Podcast: Takes On What’s Happening In The World

#18: Vaccine Passport followup, August 25, 2021

#17: BC Liberals Don’t Really Oppose Vaccine Passports, August 24, 2021

#16: Talk With B.C. Public Health On Vaccine Passports, despite no emergency, August 23, 2021

#15: U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, sequencing (July 29, 2021)

#14: U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, general inquiries (July 29, 2021)

#13: A Talk With UofT Professor Colin Furness (July 9, 2021)

#12: BC Liberals have no interest in being real opposition to John Horgan (May 14, 2021)

#11: Call Centers Deliberately Conflating “Approved” And “Interim Authorization” (March, April 2021)
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Interior Health Booking

Island Health Booking

Northern Health Booking

Vancouver Health Booking

Saskatchewan Booking

Manitoba Booking

Ontario Booking

Health Canada

Public Health Agency of Canada (Their # anyway)

811 Phone Support In BC

Manitoba Health Services

#10: Carbon Tax Challenge Dismissed. Some NGOs Pushing It (March 30, 2021)

#9: “World Health Treaty” Being Seriously Discussed By Politicians (March 30, 2021)

#8: So, Where Exactly Is This Vaccine Injury Compensation Program? (March 13, 2021)

#7: Vaccines Approved By Section 30.1, Interim Order, Lack Of Testing (March 13, 2021)

#6: Rempel’s Motion and Petition, Not Really Opposing Lockdowns (March 8, 2021)

#5: Windsor Judge Denies Man Child Custody For Questioning “Pandemic” Narrative

#4: CBC Tries To Boost Trust In Increasingly Red-Pilled Public (March 7, 2021)

#3: BC Parties Collude To Abdicate Responsibility To Govern
MILOBAR: BC Liberals (October 5, 2020)

HUNTER: BC NDP (October 7, 2020)

MARTIN: BC Greens (October 15, 2020)

#2: Cathy McLeod, CPC, Are Controlled Opposition In Fake “Pandemic”
Cathy’s Response (October 30, 2020)

Cathy’s Secretary (October 23, 2020)

#1: Cathy McLeod, CPC, Have No Interest In Representing Canadians
Cathy McLeod, CPC MP (November 13, 2018)


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