Pensions/Social Benefits: Reviews

(1.1) Review of $2B CPP “Investment” In Mumbai
(1.2) CPP Has $884.2B Unfunded Liabilities — 2016
(1.3) CPP #3: Where Is The Money Going?
(1.4) CPP #4: CPPIB Mixes Fund With PRI/ESG
(2) Social Security, 80% Payments Only, By 2034?
(3.1) UN Global Taxation/Pension Schemes
(3.2) Bankers Want Pensions Funneled Into Climate Schemes
(3.3) Bill C-12/232; Net Zero 2050, UNPRI/ESG, Low-Carbon
(4) Private Members’ Bills On Variety Of Subjects
(5) Bill C-405: Erin O’Toole Tried To Make It Easier To Hoard Company Pensions
(6.1) WEF Partnered With Banks, Investment Firms, Pension Funds
(6.2) Focus On Capital Long Term; W.E. Forum; CPPIB; OTPP
(6.3) Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan; Conflict Of Interest
(6.4) ETFO, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, 3M, Big Pharma
(6.5) CPPIB Has Stock In Big Pharma, Reset, Twitter, Google

(A) Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
(B.1) UN Using African Pensions To Finance Infrastructure Development
(B.3) OECD Leveraging African Pensions
(B.4) World Bank Leveraging African Pensions
(C) UN Joint Staff Pension Fund
(D) 2019 Congress Report, Social Security
(E) Social Security Accounting Methods
(F.1) Financing-for-SDGs-29-May Trillions Needed
(F.3) Financing for Sustainable Development 2019