Free Trade/Globalization/Offshoring: Reviews

(1) Thoughts On Canada-China Trade Deal
(2) NAFTA, Lawsuits, Trilateral, Conflict Of Interest
(3) Hidden Costs That NAFTA’s Backers Ignore
(4) Bill C-79 And Negotiating The T.P.P.
(5) Why Trump Left Trans-Pacific Partnership
(6) CANZUK Erases Borders & Sovereignty
(7) CANZUK, Other Recent Trade Deals
(8) Professional Outsourcing, Wage Depression
(9) EPI Research On Social Costs Of Trade
(10) Many Desire To Expand CANZUK Zone
(11) USMCA: mass migration, globalization, social justice
(12) Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA)
(13) Leslyn Lewis Supports Paris Accord, Subsidies, Loosening IP

(Ex) Economic Imm: Remittances & Brain Drain

(Former CPC Leader, Andrew Scheer openly supports CANZUK. New CPC Leader Erin O’Toole not only supports CANZUK, but supports expanding it beyond just 4 nations: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, See 2:00 in the video of 2018 CPC policy convention. CANZUK is official CPC policy, yet they claim to “oppose” the UN Global Migration Compact. Sure….)