Why I Believe Rocco Galati Is Controlled Opposition

Over the last 20 years or so, Rocco Galati has tried to project himself as a constitutional lawyer, fighting for the interests of Canadians, and humanity as a whole. However, looking more into it, I’ve come to believe that this image and persona are entirely artificial. I think he’s actively working against Canadians.

Since this will almost certainly result in more threats, a little disclaimer is needed. This is based on information readily available, and also, there is no intent to mislead or deceive. Given the circumstances we face, truth becomes even more important. Keep in mind, the Ontario Libel and Slander Act contains many built-in defenses for writers and publishers. Furthermore, anti-SLAPP laws prevent people from suing simply to shut another person up.

For extra information, Overdue Revolutions wrote a detailed article on July 17, 2020, outlining many of the same concerns. It is well worth a read, as is the overall “resistance” to Trudeau being controlled. One point the first article was spot on about predicted that Galati “appearing” to challenge Trudeau in the July 6 lawsuit would convince others that it was all taken care of — and that any outcome can be manufactured. However, the plan seems to be to leave it in limbo, at least for now.

Now, getting to the heart of the matter:

As a starting point, it’s a little strange that a person who claims to be censored is in the Canadian media so often. CBC has hosted Galati countless times over the years. True threats to the establishment aren’t given airtime on the national news.

It’s also curious to note that the CBC never threw Galati under the bus over that bogus July 6 lawsuit. Sure, they did a half hearted piece about how this poorly written, and rambling document was likely to be dismissed. And it would have been. However, they could have done so much more damage if they reported that it was still sitting a year later. Then again, lawyers for Trudeau, Tam, Ford, etc…. could have exposed this. It’s been covered many times on Canuck Law. Have to wonder when the “establishment” media and politicians protect the “resistance” lawyer who’s taking them to task.

1. Comments Like This Never Questioned By The Public

This video is a clip from a January 2015 interview, posted in February (see 10:45). Apparently, there are too many white men on benches, and this “white supremacist” system is appalling. The topic wasn’t relevant to the issue of banking practices in Canada, or the COMER case, but the contempt and disgust spills out anyway. In fairness, this was 6 years ago, but is there anything to indicate his views have changed at all?

Have to say, this rant comes across as pretty racist. Can you imagine if those remarks were directed at another group? Also, it was an interview, intended to be aired, not things said at a private event.

2. Representing Assets, Strange Cases

The law is a very broad field, and a lawyer will encounter many types of clients and cases in their careers. However, here are a few that might make people take notice, as they are unusual:

  • Galati represented Abdurahman Khadr in 2003, a suspected terrorist who was brought back to Canada. Khadr claimed to be a CIA informant, making his representation by Galati very odd. After all, this was a lawyer who prided himself on working against the Government.
  • Another noteworthy client was Delmart Vreeland, supposedly a Naval Intelligence Officer. He was arrested in 2000. Vreeland claimed to have information about upcoming attacks that needed to be prevented.
  • Galati challenged the appointments of 2 Justices: Marc Nadon (Supreme Court of Canada); and Robert Mainville (Quebec Court of Appeal). What motivated these, and was there was some client behind the scenes? Also, getting paid for the Nadon case must have been important, given the applications to the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, and Supreme Court of Canada.

3. Bank Of Canada, COMER Canada Infrastructure Bank

COMER, the Committee on Monetary & Economic Reform, sued the Federal Government in 2011. On paper, this seemed a noble and worthwhile goal, although there may be more than meets the eye. Overdue Revolution covers it pretty well, including the founders of the organization. Strange how the Canadian Infrastructure Bank seemed to rise from the ashes of this case. It’s an organization handing out money for construction and development, and is even less accountable than the Bank of Canada.

The other consequence of losing the Bank of Canada case means that any future challenge to the banking system will be next to impossible. Read into that what you will.

Now, Rob Carbone, of the fake “Republican Party of Canada”, claims to own the Canada Infrastructure Bank. He hangs around the protests a lot, pretending to be a wealthy businessman, larping as a billionaire, apparently with access to trillions of dollars in assets. Supposedly, Chris Saccoccia is planning to become Finance Minister one day. The entire story is nonsense.

4. Citizenship For Convicted Terrorists/Traitors

June 25, 2014, Galati and Manuel Azevedo sued the Governor General of Canada, the Attorney General of Canada, and the Immigration Minister. This was to stop Bill C-24, which would have stripped the dual nationals of their Canadian citizenship if convicted of terrorism or treason. This has nothing to do with guilt or innocence, but letting monsters enjoy rights they don’t deserve.

Curiously, Galati and Azevedo tried to use their own dual citizenships (Italian and Portuguese respectively), in order to gain private interest standing. On January 22, 2015, the Application was dismissed by the Federal Court. An appeal was filed (File #A-52-15).

It would have been nice to know who was really behind this challenge. Presumably, Galati and Azevedo are busy lawyers with a lot to do. A bewildering choice, unless there was someone behind the scenes, directing the action. Could they have picked a less deserving class of people?

After Trudeau took office in late 2015, Bill C-6 was one of the first pieces of legislation introduced. Hearings began in April 2016. The Bill passed, making the Appeal moot, and it was formally discontinued in September 2018.

One of Galati’s clients in 2006 was Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, who was (allegedly) one of the Toronto 18 suspects. The charges against him were eventually stayed. The ringleader, Zakaria Amara, was scheduled to have his Canadian citizenship stripped away following his conviction and life sentence. However, he won’t now. Just a thought, but this may be the real reason (at least in part), why Galati and Azevedo challenged Bill C-24.

True, everyone has the right to representation, even accused terrorists. That being said, this is a bizarre way for these lawyers to become household names.

5. The Boyle & Khadr Families

In 2003, Galati worked to secure the release of Abdurahman Khadr, older brother of Omar Khadr. He was being held on suspicion of terrorism. Supposedly, he “implored the public earlier this week to not judge him since he did not face any charges while in American custody for the past two years. But at the same press conference, Khadr later admitted that in the summer of 1998 he attended a notorious training camp in Afghanistan, which Osama bin Laden is rumoured to have visited.”

This is not to imply that Galati is involved in terrorism, but again, it’s certainly unusual for a tax lawyer to take this path. Of all the areas of law that are out there, why is a person drawn to terrorism cases? However, there would later be new ties to the Khadr Family revealed.

If your wife is pregnant, taking her backpacking through a warzone in Afghanistan isn’t really the best idea. But that’s what Joshua Boyle supposedly did. Allegedly, they were kidnapped in 2012 and held prisoner for 5 years. However, they had 3 children in the meantime, making their “captors” some of the nicest people imaginable. The story is farfetched, to put it very mildly.

On December 19, 2017, photographs were posted of a meeting meeting between Trudeau and the Boyles. Now, people can’t just get in to see the Prime Minister, as they would have to be cleared by the RCMP. Interesting, that Trudeau didn’t see him as a threat. Interesting, to have a Twitter account with the name BoylesVsWorld.

Boyle used to be married to Zaynab Khadr, making him the former brother-in-law of Omar Khadr. This is the convicted terrorist who attacked the American army and was captured in 2002 in Afghanistan. Khadr became a multimillionaire as a result of a lawsuit years later. Trudeau handed over $10.5 million of taxpayer money, without putting up any real resistance.

Boyle was later charged with 19 offenses, including assault, sexual assault, and forcible confinement. He was acquitted by the Judge.

As a bit of an aside, Joshua’s father, Patrick Boyle, was a connected Judge with the Federal Court, in the tax department. Galati got his start in law working with the Government as a tax lawyer. But that’s probably a coincidence.

While the above sections related to past and historical information, let’s look at something more recent: the so-called challenges to the medical martial law imposed by various Governments.

6. Controlled Opposition To Lockdowns In Canadian Courts

In December 2020, Galati filed a defamation suit against a bunch of people and a few media outlets over comments and publications involving Kulvinder Gill and Ashvinder Lamba, (file #CV-20-00652918-0000)

While touted as being a way to fight back against censorship of doctors, this does no such thing. Instead, it sues a variety of people and organizations over mean words. And suing private individuals won’t result in policy changes. Looking at the statement of claim, we can see what exactly it being sought. Quoting pages 5 and 6:

With respect to Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill:
(a) General damages as against the Defendants, as follows:
(i) As against the personal defendants, jointly ad severally, $4,000,000.00 for express libel and slander and by innuendo and irresponsible publication;
(ii) As against the print publication defendants, The Pointer, Societe Radio-Canada, and the Hamilton Spectator, $750,000. For libel and negligence;
(b) Aggravated damages as against the Defendants, jointly and severally, in the amount of $1,000,000;
(c) Punitive damages as against the Defendants, jointly, and severally, in the amount of $1,000,000;
(d) An interim and permanent injunction requiring the retraction, removal, and prominent apology for any and all defamatory publication and/or remarks by the Defendants;
(e) Prejudgement interest pursuant to s. 128 of the Courts of Justice Act R.S.O. 1990 c. C43; and
(f) Costs of this action on a substantial indemnity basis and such further or further relief as this Court deems just.

With respect to Dr. Ashvinder Kaur Lamba:
(a) General damages as against the Defendants, Dr. Angus Maciver and Dr. Nadia Alam, as follows:
(i) As against the person defendants, jointly and severally, $4,000,000.00 for express libel and slander and by innuendo and irresponsible publication.
(b) Aggravated damages as against the Defendants, jointly and severally, in the amount of $1,000,000;
(c) Punitive damages as against the Defendants, jointly, and severally, in the amount of $1,000,000;
(d) An interim and permanent injunction requiring the retraction, removal, and prominent apology for any and all defamatory publication and/or remarks by the Defendants;
(e) Prejudgement interest pursuant to s. 128 of the Courts of Justice Act R.S.O. 1990 c. C43; and
(f) Costs of this action on a substantial indemnity basis and such further or further relief as this Court deems just.

Even if this lawsuit is successful, nothing will change in the big picture. Sure, Gill and Lamba may become millionaires in the process, and apologies might have to be issued. That said, lockdown regulations and policies will not be impacted in the slightest.

To everyone donating to the Constitutional Rights Centre, you will never see a penny of this money. You’re just subsidizing private litigation.

Looking up the case online, it seems that many defendants don’t have lawyers. However, in situations like this, it’s fairly common to pool funds to have a single lawyer represent multiple people. According to the records, the next scheduled appearance is September 27, 2021.

Feel free to read the Statement of Claim, which is publicly available. The 2 Plaintiffs are seeking at least $12.75 million, over rude tweets and publications.

Just a personal take, while distasteful comments were made, these are hardly worth suing over, and don’t merit such an action. Even taking everything at face value, this is not $13 million in damages. And such a claim would probably be thrown out if a SLAPP Motion (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) were filed. And again, even if the Plaintiffs won, it would create no policy changes whatsoever.

As for the comments that Gill goes around blocking people, there is a high degree of truth to that. Besides, how can a person sue another for commenting on someone else’s blocking rates? Rempel may still be on top, but she’s facing some competition.

A source close to this mentioned that depositions took place in July. That’s interesting the case is moving ahead, considering how insignificant it really is.

A private defamation gets Galati’s attention, but these don’t. It’s been addressed repeatedly on this site how 2 claims by Vaccine Choice Canada remain in limbo. One is from October 2019 and involves mandatory vaccination of Ontario students (CV-19-00629801-0000). Another is the infamous one from July 2020, which would end all measures completely, (CV-20-00643451-0000). Supposedly, a group called Action4Canada will be filing a lawsuit in B.C., but hasn’t, even after fundraising for a year.

What litigation people pursue privately is their business. When one repeatedly asks for money to support litigation, it becomes everyone’s business.

There have been rumours circulating that there are all these Affidavits ready to drop on Trudeau and his cronies, and it’s all coming together. Thousands of pages of evidence is about to be submitted, and the Courts will fix it all. Basically, trust the plan. Don’t worry, there is a major effort behind the scenes, and everything is being taken care of.

[1] Diligently push a case that impacts nothing long term.
[2] Let potentially groundbreaking cases remain idle.

The Defendants in the July 6, 2020 case (excluding Windsor-Essex Country and their CMOH) haven’t even bothered to lawyer up. And no attempt was made to force a default judgement. A cynic may wonder if there was collusion involved, an agreement by all parties to do nothing. The Statement of Claim was written up in such a piss poor manner — and maybe that was deliberate — that it would be struck by any challenge filed. Considering that the Claim alleges serious human rights violations, it seems odd to be worth only $11 million, far less than the defamation case.

Considering that the real cases (again, publicly funded) are going nowhere, how exactly can Galati justify spending his time patrolling Twitter, dropping Section 5 threats, and then start suing nobodies?

One could argue that this is just a convoluted strategy, or that there is some grand plan. However, this looks like an effort to “appear” to be fighting against the Trudeau/Ford agenda, while ensuring that it continues. In short, this seems to be an attempt to neutralize real opposition.

Interesting side note on the Sgt. Julie Evans case: the Attorney General used Rule 2.1.01 to try to get the case dismissed. This is the Police on Guard for Thee. However, it’s meant for very obviously defective cases. If the AG was serious about this, why not use a regular Motion to Strike? Was the goal to launch a half hearted effort to make it appear to challenge the case?

7. Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy & Challenging Trudeau

While claiming to be opposed to Trudeau, and the medical martial law measures, Galati’s law firm has been receiving CEWS, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. Check the link out. Pretty hard to be against the system when the system is subsidizing your office. Although it doesn’t say the total amount, it could be substantial, given the expenses law firms can incur.

8. Selling Basic Information To Self Represented Litigants

This offer no longer appears to be available, but it was in late Fall 2020. For the low, low rate of just $90, you could purchase half filled Court forms to sue businesses and the Government. Of course, it came with the disclaimer that this didn’t mean you were represented, and that Galati and Co. were indemnified from any consequences. This meant the lawyers assumed no responsibility, no matter what ultimately happened. This is pretty much the safety that vaccine manufacturers enjoy. People would literally be sold the rope to hang themselves with, and the lawyers drafting the papers are laughing all the way to the bank.

Just a hunch, but perhaps this product was stopped because it was a liability. The Law Society of Ontario may view this as selling legal advice, regardless of whatever disclaimers were added. We see more of the same pattern with these legal challenges:

[1] Divert attention with relatively minor matters.
[2] Ensure the big cases never move ahead.

Sure, desperate people could purchase these forms if they wish, and some will buy anything. Now, where does the money from these purchases go? Where does all of the donations for the “lawsuits” go? Unfortunately, too few people ask those difficult questions. This isn’t something where you can just write a cheque and forget about.

Just like with the Gill/Lamba suit, such claims against private parties will not result in any public policy changes. Sure, some will win their cases, but it doesn’t mean the Provincial dictates suddenly become void. There will be no lasting effects outside of individual claims.

Now, had some basic informational videos (not advice) been posted instead to let Canadians know of their options, that would have been a really stand up thing to do. However, this comes across as pretty scummy.

9. Controlled Opposition To Lockdowns In Canada

It’s typically wrong to judge people by the company the keep. However, in this case it’s relevant. Beyond the Courts, the psy-op is preserved by managing and controlling the protests against these measures. Many of the people leading them come across as grifters and subversion agents, while others present as intelligence operatives. After a bit of searching, it becomes clear that it’s the same group of people running everything. Let’s take a quick look.

As addressed earlier, it seems that the anti-lockdown political efforts aren’t a real solution. People like Maxime Bernier claim to support freedom, but will never talk about the experimental nature of these “vaccines” being pushed on children. Likewise, a party that cannot put together a basic structure in 3 years should not be taken seriously. This principle also applies to the Republican Party (Carbone), New Blue Ontario (Karahalios), and Maverick/WExit (Hill), who have each had a year or more. None of them even have an internal constitution, effectively making them dictatorships. Rob Carbone, of course, supposedly is in control of the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

You also have to question the thinking of those promoting the rise of unelected people. Yes, traditional parties have failed. So let’s get rid of that, and install someone not chosen by his people, and not restricted by any constitution or governing documents. If you want to save Canada, get rid of democracy. It’s absurd, trading one set of tyrants for another.

Even so-called renegade politicians like Roman Baber and Randy Hillier will only go part way. They’ll complain that these measures are heavy handed, but never call out the medical fraud for what it is. They feed “hopium” to the masses, trying to delude others into believing a political solution is possible.

Kelly Ann Wolfe has been one of the prominent voices from the beginning. However, she has asked (or claims to have asked) the Canadian Military to intervene, and is in talks with the U.S. Armed Forces See 18:30 in the video. Strange how she can openly call for the Government to be overthrown, but is allowed to speak openly. Not a peep from anyone here. You’d think that Wolfe calling for a military dictatorship would be a cause for concern, but apparently not.

According to her own biography, Wolfe is connected to:

  • Hugs Over Masks (Sobolev)
  • Mothers Against Distancing (Saccoccia)
  • Freedom Forum Canada (Black, Jamnisek)
  • The Line Canada (Daigle)

Think these groups don’t all run in the same circles? They do. Wolfe is just one of them, and it’s pretty chilling that such a person is so intertwined in the “resistance”. Think of this as a corporate empire, where the different logos are used to camouflage the fact that the companies all have the same owners.

Considering the “Fed vibes” that Wolfe gives off, it’s fair to ask to what degree these protests are used as a way to monitor citizens. Why are these people leading the opposition? Because they’re ensuring that things go nowhere, following the wisdom of Vladimir Lenin.

Patrick King claims to have attended Bilderberg, which is interesting. He doesn’t really come across as an investigative reporter. King is a co-Founder of the WExit Party (now Maverick), which makes it clear it doesn’t actually oppose the lockdowns the Provinces push. He’s also part of the Yellow Vests.

Vladislav Sobolev used the “pandemic” as an opportunity to start up a clothing line with his company, Hugs Over Masks. Yes, global tyranny is here, but let’s make some quick money selling sweaters and T-shirts. One of the reasons protests fizzled out is that people like Sobolev were simply using them as an opportunity to make money. Now, are these grifters were just in it for profit, or was there a deliberate attempt to drive away real support?

Chris Saccoccia, a.k.a. Chris Sky, came out of nowhere to emerge as the “freedom fighter” for Canada. While he does say a lot of truthful things, his behaviour and appearance are a complete turnoff to normies. Maybe that was the point of selecting him, to make resisters seem like crazies. In fact, it would be difficult to hand pick a better choice. He also started a GoFundMe, and has a (defunct?) business. There’s also this site, Mothers Against Distancing, or MAD, which is pretty sparse. Of course, he doesn’t really need to work, since his father, Art Saccoccia, is a wealthy developer.

Sky also got himself arrested for (allegedly) threatening to kill Doug Ford. The story goes that Rob Carbone turned him in — or made it up — after their relationship soured. While this may be legitimate, it comes across as a psy-op to give the police an excuse to crack down even harder on peaceful demonstrators.

The clip came from Wolfish, and is of Lamont Daigle of The Line. From this, it comes across in a creepy way. Beyond that, this “organic” group is part of an international chain, and seems to support violence to achieve its goals. Wolfish did a great piece on organization. It’s unclear if this really is an Antifa style outfit, or is just Feds pretending to be.

It was since brought to the attention of this site that the clip is actually part of a larger interview, related to the screening of the film “Jesus Meets The Gay Man“. The clip from the above video (from Wolfish) starts at about 3:10 in the full interview. Granted, it talks about someone else in his life being a pedophile, but he appears to be sympathetic about it. The shorter clip doesn’t seem to be taking what was said in the interview out of context. Yes, it’s all on the subject of forgiveness and understanding, but rather offputting here.

Since apparently posting the entire interview may result in copyright issues, go watch the entire thing. It’s about 8 minutes long.

In any event, go read the article on The Line, and its more eyebrow raising aspects. It’s a long one, but well worth the time.

Hanging out with these people seems like a good way to end up on a watchlist, or at least get bamboozled into buying useless junk. It’s best to not get involved with them.

Odessa Orlewicz (or is it Munroe?) was an actress about 20 years ago. She was in a few films, including Freddy vs. Jason. She promotes the grifting of Action4Canada and Vaccine Choice Canada. Her husband, Norbert, went to Langara College to study theatre. He has a formal education in acting, which should set off alarms. Are these 2 even married, or is that just a cover story they use?

In fact, a lot of the people involved seem to be performers as well. Check out their IMDb page. Maxime Bernier, James Coates, Lamont Daigle, Len Faul, Galati, Artur Pawlowski, Adam Skelly and many others all have roles in the series. Is this all just some grand production? At times it seems like it. They recently discarded Chris Sky from the cast, and perhaps Patrick King will take up the role.

Seriously, had anyone heard of many of these “freedom fighters” prior to the Spring of 2020? They all know each other, and it seems to have been the case prior to these lockdowns.

A couple exceptions: Ezra has been around writing for years in a variety of publications. Carpay has been with the JCCF a long time, which has launched challenges against a variety of measures. So it was unfair to lump them in with newcomers. (correction from original)

There is more, but overall, the entire “opposition” movement seems designed to subvert real challenges, and deter Canadians from banding together for mutual interests. While it could be dismissed as a few bad apples, it appears too coordinated. This looks like an effort to pretend to oppose martial law, while ensuring it continues on. The Court aspect is important, but it’s part of a larger agenda.

Anyhow, these are some thoughts on why I believe Galati acts as a form of controlled opposition to the Government. I don’t buy the crafted persona he sells to the public. Aside from the company he keeps, how are any of the cases he takes beneficial to Canadians? How is endless fundraisers with Vaccine Choice Canada or Action4Canada productive, when they don’t result in anything? With all of the information presented, does he really have the public’s interests at heart?

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39 Replies to “Why I Believe Rocco Galati Is Controlled Opposition”

  1. You’ve made many good points, thank you! From what I’m hearing, there are a lot of people who agree with you.

    While its good to ponder the motive and intents of some of these people from time-to-time, there are better places for people to put their energies, such as in asking real questions, doing real research and being an independent thinker. Not a single one of these freedom fighters actually knows what the root problem is…they seem content to fight a symptom.

    Most of the real freedom fighters that I know, have been fighting as far back as 2000 (Monsanto, fluoridation, destruction of holistic medicine, etc.). We are use to seeing huge flames that quickly petre out, only to see another huge flame suddenly appear at the next crisis and petre out too. We don’t pay them much mind and instead continue our search for evidence and knowledge.

    1. Great comment, great article, unfortunately, this leads me to believe we lost the internet.

    2. I sure agree. I wondered why this experienced lawyer lumped everything under the sky including 5G on his lawsuit. It almost looked like he wanted to lose. Then all these above mentioned groups begun asking for money. I disagreed in their FB group and was thrown out asking about that. All they kept on doing after was giving a bad name for anyone genuinely concerned and to the real victims of the mandates.

    3. So you think fluoridation and destruction of holistic medicine is the problem? I think we must go deeper than that and find out what is the problem to all problems – I say it’s money issued by debt. Bank money. And a lot of these fronts collect money. So that tells you a lot.

  2. Indeed you know enough to know your hunch is probably correct and Bernier etc are a waste of time. Apparently Bernier was involved with the National Endowment for Democracy and Harper is now honorary chairman of International Democratic Union.

  3. I can’t see any politician actually being a well intentioned individual, I base this on the fact that any small time person could be easily squashed/smeared/silenced at the click of a button from the machine itself. It’s unfortunate that people fail to realize who actually has the power, people willingly endow people they’ve never met with authority over themselves. Paper is just that, paper. And now we are full steam ahead to a complete technocracy where guess what, more robots! More computers! more, more, MORE!! More cameras, More data harvesting, More Abominations! Humans are weak and stupid! This is the kind of thinking that really lends credence to what the peoples of yesteryear had to deal with, and now, we’re just afraid, uneducated, ignorant, nescient… The problem is that there are so many pieces to the puzzle (probably a tactic) that are so incredibly compartmentalized (corporate structure much?) that there is no catch all quick and easy way to explain to someone what’s actually going on. Couple this with a society who does not understand what proper merit is, very few people alive today have any merit worth anything. All these “innovations” are piggy-backing upon the infrastructure built in the decades prior, hooman forgot how to be hooman.

    1. I think this point is a bit off-topic, but I’ve seen a lot of life and this is my take:

      We are animals, no different than any other animal in GODs kingdom, except in one way: we are extrordinarily lazy compared to other creatures.

      Nature has a process that has worked for tens of millions of years, and the most important part of that process is the natural culling of the weak-minded and dullest from every specie. And that is what we see during the COVID and other globalist-created crises — the self-culling of the weak-minded.

      For 2000 years or more, globalists have tried to control the world, primarily by trying to cull us. They have never succeeded. I believe the reason they have never succeeded is because they cull the weak-minded before Nature has a chance to. The strongest individuals emerge sooner than otherwise to fight them off.

      It appears to me, looking at history broadly, that if globalists would simply not cull the weak-minded and the extraordinarily lazy, these individuals would propagate to the point of overwhelming the numbers of strongest individuals, thereby ending their society themselves. The globalists can just walk in and pick over what’s left.

      What we are seeing are individuals of every walk of life, including those who believe they have very, very high IQs, slowly exterminate themselves, leaving spirutally-strong individuals to fight on.

      COVID has accelerated the rate of culling, so humanity will have the chance it didn’t have previously, to finally destroy globalists. That’s because the globalists are getting the weak-minded out of the way of the strongest faster than Nature ever could.

      It is wise to take note of the weak-minded, superficial and untrustworthy, but don’t waste time on them.

  4. it seems you think THEY ARE ALL controlled opposition!! lol… you named how many in this galati article?? i actually think YOU are.

    “Seriously, had anyone heard of these “freedom fighters” prior to the Spring of 2020? They all know each other, and it seems to have been the case prior to these lockdowns.”

    NO and why would you??? most people like pat came out of this covid bs…in 2020..so WHY would we have heard from them before,…before, they were just working to get along like the rest of this!! Then felt they had to get in the fight!!

    What a stupid thing for you to say??!!

    you also say… “anti-SLAPP laws prevent people from suing simply to shut another person up”…i guess you havent been hearing about the new internet bills (C-10) the trudope gov is trying to push through??


  5. You ask whether anybody had heard of these freedom fighters before the spring of 2020. You’re right with respect to most of them, but not all of them.

    John Carpay has a long history of freedom fighting. He spent a couple of years as a spokesperson for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Then he was the Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation for a couple of years (maybe 2006-2010), and I worked with him there. John then moved on to found the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which has now operated for about 11 years. John has written dozens, or possibly hundreds of columns for newspapers such as The National Post, The Calgary Herald, and so on. He has made many TV appearances over the years. He is the real deal. I have known him personally for perhaps 13 years, and have had differences of opinion with him at times, but his sincerity in fighting for freedom is genuine, and he has devoted many years of his life to it. If you never heard of him before 2020, the fault is yours, not his.

    The same thing is true of Ezra Levant. He founded Western Standard magazine back in about 2005 or so, and it was a voice for freedom for years. It folded eventually but has now been purchased by a new owner and is once again defending liberty. Ezra’s latest venture, Rebel Media, has also been around for several years now and has consistently taken liberty-oriented positions for freedom of expression and other freedoms. Again, I know Ezra personally and worked for him at Western Standard for a while. I don’t agree with 100% of what he says, but 95% is pretty darn good. If you never heard of Ezra Levant before 2020, where the hell were you? Ezra was there, mouthing off volubly for anyone who was interested in liberty.

    I have no use for any of the other people mentioned in this piece, but you’re wrong about Carpay and Levant.

    I’m not even going to use a pseudonym for this post. I know exactly what I’m saying and I’m perfectly able to prove it. You should admit your mistakes.

    1. You are correct, they are have been around for a long time, and it was unfair to lump them in. Mistake admitted.

    2. I wondered about that myself, Ezra Levant used to have a talk show on the Sun News Network, then co founded Rebel Media with Brian Lilley, in addition to the Western Standard I believe he was an M.P for the Reform Party in the late 90s. The first time I heard of, or saw John Carpay was likely on the Sun News Network, though it’ could have been elsewhere.
      Artur Pavlowski was a street preacher in Calgary, whom made feeding the homeless as part of his mission, for which he was hounded by Calgary city bureaucrats misapplying local bylaws. More recently he was arrested and held in jail for daring to stand up against the Covid Cops. Pavlowski was also on scene in Portland, Oregon for an outdoor prayer service, at a local park, that was disrupted by local Antifa thugs (Actual controlled opposition). If this man has profited from any of this personally it’s a new one on me?
      The author of this blog set out to demonstrate that Rocco Galati was controlled opposition, then segued off into the wide blue yonder with a laundry list of anti lockdown activists, followed by the founders of start up parties, one of which was locked up by the Covid cops in Manitoba.The question I have for the author of this piece is that if all of these people are either grifters, or controlled opposition to the Chicom Virus lockdowns, to undermine opposition, what opposition has he organized?
      The rest smacks of paranoia, that somehow if one gets involved in one of these protests, which are growing in size, frequency, and not petering out, that one will end up on some watch list, even though literally anyone can show up, anonymously. If the intent was to undermine the protest movement then it has not been working. If the intent was to create a data bank of dissidents then there are more efficient means then creating false movements, it is the age of social media after all? If I didn’t know any better I would assume that the purpose of all of this, aside from the portion pertaining to Galati, is to demoralize the opposition to the Faucist medical tyranny, not suggest alternative avenues of protest.

  6. Oh, yes—there are two other individuals named in here, very briefly, who deserve a defence. They are Ontario MPPs Roman Baber and Randy Hillier. You may not understand what their strategy is, but they are sincere advocates of freedom and they have a lot on their minds these days. They are doing great work. Maybe you just haven’t figured out what their next steps will be.

  7. There’s lots to dig into here. But one article linked to has the author stating that no planes crashed into the World Trade Center. I don’t think so. Really? I know, I know, I believed in viruses a year ago and now I don’t. Still…

    Does Ronnie believe that there’s a Sars CoV 2 virus? Ronnie?

    1. No, I don’t.
      Most (if not all) of modern scientific and medical dogma is made up.

  8. Thanks Ronnie. Rockefeller medicine absolutely is medical dogma or ideology. I got my first good look at that fact when watching James Corbett’s “Rockefeller Medicine” documentary. I’m currently reading, very carefully, Dawn Lester’s and David Parker’s “What Really Makes You Ill?” What an eye-opener.

    “Rockefeller Medical Dogma” / https://app.box.com/s/584st5m7ubnr6wen10emf9nva0uzi8cy

  9. What I do not understand is why all these “constitutional” challenges. There is DEF enough evidence for someone to simply walk into the RCMP and lay criminal charges against every Federal, Provincial and Municipal leader propagating this nonsense. Has anyone even tried? I mean there is a lengthy detailed video by the inventor of RMNA vaccines stating very clearly that they knew from DAY ONE that spike proteins break off and circulate through the body. There is ample EYE WITNESS testimony that the vaccines are not only destroying peoples lives but KILLING people. Then there is the BS PCR testing. There is legal precedent because there are countries that have admitted in COURT that it is bullshit. There are tons of legal precedent being established around the globe as I write this. The Governments of Canada have committed pre-meditated MURDER and even can be charged with TERRORISM under the criminal code. SO WHY HAS NO ONE LAID CRIMINAL CHARGES!

    1. Why haven’t YOU laid charges? Anyone can. But the AG can ask to take over those prosecutions, I believe, and can get them dismissed. I believe there is a man in Ottawa who laid charges against Trudeau. Haven’t heard anything on that recently.

    2. A criminal incident report against Trudeau, Freeland, Blair, Mendicino, and Lametti has been filled with the RCMP.
      Too long to write here, but all the info is here: http://www.stand4thee.com
      We’re going to be going across Canada this May to Garner support for this. Participation from as many people as possible would be awesome! (No, we’re not making any money off it. In fact, we’re spending a lot of our own to do it.)

  10. The man is Norman Traversy of Ottawa. The day of the hearing, he was physically locked out of the courtroom. Really, the Judge locked the doors, would not let him in, and later he learned that the AG stated he didn’t have enough evidence and either withdrew the charge or stayed it for a year…if I remember correctly, the AG stayed the charge for a year.

    Apparently a lawyer is now involved and of course, everything is stuck. His site is Justice for Canada.

  11. related:

    “Trudeau Should Forget Infrastructure P3s and Support a People’s Bank” by Dru Oja Jay / https://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2016/11/17/Trudeau-Should-Support-a-Peoples-Bank/

    Note, I have lost all interest in the fakey Tyee. They’ve carried some good articles over the years. But they are not the real deal. I haven’t followed them in a long time.

    “Trudeau’s Cabinet Has Diversity, But Conservative White Men Will Keep the Purse Strings” by Dru Oja Jay / https://www.commondreams.org/views/2015/11/05/trudeaus-cabinet-has-diversity-conservative-white-men-will-keep-purse-strings

    As for Common Dreams, they banned me ages ago. A few years after banning me, I was curious whether I could sign up again. I had a new service provider, a new address and a different computer. I was able to sign up and log in and comment, and still can, but just don’t spend any time there. Most of the time CD isn’t on my radar at all. They banned me because they were tired of my rants about all the fakers whose articles they picked up. More authors mean more donations after all, something I pointed out in my blog post about that. This is the problem I have with a few other supposedly progressive sites, like Global Research and Information Clearing House.

  12. I have had this bad feeling about Mr. Galati since meeting him at a protest last year. I have kept my doubts to myself until now. It seems that some of his work is spot on while the VCC case is a mess.
    The majority of Canadians were paid to stay home and not protest the loss of our freedoms. A very select few like those at Stand Up Canada.solutions have no history or baggage. Stand Up Canada is not in it for fame or fortune as it’s a non profit corporation started solely for these trouble times.

  13. Ronnie completely lost me with her comments about the terrorist Omar Khadr attacking American troops. There wasn’t any needed qualification (from my standpoint) of that statement. Ergo. The US is the greatest terrorist organization on the planet. It has been forever, as David Swanson and the late William Blum (author of “Democracy: Deadliest Export”) make clear. How old was Omar when he ‘attacked’ Ronnie’s heroic American soldiers (who fund ME terrorists)? If I recall, he was something like 14. What choice did he have to have the father he had? None. My trust in Ronnie is gone, I’m afraid.

    “U.S. WARS AND HOSTILE ACTIONS: A LIST” by David Swanson / https://davidswanson.org/warlist/

    “Why Do They Flee?” / https://williamblum.org/aer/read/158

  14. I know ppl who are personal friends with Rocco. You are way off base

    First of all, he’s is a constitutional lawyer. I’m not sure you understand how our legal system works, as you seem to think ppl’s rights should be based on whether or not you think they’re decent people? That’s an emotional appeal at best. We are all equal under the constitution and are entitled to our constitutional rights and freedoms -period. You may not like his past clients, however, if their rights were violated, it’s his job to defend them. The payout Khadr received is Canada’s fault for mishandling the situation in the first place.

    This nonsense about his firm getting Covid assistance isn’t a conflict of interest, nor does it indicate his support for the govt. His business qualified for it. He has employees to pay, like everyone else. The benefit didn’t prevent him from doing his job in defending the rights of Canadians. The government couldn’t use that benefit as leverage against him even if they wanted to. He’s a constitutional lawyer, remember? The government wouldn’t have a bloody leg to stand on if they tried to use that as leverage. Use your common sense.

    As for the defamation of character lawsuits? It is illegal for the media to print defamatory statements about people in public, especially since these statements have negatively affected the careers and credibility of medical professionals who were acting in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath. Doesn’t matter that Rocco is getting paid to represent them. He’s doing his job, and the lawsuit is intended to prevent the establishment from continuing to subvert the narrative by defaming medical professionals who are brave enough to tell the public what they believe we ought to know.

    As for the advocates you list? Perhaps some of them have an agenda. Who knows? I happen to know some of the people involved in these grassroots movements from the outset. They’re honest people who sincerely believe in what they’re fighting for. They too wonder where Sky came from, as he did seem to descend out of nowhere and was tied to their newly emerging movement in the media, yet no one had ever seen him before. The truth is, we just don’t know. But let’s not assume everyone is “in on it”, or make that claim as a reason to defame Rocco. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

    As far as I can see, this is merely a paranoid hit piece, based largely on conjecture, by someone who is clearly misguided as to how our legal system operates. You should hope he doesn’t see this.

    1. No matter what we think, we should be pleased that someone is starting the discussion.

      Regarding your claim that there is a Constitution, and therefore such a thing as consitutional lawyers, is shear fantasy. It has been known since 1931 with the evidence put on the record in Parliament in 1945, that there never was a BNA Act, a Confederation, a Constitution or a Charter.

      Its important we all find the antidote for the kool-aid we were forced to drink from childhood, so that we can finally free ourselves. That’s why open dialogue instead of recrimination for starting important discussions is so vitally important.

      With all respect, your comment is punctuated with statements that ‘you don’t know’, which means that perhaps it is your unsupported comments that are the problem and not the information provided in the article, since it is true that these claims about lawsuits are very suspect.

  15. Lol. This is too funny. Look at the amount of time and energy this ignorant fool put in to this absolute drivel. How about you actually do investigative journalism and contact these people and talk to them. Here’s my email norbjo@pm.me.

    We would love to have you on a live episode to discuss some of your ridiculous claims. But you won’t. Because you hide your identity just like the left-wing communist trolls we deal with all the time. Hmm…. ? Maybe YOU are the paid opposition. Lol. This article discredits all of your work and shows you for the crackpot you are Canuck Law… whoever you are.

    1. This article is written by a communist troll. Who serves NO identity! Most likely trying to defame people on the behalf of Trudeau. Your a Joke!

    2. You’re attacking the person and not their arguments? You haven’t cited any arguments that you disagree with. This shows you’re simply venting. Maybe you read something you don’t like? You don’t mention anything so it just makes you look like a bloviator. Most are happy to change their mind, but not from an argument of drivel.

  16. This is NOT a ‘ paranoid hit piece’.

    This is NOT ‘ignorant fool’ .

    This is NOT ‘ridiculous claims’

    This is NOT ‘like the left-wing communist trolls …’.

    This is NOT ‘Maybe YOU are the paid opposition’ .

    This is NOT ‘crackpot you are Canuck Law’.

    YOU, Norbert,
    by using so many of the above listed, in just few sentences of yours , are experienced and considered as VERY DANGEROUS MANIPULATIVE sociopath / worse.
    (Btw, among many other, the ‘acting’ /’actors’ line-of-cautions, is exactly needed to be discussed/examined in this EXTREMELY dangerous PsyOp WWIII, with the GreatReset’s end-game of TransHumanism – see below for Government of Canada … )

    Karen Selick precisely pointed to the problems in the original version of the article and ‘Ronnie’ corrected AND admitted mistake.

    ‘graceplacewellnessblog1’ wonderfully described:
    “… No matter what we think, we should be pleased that someone is starting the discussion.
    … Its important we all find the antidote for the kool-aid we were forced to drink from childhood, so that we can finally free ourselves. That’s why open dialogue instead of recrimination for starting important discussions is so vitally important. …”
    Thank you ‘graceplacewellnessblog1’ .

    Thank you other(s), too, who posted constructively, even if not agreeing with anything what ‘Ronnie’ wrote,
    but understand urgent need as ‘graceplacewellnessblog1’ so eloquently put.

    And yes, not unlike what Steven Potter wrote above,
    a non-mainstream unusually organized closely-knitted grassroots also have had unsettling experience, given that there have been and still are so damning physical evidence (including phone recordings, insider documents, letters, witnesses, etc. ) of the CRA being dangerously out-of-control Joint Organized Criminal FASCIST Organization, harming 100,000’s of Canadians cf missing $100M’s ($$$,$$$,$$$ ….) , which if exposed in the court of law (and otherwise) will have Canadians jaws-dropping and maybe, just maybe shake/wake up Canadians earlier, and thus not make GreatReset’s PsyOp / gas-lighting/ cognitive dissonance/ normalcy bias … such smooth and easy …

  17. Government of Canada

    Policy Horizons Canada



    “… Policy Horizons reports through the Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to
    the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion.

    The Deputy Minister Steering Committee provides oversight, direction, and guidance to the organization. It is cochaired by

    *** Graham Flack ***, Deputy Minister of ESDC


    *** Philip Jennings ***, Deputy Secretary, Plans and Consultations at *** Privy Council Office ***(PCO) …”

    ( so, PCO, too . . . you know what is behind of / what PCO is / ‘means’ in Canada, don’t you ? )


    “Exploring Biodigital Convergence”

    February 11, 2020
    Kristel Van der Elst, Director General

    [n.b. after reading all / carefully / precisely , do you get the ‘pattern-recognition’ cf. 202001 – Present ? )


    “Four areas of change in sense-making”
    June 28, 2021

    ” … Partnerships with non-humans
    … growing range of digital and biological partnerships capable of …


    “Exploring Social Futures”

    March 20, 2020

    “… disruptive impact on society:
    … and new scientific knowledge and technologies could change our relationships with biology and our living environment. These are just a few of the factors that will affect our social lives in the near future.
    . . .
    conversations about what social lives we want. …

    How we relate to ourselves and others as bodies:
    What changes could emerge in the way we understand, care for, heal, *** modify *** [sic!], and treat bodies?
    How might emerging science, technology, philosophy,
    and *** Indigenous experiences *** and *** ways of being *** change our approach to *** embodiment *** [sic!], and policies towards health and *** human development *** [sic!]?

    For example, some Indigenous scholars argue that Indigenous ways of knowing,
    particularly relating to *** kinship with non-human beings *** [sic!],
    could provide a *** flexible ethical paradigm *** [sic!!!] for thinking about artificial intelligence (AI)

    [n.b. how’s your ‘flexible ethical paradigm’ so far?

    how’s your stance on (ab)using Indigenous heritage/culture to ‘justify’ / push through / impose on GreatReset’s end-game of TransHumanism & ‘BIODIGITAL Convergence’ ) ?


    “The Future of Value”

    August 9, 2021


  18. Instead of targeting people who fight for freedom, Instead you should thank all of these brave souls in 2020 that came to fight this communist tyranny. You sound like a govt agent working for scumbag trudeau.

    If you learn more on what they are doing to make things happen in fighting back against the criminals at play could, learn from it. Glad to see people fighting for canada and talk to some of these fine ppl/groups.

    Take care and wish you all the best.

    1. You must know there are many fakes out there? It’s always good to hear both sides. You show no evidence to base your disapproval on. This is a serious flaw many make when they object to something. The author provided much evidence you can’t just wipe that away by a casual lambasting.

  19. Great article… never trust Rocco Galati… his achilles heel is talking about ‘common law court’ … he made a goof of himself during my friend Sallie Elkordy’s podcast in 2020.. she was dead within weeks of the podcast… worth a listen for his character is shown and his gatekeeper status in my opinion… he is just another minion of the ‘crown’… all lawyers are.. they swear a mafia oath .. privy council .. keeper of secrets…

  20. Speaking of Pawlawski and the possibility he’s playing a role. This podcast with Dr. Tenpenny is cut out and pieced together, but Pawlawski seems to say that he moved to Canada for freedom; and in another segment, he explains how he opened a church in Canada, the Cave of Adulam; and was teaching “theology” (source of credentials?) and “history”; and somehow, it seems he ends up leading the congregation in an unusual hymn, “I am proud to be an American”, and the church-goers are in tears, and he says he really wants to be an American. Here’s the podcast: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8pGXGc84dXJz/ And here’s the song, “I want to be an American”: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=song%2c+%22I+am+an+American%22&view=detail&mid=C9398CD499CC1E2FF35AC9398CD499CC1E2FF35A&FORM=VIRE
    And Pawlawski is now leading an Alberta “independence” movement… to do what? Annex Alberta to the USA? Yes, surely. In the North American Union under the planned world government.

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