Privacy Rights: Reviews

(1.1) Review of Internet Regulation, Digital Cooperation
(1.2) Richard Lee Support Internet Regulation
(1.3) Digital Charter Coming After Christ Church In NZ?
(1.4) Bill C-11: Digital Charter Implementation Act (“dee CIA”)
(1.5) Hate Speech Bill Will Seriously Erode Privacy
(1.6) Twitter Sued For Refusing To Remove C.P. Material
(1.7) Bill C-30: Eliminating Internet Privacy To “Protect Children”
(2.1) StatsCan Wants Bank Customer Data
(2.2) Privacy Comm. & Banks v.s. StatsCan
(3) Tracing DNA Through Blood Lines In Criminal Cases
(4) World Border Congress, Expanded Biometrics
(5) DNA Testing To Spot Fake Families
(6.1) Will Contact Trace App Be Anonymous?
(6.2) Bonnie Henry Admits No Science behind Group Size
(6.3) Statistics Canada Sending CV Kits To Canadian Residences
(6.4) Intelligence/Detention Firm G4S Hired In Manitoba For Tickets
(6.5) Capital Hill Group, The Mouthpiece Behind G4S Lobbying
(7.1) CV Hoax To Cover For “Great Reset”, Communism
(7.2) WEF, Great Reset, Loss Of Privacy, Property, Gun Rights
(7.3) World Economic Forum, Great Reset, Communist Takeover
(8) BIS, Central Banks On Implementing Digital Currency
(9.1) No Consequences For 2013 Gun Grab In High River, Alberta
(9.2) Review of Bill C-71, New Backdoor Gun Registry
(9.3) Bill C-21: Red Flag Law To Seize Guns In Canada

(A) Canada Privacy Act, 1985