Tristan Bronca
(Paragraph 96) – Tweets from Michelle Cohen
(Paragraph 99) – Michelle Cohen and CBC news story
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(Paragraph 166) – Tweets from Tristan Bronca
(Paragraph 171) – Tweets from Terry Polevoy
(Paragraph 178) – Tweets from John Van Aerde
(Paragraph 179) – Tweets from Carly Weeks
(Paragraph 183) – The Pointer Group covers Gill spat
(Paragraph 190) – Hamilton Spectator covers Gill spat
(Paragraph 209) – Tweets from Angus Maciver

There is some ancient (from 2018) beef with Angus Maciver, and it’s not clear why it was included in this lawsuit.

Gill sued 23 different people and organizations. Lamba sued 2 of them as well. While Gill laments being hit with a million dollar cost award, she caused all kinds of headaches and stress.

And for what? Comments on Twitter.

Gill is now represented by Caza Saikaley for both the Maciver and Attaran claims. Both lawsuits were originally filed by “Mr. Bad Beyond Argument”, who abandoned her in early 2022.

Reading through the Statement of Claim, Gill and Galati have the stench of being “ambulance chasers”. In other words, it looks as if they encouraged this spat, for the purpose of suing.

If Ted Kuntz’ sworn remarks are to be taken seriously, it means that Vaccine Choice Canada coordinated, if not outright funded, the Gill/Lamba defamation case. For whatever reason, donor money was used to attempt to silence critics online. See paragraph 20 and Exhibit “C” of his Affidavit.

Put another way: VCC was a “fundraising arm” for Galati’s case.

It’s very telling that the Vaccine Choice cases from 2019 and 2020 are allowed to sit idly for years. Likewise with the Action4Canada case. These “bad beyond argument” anti-lockdown and medical autonomy cases are incoherently written, and go nowhere.

While genuine cases sit, wasting time and money, donations were poured into Gill’s defamation suit. Considering that there was never any chance of success — and hence no contingency winnings — why would any competent lawyer agree to take it on? It’s not like Gill or Lamba have a lot of money. Their lawyer had to get paid from someone, and it’s pretty obvious who.

Taking into account that Gill isn’t being completely truthful about why she owes the $300,000 in the first place, getting money from Elon Musk could be viewed as fraud. She doesn’t owe the money because she was dragged into Court. Instead, she dragged others into Court for a frivolous case — and lost.

She doesn’t owe this money for being dragged before her regulator, the CPSO. It’s because her defamation case was (predictably) thrown out.

Presumably, Musk is an intelligent investor. While he’s free to fund whatever causes he wants to, one would think that he would do serious due diligence before opening his wallet.

Would he have agreed to cover Gill’s costs if he was aware of all of the above? Perhaps, but probably not. Gill isn’t the free speech hero that she’s made out to be. She engaged in lawfare — at least twice — and has no concern for consequences, unless they impact her personally.

The so-called “Freedom Movement” needs to stop treating her so kindly.

People like this are why we need anti-SLAPP laws in the first place.

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