CV #17(E): Airline Industry Lobbying Recently, Main Beneficiaries Of Local Border Closures

Within the last week, the freedoms of Canadians to travel within Canada have been seriously eroded. Ground travel between Ontario and Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, and within British Columbia has been stopped except for “approved” reasons. Was this done for safety, or something else altogether?

A few observations here. First, stopping ground travel makes travel by air the only realistic option for many people. Second, this makes movement of people easier to control. Third, it can be expected to generate a boost in business and revenue for airlines.

It’s possible that airlines are playing along with these increased control measures because it’s generating much needed business for them. And giving them near exclusive rights over Canadian travel insures that only approved passengers will be able to enjoy their “freedoms”.

A look through the Office of the Lobbying Commissioner’s website shows some interesting activity in recent weeks. This “could” all be a bizarre coincidence, but it doesn’t present that way.

  • March 29 – Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • March 30 – Air Transport Association Of Canada
  • March 30 – Air Transport Association Of Canada
  • March 30 – Canadian Airports Council
  • March 31 – Hamilton International Airport
  • March 31 – Hamilton International Airport
  • March 31 – Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
  • March 31 – Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • March 31- Association Of Canadian Travel Agencies
  • April 8 – Canadian Air Traffic Control Association
  • April 12 – Canadian Airports Council
  • April 13 – Canadian Airports Council

In the weeks leading up to the April 16 border closures, there were several meetings between Ottawa and groups interested in boosting the airline industry.

To address the elephant in the room, the lobbying was done Federally, but the travel restrictions were imposed Provincially. The reason is simple. Trudeau would have a hard time demanding domestic travel stop, while foreigners flood in. However, Premiers could implement the restrictions, under the pretense of trying to protect their Provinces. Is this sleazy? Yes, but this kind of collusion isn’t that farfetched.

Now, Doug Ford has set up roadblocks for people entering Ontario from Manitoba or Quebec, BY GROUND. However, this doesn’t seem to apply to airplanes, both entering from other Provinces, or coming internationally.

B.C. has gone even farther, announcing that people cannot travel between regions without a permitted excuse. However, this also seems to apply only to travel from the ground.

What is the result of this? Airlines now have an effective monopoly for the bulk of travel into, out of, and within Canada.

While this claim may seem farfetched, consider this: Ford ordered the closure of small businesses across Ontario. Many went under completely, and countless lost their livelihoods. The terms of the orders seemed arbitrary and illogical. However, when you realize that the Ford Government had been lobbied by places like Walmart — who benefitted financially, things start to make sense.

Take a look on Air Canada or Westjet. Flights are still available. And flights are also coming in daily from China, India, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

You are still welcome to fly anywhere you like, as long as you play along with the “pandemic” measures. It was always about control, and never safety. Keep in mind, people like Ford have never publicly complained about people coming into Canada at all.

As for the idea that a “conservative” Prime Minister would be any better than Trudeau, consider this recent tweet. Erin O’Toole panders to the Polish and Jewish crowd, as a reminder of standing up to German occupation during the 2nd World War. He does this unironically, even as Canada is under varying degrees of martial law. Then again, he always supported stripping freedoms away. And even as he condemns China for human rights abuses and forced sterilizations, he pushes experimental vaccines that would likely sterilize most people.

As for opposition to these human rights abuses at the local level, it seems almost non-existent. Most “opposition” politicians whine that not enough is being done.

Trudeau, Premiers, and “Opposition” is a dog-and-pony show.
Do you get it now?

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  1. Thanks for the interesting post.

    “vaccines that would likely sterilize most people” Two points: 1. The vaccines are not vaccines (“David Martin explains: The Covid 19 Vaccine Isn’t A Vaccine” / 2. While I agree that the predator/parasite class desires to reduce the population which they view as rats, the statement, “likely sterilize most people” simply needs more support. I don’t disagree. I have seen enough to lean more to that being factual than not. The controversial statement just needs good support.

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