Serious Proposal: Mass Filings Of Complaints To Get Public Health Officers’ Licenses Revoked

It’s past time to fight back. Here is an idea that is worth consideration: mass filings of complaints against Chief Medical Officers in various Provinces in Territories. Go after local Health Officers if they have done something. Go after Deputy Medical Officers. The complaints are free to file, and they have to responded to. It’s not optional.

1. Colleges Which License Canadian Doctors

Alberta College Of Physicians And Surgeons
Deena Hinshaw

BC College Of Physicians And Surgeons
Bonnie Henry

Manitoba College Of Physicians And Surgeons
Brent Roussin

New Brunswick College Of Nurses And Physicians
Jennifer Wylie-Russell

Newfoundland College Of Physicians And Surgeons
Janice Fitzgerald

Northwest Territories Physicians
Kami Kandola

Nova Scotia College Of Physicians And Surgeons
Robert Strang

Nunavit Physicians
Michael Patterson

Ontario College Of Physicians And Surgeons
Theresa Tam
Barbara Yaffe
David Williams

Quebec College Des Medecins
Horacio Arruda

PEI College Of Physicians And Surgeons
Heather Morrison

Saskatchewan College Of Physicians And Surgeons
Saqib Shahab

Yukon Medical Council – Physician Licensing
Brendan Hanley

2. Why Even Attempt This Action?

Given the “restrictions” that various so-called medical experts have imposed, and based on this pseudo-science, it is past time to get rid of them. By get rid of, this doesn’t just mean remove them from the position of Public Health Officer. It means ending their medical careers altogether.

What These Dictates Lead To
-Causing mass panic over a virus that in all honesty, probably hasn’t even been isolated
-Arbitrarily closing down so-called “non-essential” businesses
-Causing mass bankruptcies and foreclosures
-Causing depressions and suicides
-Closing down religious services while booze and abortion remain open
-Limiting access to preventative care
-Limiting the gathering sizes of people
-Limiting rights to peacefully assemble and protest
-Sabotaging the education of children
-Compliant media giving glowing reviews
-Putting travel restrictions in place
-Handing out tickets, threatening arrests
-Pushing masks KNOWING that they do nothing
-Demanding establishments keep customer information
-Pushing the “Great Reset” the entire time

Take your pick. The list of civil rights abuses by these so-called experts is a long one. Now, this isn’t to let politicians off the hook. They WILLINGLY abdicated their duties to govern and allow unelected bureaucrats to rule by decree.

Will any of them get lose their licenses? Who knows, but a deluge of complaints might help. At a bare minimum, it would force the various Colleges to put (in writing) what their positions are.

Health care (for the most part), is a Provincial matter, and Public Health Officers are doctors who are licensed by their Province, (and possible other ones). File complaints, and get formal investigations opened.

File Federally.
File Provincially.
File Municipally.

3. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

The rest of the series is here. Many lies, lobbying, conflicts of interest, and various globalist agendas operating behind the scenes, obscuring the “Great Reset“. The Gates Foundation finances: the WHO, the US CDC, GAVI, ID2020, John Hopkins University, Imperial College London, the Pirbright Institute, the BBC, and individual pharmaceutical companies. Also: there is little to no science behind what our officials are doing; they promote degenerate behaviour; the Australian Department of Health admits the PCR tests don’t work; the US CDC admits testing is heavily flawed; and The International Health Regulations are legally binding. See here, here, and here. The media is paid off, and our democracy is thoroughly compromised, as shown: here, here, here, and here.

4. Previous Solutions Offered

For serious suggestions offered, on many different subjects, check here. Complaining and criticizing is one thing, but real answers have to be proposed as some point. These proposals should be worth serious consideration.

2 Replies to “Serious Proposal: Mass Filings Of Complaints To Get Public Health Officers’ Licenses Revoked”

  1. Ontario Kenny and henshaw need to wake up ! No lock downs in Alberta! It s a flu that needs to take it s course! The gig is up ! Time to move on.. by the way where did influenza go ??
    No flu this year I guess ? Just COVID ! What a joke ! 10 people have died from COVID in Alberta! This needs to stop ! Sounds Like Kenny is asking the Alberta people to war ! ?

  2. Who cares if case numbers are increasing? The death rates are NOT. Are there more deaths right now from covid over flu, yes. But are those deaths ALL covid? Highly doubt.
    Plus, where is influenza is an excellent questions. Miraculously, it didn’t hit. HMMMM.

    How do we spread the information so people with common sense can respond and get on board?
    I really appreciate the info on filing a complaint. I did not think of that before.

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