CV #43: Ontario Associate Chief Medical Officer Of Health, Barbara Yaffe, Admits Test Is Completely Bogus

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

For more on the coronavirus hoax, take a dive into the rest of the series. Information that you will never hear about from the mainstream media.

2. Text Of The Quote

People really think that testing is going to solve the entire problem, and it isn’t. It’s one component of a response. If you test someone today, you only know if they’re infected today. And in fact, of you’re testing in a population that doesn’t have very much covid, you’ll get false positives, almost half the time. That is, the person doesn’t actually have covid. They have something else. They may have nothing. So, it will just complicate the picture. On the other hand, if we have evidence of a case, even a suspect case in school, all the contacts, be it a child or a teacher, would be tested.

3. Short Clip Of Confession

Admittedly, the audio isn’t great. It was taken from the clip recently posted on Twitter. Check the full press conference below for the entire video.

4. Full Press Conference

Check around 36:20 for the relevant part in the video

5. These Tests Don’t Even Work

These tests don’t work. Getting false positives half the time (or anywhere close to that), is an indication that the tests are completely flawed. Remember, a “positive” test will lead to you being isolated for at least 14 days. This is malpractice at best.

6. Ontario Lying About CV Deaths

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott admits that the they have been screwing around with the numbers. The Government has been intentionally conflating those who died from, and those who die “with” this virus. Great way to make this seem worse than it is.

CV #35: Politicians Push Vaccines Despite Overwhelming Recovery Rates

According to the BC Center for Disease Control (on July 23, 2020), a total of 2,898 out of 3,392 people have recovered from CV-19. This is a total of 85% recovery, according to their own data. 3 people are in intensive care, which is 0.1%.

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

For other articles in the coronavirus series, check here. There is an awful lot that you are not being told my the mainstream media, including the lies, lobbying, money changing hands, and one world agenda. Nothing is what it appears to be.

2. Those Pushing Mandatory Vaccine Agenda

(Bill Gates predicts no more mass gathering until vaccine developed.

(See 1:30 mark in this, or original video). Trudeau claims that “normalcy will not return without a vaccine that is widely available, and that could be a very long way off”.

(From March 30, 2020 public announcement). The Government of Alberta is stating is may very well be a year to develop a vaccine.

(At 1:00 in this video, BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry admits there is no science behind limiting the group size in BC. In fact she often admits this.)

3. Alberta Reporting, July 23, 2020

Alberta uses modelling to anticipate the number of COVID-19 cases over the coming months. This helps us make decisions and prepare hospitals to care for critical and acute patients.
These decisions include the aggressive public health measures currently helping to limit the spread of the virus.
Modelling data is intended to demonstrate expected trends, and not intended to be a predictor of day-to-day increases in hospitalization rates.

4. Saskatchewan Reporting, July 23, 2020

5. Manitoba Reporting, July 23, 2020

6. Ontario Reporting, July 23, 2020

7. Quebec Reporting, July 23, 2020

Quebec apparently doesn’t list the number of resolved cases on its site.

8. New Brunswick Reporting, July 23, 2020

9. Nova Scotia Reporting, July 23, 2020

10. Newfoundland Reporting, July 23, 2020

11. PEI Reporting, July 23, 2020

12. Data Compiled By Province

BC 2,898 3,392 85% 190 3
AB 8,506 9,975 85% 176 21
SK 838 1,072 78% 16 13
MB 319 375 86% 7 1
ON 33,963 38,210 89% 2,755 35
QC ? 58,080 ? 5,662 14
NB 165 170 97% 2 0
NS 1,003 1,067 94% 63 0
NFLD 259 264 98% 3 0
PEI 34 36 94% 0 0

Remind me again why we closed the economy.

13. Case Inflation Needs Factored In

The above listings are the official listings in various provinces. It must be pointed that there is rampant lying and inflating of the death toll of this virus. People who die “with” this virus (but not necessarily as a result of it), as being counted the same as those who die “from” it.

But even with padding the numbers, people are recovering — without any vaccine — in very high numbers. Yet our rulers repeatedly state that there will be no return to normal without this. It doesn’t withstand any level of scrutiny.

Fighting CV Planned-Emic In BC Supreme Court (CV #33)

The Statement of Claim is getting rewritten to fix some earlier errors. This isn’t being stopped, just delayed. More information to come out as it develops.

1. Statement Of Claim (Redacted)

For privacy reasons, and to prevent doxing and harassment, personal information has been removed from this version. However, it is going ahead in BC Supreme Court — the top trial court in BC. Regardless of other topics and research posted on this site, we should be able to agree that forced vaccines and masks are unhealthy for everyone. As should be obvious, a lot of the research from the site went into the claims

2. Research In Vaxx Agenda, “Planned-Emic”

For other articles on the CV scam, including extensive research into the underlying lobbying and corruption, check out the main page. It’s quite the rabbit hole to go down. All pieces are fully sourced and referenced.

3. Where Does This Go?

Hard to say, but this is definitely needed. From a more philosophical perspective, if having your rights stripped away under the guise of “safety” isn’t worth fighting against, then what is?

Specific people named:

  • Prime Minister Justine Trudeau (or his clone)
  • Health Minister Patty Hajdu
  • Public Health Officer of Canada Theresa Tam
  • BC Premier John Horgan
  • BC Health Minister Adrian Dix
  • BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry

CV #30: Plant Based Vaccine Being Developed By GSK & Medicago, And More

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

This series continues into the lies, distortions and manipulations of the coronavirus industry. In order to understand why it’s happening, it’s necessary to show the lobbying, influence peddling and money trail that is going on. This is a multi billion dollar industry, and a lot of people have a vested interest in prolonging it.

2. Important Links

CLICK HERE, for announcement of plant-based vaccine research.
CLICK HERE, for GSK’s press release on vaccine development.
Medicago’s Twitter account

WHO Proposed Vaccines & Researchers

CLICK HERE, for Ontario Lobbying Registry.
CLICK HERE, for the Federal Lobbying Registry.
CLICK HERE, for Jason Clark’s Medicago lobbying registration.
CLICK HERE, for Jason Clark’s GAVI lobbying registration.
CLICK HERE, for Jennifer Babcock’s Medicago lobbying registration.
CLICK HERE, for Jennifer Babcock’s GAVI lobbying registration.
CLICK HERE, for Chad Rogers’ GSK lobbying registration.
CLICK HERE, for Kate Moseley-Williams’ GSK registration.
CLICK HERE, for Open Secrets on GlaxoSmithKline lobbying.

CLICK HERE, for Medicago explains VLP/plant based tech.
CLICK HERE, for Philip Morris & heated tobacco products.
CLICK HERE, for WHO Vaccine Declaration Statement.

3. Piece On Big PMI Tobacco/Vaccine

An interesting article by Civilian Intelligence Network on big tobacco and its role in the development of a CV vaccine. Very detailed, go take a look. Philip Morris is involved in many surprising things.

4. Plant-Based Vaccine In The Works

(Reuters) – The world’s largest vaccine-maker GSK has put its vaccine booster technology to work in a potential new COVID-19 shot, to be developed with a Canadian biopharmaceutical company backed by tobacco company Philip Morris.

Rather than developing its own vaccine in the global race to combat the pandemic, GSK has instead focused on contributing its adjuvant technology to at least seven other global companies, including Sanofi and China’s Clover.

There are no approved vaccines for the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus, but 19 vaccines are being trialled in humans globally and some treatments, such as Gilead’s remdesivir, have been approved in certain regions.

GSK said on Tuesday the companies aimed to make their vaccine available in the first half of next year and produce about 100 million doses by the end of 2021. An early-stage human trial of three different dosage levels is expected to begin in mid-July.

Medicago, headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, is privately owned. PMI has a 33% stake, and Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma holds the remainder.

This seems to be for real, a plant-based vaccine to the alleged CV pandemic. However, there are a lot of things to consider, especially who is behind this vaccine. It’s also worth looking at the lobbying and influence peddling that goes on.

In its press release, GSK outlined the agreement and pointed out that Medicago is 2/3 owned by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma (MTPC), and 1/3 by Philip Morris International (PMI). Apparently Philip Morris — yes the cigarette company — is reconsidering its ownership stake in Medicago.

So GlaxoSmithKline and Medicago are going to develop a plant-based vaccine. Let’s take a look into them.

5. Gates Foundation A Regular Donor To GSK

Year Amount Purpose
Nov 2011 $16,956,274 HIV research
Nov 2012 $2,098,761 HIV research
Nov 2013 $2,347,273 TB/Malaria
Oct 2014 $1,281,469 Ebola vaccine
Nov 2014 $6,000,000 Adjuvanted vaccines
Nov 2014 $14,060,000 RTS,S, Malaria
Nov 2014 $1,199,441 Malaria/TB/HIV
Jan 2015 $1,291,432 Malaria/TB
Dec 2015 $10,799,189 Shigella vaccine
Oct 2016 $1,511,994 Malaria testing
Apr 2017 $687,790 Pathogen research
Aug 2017 $1,801,900 TB drugs
Nov 2017 $320,265 Malaria control
Nov 2018 $4,992,331 Shigella serotypes

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated millions to GSK, (GlaxoSmithKline), in recent years. Gates seems to be 100% behind the vaxx agenda.

The Gates Foundation Trust, which is a separate entity from the Foundation, holds millions in stocks and bonds of various pharmaceutical companies. Part 21 of this series laid out some of the vast financial ties Bill Gates has to the pharmaceutical industry.

It should also be noted that the Gates Foundation has heavily financed Imperial College London, and Neil Ferguson’s bogus computer models. It also owns virus patents, and is heavily involved in ID2020.

6. Gates/GSK Partnered In AbCellera Grant

This a bit of a side track, but worth mentioning briefly. It was covered in Part 14 of the series that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and GlaxoSmithKline, were 2 of the partners in the May 2020 grant of $175.6 from the Canadian taxpayers to the company AbCellera.

7. Crestview Lobbyists Hired By GSK

At one time GlaxoSmithKline has 2 registered lobbyists from Crestview Strategy: Chad Rogers and Kate Moseley-Williams. However, there are no filed communications reports. A bit strange to recruit but not use them. However, looking at the other GSK records, there are over 200 reports filed from other people going back to 1996.

Why care about Crestview Strategy? Because they are the same firm that GAVI (funded by Gates), was using to lobby the Trudeau Government over the last few years.

However, Kate Moseley-William did lobby the Ontario Government in 2019 on behalf of GSK. And bit of information: on June 29, 2020, 8 lobbyists from GSK met with ON officials.

8. GSK’s Heavy Lobbying In U.S.

According to Open Secrets, GlaxoSmithKline spends a few million every year lobbying in the U.S., and has anywhere from 10 to 60 lobbyists on the payroll. But that probably has no influence on its ability to get FDA approval on its products.

9. Medicago ON VLP/Plant Technology

In very broad strokes, Medicago would be using plants to generate VLP (virus-like particles) which replicate CV and can be given to people to develop immunity. Replicating a previous technique for CV is essentially the partnership that GSK and Medicago would be involved in.

10. Crestview’s Jason Clark Now With Medicago

An interesting fact: Crestview Strategy lobbyist Jason Clark, previously lobbied both the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Office of the Official Opposition. Addressed in Part 4, this was done on behalf of GAVI, whom he proudly represented. Now, Clark is registered as a lobbyist with Medicago.

11. Ex-Crestview Lobbyist Jennifer Babcock

Jennifer Babcock has been a registered lobbyist both for GAVI, and for Medicago. Incidently, she has also been a lobbyist for Merck, and for the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies.

In fact many lobbyists for the firm Crestview Strategy have had Medicago as a client. Another firm, Magnet Strategy Group, has also worked with Medicago. As the information should make clear, the goal of the lobbying is getting funding from the various Governments.

12. Medicago Co-Owner PMI, Heated Cigs

On Tuesday, the FDA authorized Philip Morris’s IQOS, an electrically heated tobacco unit, to be marketed as an MRTP (modified risk tobacco product). IQOS is the first and only electronic nicotine product to get authorization from the FDA to be marketed as an MRTP. The company claims that the product is fundamentally different from other tobacco products and also a better choice for smokers.

The FDA stated that IQOS heats tobacco and doesn’t burn it. The process significantly reduces the production of harmful chemicals. Smokers will be less exposed to harmful chemicals by switching completely to IQOS. The FDA concluded that IQOS could benefit tobacco users and non-tobacco smokers based on the current evidence.

Philip Morris International (which owns 1/3 of Medicago) just received FDA approval to sell electronically heated tobacco, which they market as a healthier choice for smokers. Rather than get people off cigarettes, a new model is pitched.

There seems to be some cognitive dissonance here. This group helping to develop a vaccine to save lives is also developing a new form of smoking to help kill people. But business is business I guess.

Interestingly, Philip Morris has suggested selling its 1/3 share of Medicago.

13. WHO Statement On Vaccine Collaboration

We are scientists, physicians, funders and manufacturers who have come together as part of an international collaboration, coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO), to help speed the availability of a vaccine against COVID-19. While a vaccine for general use takes time to develop, a vaccine may ultimately be instrumental in controlling this worldwide pandemic. In the interim, we applaud the implementation of community intervention measures that reduce spread of the virus and protect people, including vulnerable populations, and pledge to use the time gained by the widespread adoption of such measures to develop a vaccine as rapidly as possible. We will continue efforts to strengthen the unprecedented worldwide collaboration, cooperation and sharing of data already underway. We believe these efforts will help reduce inefficiencies and duplication of effort, and we will work tenaciously to increase the likelihood that one or more safe and effective vaccines will soon be made available to all.

To anyone who thinks that this is only a passing phase, it’s not. There are many players who are vested in seeing some sort of vaccine(s) come out, regardless of whether it’s needed.

14. WHO Considering Many Vaccines


For some context, it must be noted that there are many companies working to develop a vaccine using different approaches. This was from the World Health Organization in April. There aren’t any plant based vaccines listed, but perhaps the revised list will change that.

Non-Replicating Viral Vector
Adenovirus Type 5 Vector
CanSino Biological Inc./Beijing Institute of Biotechnology

DNA DNA plasmid vaccine
Electroporation device
Inovio Pharmaceuticals

LNPencapsulated mRNA

DNA with electroporation
Karolinska Institute / Cobra Biologics (OPENCORONA Project)

DNA plasmid vaccine
Osaka University/ AnGes/ Takara Bio

Takis/Applied DNA Sciences/Evvivax

Plasmid DNA, Needle-Free Delivery
Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc./EpiVax, Inc./PharmaJet, Inc.

On second thought, considering what the World Health Organization is allowing to go forward, maybe a plant based virus isn’t as bad as some other options.

15. Saini’s M-132 Ensures Canada’s Participation

It was outlined in Part 7 and Part 9 of the series how Motion M-132 was introduced in the fall of 2017. Hearings were held with lobbyists in 2018, and the findings were formally adopted in March 2019. This motion ensures Canada will be continuously funding vaccine research for Canada and the world. What convenient timing to clear legislative hurdles.

Of course the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman in late 2017 were convenient as well. We wouldn’t want any possible virus cure being readily available. Where’s the profit in that?

16. Nothing Stops This (Vaccine) Train

It’s obvious that there are many, MANY players pushing the vaccine agenda. There’s surely billions of dollars at stake for whoever comes up with a vaccine first.

Sure, people like Bill Gates are eugenicists obsessed with world depopulation. Sure, WHO modelling, predictions, and case counts are repeatedly wrong. And sure, some Western politicians like their newfound sense of absolute power. But the business interests cannot be overlooked.

This plant-based vaccine is just the tip of the iceberg.

CV #29: Exposing The Lies Of The Inflated Death Tolls

The BBC reported that the World Health Organization had changed its position on face masks due to political pressure, not science.

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

This series continues into the lies, distortions and manipulations of the coronavirus industry. In order to understand why it’s happening, it’s necessary to show the lobbying, influence peddling and money trail that is going on. This is a multi billion dollar industry, and a lot of people have a vested interest in prolonging it.

Part 1: Gates; Pirbright Institute; Virus Patents
Part 3: Gates, GAVI, ID2020, Agenda 2030, WHO, CDC
Part 4: Gates using proxies to lobby Trudeau
Part 9: M-132, pharma lobbying hearings in Canada
Part 11: Pharma lobbying in Ontario, Bill 160 stalled
Part 14: lobbying behind $176M grant to AbCellera
Part 18: Vaccine bonds industry rising up
Part 21: Pharma lobbying by Gates’ many allies
Part 24: Gates financing Imperial College London models

2. Tactic Of Inflating The Total Deaths

In most cases, if you want to convince people that a big lie is true, different tactics will be needed. For the coronavirus planned-emic, this is no different. Originally, people in the West were told this was no big deal. Then suddenly, the narrative shifted to one of an urgent pandemic.

However, the lies that governments and the media tell are being exposed. The hype, the overdramatization, and the falsified death tolls are coming out. That’s what the bulk of this article will focus on. And more and more people are seeing through this hoax.

What comes next? There has been a shift as of late to prepare “for the second wave”. Now public figures state that what we saw wasn’t too bad, and that there is still worse to come.

3. Reported Death Tolls Are Based On Lies

Despite the media’s complicity in perpetuating the coronavirus planned-emic, there are many instances of some very powerful people telling the truth. They are just getting lost in the mix, or they change their tune. Here are some of them.

Now let’s go through the evidence.

4. WHO Waffles, Asymptomatic Transmission

Both videos, here, and here, are of Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the World Health Organization’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit. First, she claims that asymptomatic transfer of this virus is extremely rare. Obvious question, where are the numbers coming from if asymptomatic transfer is so rare? This statement would indicate that the lockdown and shutdown measures are unnecessary, and should be immediately ended. That is the logical conclusion. Then she claims that an estimated 6% to 41% of the global population may be infected but not have symptoms. Supposedly they think it’s around 16%, but refused to disclose how that estimate was arrived at. So nearly half the population could be infected already.

5. Center For Disease Control Guidelines


COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death. Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc. If the decedent had other chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma that may have also contributed, these conditions can be reported in Part II. (See attached Guidance for Certifying COVID-19 Deaths)

The CDC, the Center for Disease Control, has issues new guidelines which make it easy to declare deaths to be the result of coronavirus, based on “presumption”, not any actual knowledge. Seems easy to fudge the results, especially when there is a financial incentive for doing so.

6. Deborah Birx, White House

Perhaps Anthony Fauci thinks that Deborah Birx is lying when she stated that the virus death tolls are being inflated. Apparently, simply having the virus and dying with it can be conflated as dying from it. However, on a May 2 followup interview, Birx repeatedly dodged that same question about inflation of CV deaths.

7. Anthony Fauci Lies About Masks

Anthony Fauci later claimed he only recommended against masks in order to prevent a buying spree which would have left no masks available for health care workers. Motives aside, he blatantly lied to the public. In the third video, he appears to take the mask off as soon as the cameras are off. But remember, trust the experts and official sources. True, this does not “directly” have to do with inflated number of cases. However, if Fauci is willing to perpetuate this hoax, it’s fair to assume he would go along with inflating the number of CV deaths.

8. State Of Colorado Conflating Cases

The State of Colorado was recently exposed for inflating the death toll for how it calculates CV deaths. Check out their reporting and the inflation that has been exposed.

9. Minnesota Senator, Dr. Scott Jensen

Dr. Scott Jensen, also a Minnesota State Senator, shares what he received with regarding classifying deaths are CV deaths. Involves fudging the cause of death.

10. Mobile County, Alabama Health Dept.

In Mobile County, Alabama there was at least one case (that’s been admitted to) that a death unrelated to CV was written up as a CV death. The State Health Department claims it was just a “clerical error”, and that there was no ill intent.

11. Washington State Health Dept.


As of May 18, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has reported 18,433 cases of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and 1,001 deaths in Washington state due to the virus.

However, Freedom Foundation research indicates DOH’s reported COVID-19 death total is inflated by as much as 13 percent due to state’s practice of counting every person who tests positive for COVID-19 and subsequently dies, even if the death was not caused by COVID-19.

On Friday, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment revised that state’s total deaths “due to” COVID-19 downward from 1,150 to 878 after local news reported the state was inflating its fatality count in a similar fashion.

Freedom Foundation reported that Washington State has been inflating the death toll by including people who have died while having the disease, but not actually dying from it.

12. Montana Physician Dr. Annie Bukacek

There is a talk by Montana physician Dr. Annie Bukacek on how COVID 19 death certificates are being manipulated. Actual CV deaths and “presumptive” deaths are being conflated.

13. Pennsylvania Counting “Probable” Cases

The Government of Pennsylvania claims that it is a very small number (about 2%) of total deaths which are considered probable. One has to wonder how many autopsies were actually done.

14. New York State Counting “Probable” Cases

Still, quantifying fatalities and the mortality rate remains elusive. Case in point: New York City. As the New York Times reported yesterday, Gotham’s Health Department abruptly added 3,700 victims to the COVID-19 death toll even though these decedents were not tested.

Despite the lack of coronavirus diagnoses in these cases, the inference that it was a factor in death (or, as the city insists, the proximate cause) is not irrational. The Health Department says that 3,000 more people died in the last month than would ordinarily have been expected in the City this time of year. The City has been vexed by the sparse availability of testing. By counting only people who had tested positive, it was surely undercounting COVID-19 deaths to some degree.

One has to wonder how New York got to be the so-called epicenter of this outbreak. Was it just assuming that people who died has died of this virus, without doing any testing?

15. Motorcycle Crash In Florida, COD Is CV-19

A motorcycle crash in Florida which killed someone was written up as CV-19. There was some “justification” that well, CV-19 could have led to it. There are also very vague guidelines which allow fudging the numbers.

16. Illnois Counting “With” CV As “From” CV

Also in Illinois, simply dying while having this virus is enough to be “counted” as a covid death, even if it was something else entirely that did the person in.

17. White House Press Core Knows It’s A Hoax

Reporters at the White House press briefings where masks when the press conferences are going on. But they know that the masks (and the death tolls), are all just a show to keep the public in line.

18. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister

Trudeau dodging questions about his hypocrisy in attending race-protests. Shutting down the country is necessary for public safety, but protesting woke causes doesn’t pose a serious risk. Okay, sure.

Now, it’s been addressed elsewhere that this is likely just his double, but that’s a story for another time.

19. Theresa Tam, CPHO Head, WHO Operative

Tam can’t even give a straight answer on whether the test results are accurate. Of course, it’s hard to take this “person” seriously when publicly saying that participating in race riots is not dangerous to public health. And let’s not forget about this 2010 film that Tam co-starred in.

Tam admits that the overwhelming majority of people have already recovered — without an vaccine — yet still pushes the agenda.

20. Quebec Gov’t Doesn’t Want Autopsies

The Government of Quebec decided that in cases where CV was suspected in a death, there was to be no autopsy. Instead, the cause of death was to be ruled as CV-19.

21. ON Admits 50% Are False Postives

People really think that testing is going to solve the entire problem, and it isn’t. It’s one component of a response. If you test someone today, you only know if they’re infected today. And in fact, of you’re testing in a population that doesn’t have very much covid, you’ll get false positives, almost half the time. That is, the person doesn’t actually have covid. They have something else. They may have nothing. So, it will just complicate the picture. On the other hand, if we have evidence of a case, even a suspect case in school, all the contacts, be it a child or a teacher, would be tested.

Associate Medical Health Officer of Ontario, Barbara Yaffe, admits that the CV tests are pretty useless, and can result in up to 50% false positives. It can be nothing, or it can be something else.

Of course, Doug Ford won’t give a straight answer when called out on it. He seems to try to make himself blameless by always deferring to someone else. Not that he’s the Premier or anything.

22. Ontario Government, Doug Ford

Ontario Premier Ford, and Health Minister Elliot admit there have been cases where CV was written up as the cause of death, even when that was not the case. No amount of sugar coating can hide it.

23. Admission From Toronto Public Health

Toronto Public Health has admitted to fabricating its death toll. If a person dies WITH coronavirus, it is reported that they died BECAUSE of coronavirus. These are two entirely different things.

So who is claiming that the death tolls are exaggerated, or outright made up? Here is the list again. Despite this, our freedoms are still being taken away. Take a good long look at it.

  1. The World Health Organization
  2. The White House, Deborah Birx
  3. The CDC, Center for Disease Control
  4. Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director
  5. The State of Colorado
  6. Dr. Scott Jenson, MN State Senator
  7. The Mobile County, Alabama Health Department
  8. The Washington State Department of Health
  9. Dr. Annie Bukacek, from Montana State
  10. Public Health of Pennsylvania State
  11. Health Department of New York State
  12. A motorcycle crash death in Florida was considered CV-19
  13. Illinois lists “dying with” covid as “dying of” covid
  14. White House Press Core
  15. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  16. Theresa Tam, CPHO Director
  17. The Province of Quebec on determining deaths
  18. The Ontario Government of Doug Ford
  19. Toronto Public Health, Mayor John Tory

Here are concrete examples, (among others), that coronavirus death counts are being inflated. How is this so? Because if a person does WITH this virus, it is counted as being the CAUSE OF the deaths, even when the deaths had nothing to do with the virus. In short, various governments are blatantly lying to their people in order to justify draconian measures.

How much more evidence do you need?

24.Bonnie Henry Admits There Is No Science

Watch starting around the 35:15 mark. BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry admits that there was no science behind the decision to limit gatherings to 50 people.

25. UK Test Mixes CV And Flu

26. Diversion To Mass Asymptomatic Cases

On June 9, the World Health Organization responded to considerable confusion from an earlier statement that asymptomatic transmission was very rare. They now believe (or claim to believe) that the actual 6% and 41% of the general population is infected but not showing symptoms. That said, they estimate that it is close to 16%, or 1 in 6 people globally.

So if between 468 million and 3.2 billion people are already infected, but asymptomatic, what exactly are you planning to do?

Other variations of that are coming up, but the new narrative seems to be that infection rate is far, far beyond what was originally thought. Obvious question: if up to half the planet is infected, and there are no symptoms, what exactly is the health crisis?

The World Economic Forum is now promoting the same narrative, that there are many times more infected people than originally thought. They estimate (using Chinese data), that 80% of people infected have little to know symptoms.

Obvious question: if people are infected on such a level and not dying, how will the scam keep going? That takes us to the new narrative ==> prepare for the second wave.

27. Diversion To: 2nd Wave Is Coming

A quick search will reveal hundreds of articles and videos, telling people that the second wave is coming and that we need to prepare. Incidently, the renewed pressure to get everyone wearing masks is at least partly to keep a continuous reminder that there is a pandemic.

Since Western governments aren’t slaughtering millions of people (at least for now), it’s necessary to keep people constantly aware that there is a pandemic. They have to know that their lives are in constant danger.

The lies about the death toll are being exposed. Therefore the powers that be need to shift the narrative to one where the worst is still to come.

The reality is that this quest for control is a long term plan. They have no intention of just giving up on it, regardless of what we expose.

CV #21: Pharma Lobbying In Canada Flooded With Gates’ Proxies/Allies

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

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2. Important Links

CLICK HERE, for Office of the Lobbying Commissioner.
CLICK HERE, for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

CLICK HERE, for AbCellera and the Federal Lobbying Commissioner.
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CLICK HERE, for GAVI (Gates funded), & Lobbying Commissioner.
CLICK HERE, for Gilead Sciences lobbying the Feds.
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CLICK HERE, for Sanofi/Gates partnership in 2014.

CLICK HERE, for March 25, 2020 major partnership.

3. Context For This Piece

The topic of lobbying has been addressed in earlier pieces in the series, but let’s show just how big it is. The truth is, one can’t honestly discuss the vaccine push in Canada (or elsewhere), without getting into the influence peddling behind the scenes.

This is by no means everything. This is just the tip of iceberg. Still, it’s necessary for the public to see, in order to understand what’s going on.

Bill Gates Jr., is the face behind the vaccine industry today. He is a well known proponent for population reduction. He is also the son of Bill Gates Sr., former head of Planned Parenthood.

The companies listed below are lobbying the Federal Government (and Provinces too), to push the for vaccine research. Why? In part because The Gates Foundation Trust owns stock in several of these organizations. The Gates Foundation — a separate entity, but not really — spends money on these groups as well. In short, pharma bucks help push the agenda.

And what is the result of this?

(Bill Gates predicts no more mass gathering until vaccine developed.

(See 1:30 mark in this, or original video). Trudeau claims that “normalcy will not return without a vaccine that is widely available, and that could be a very long way off”.

(From March 30, 2020 public announcement). The Government of Alberta is stating is may very well be a year to develop a vaccine.

(Ontario Premier Doug Ford pushes Vaxx agenda)

Does anyone notice that they all seem to be pushing the same talking points? It’s all about pushing a vaccine, and keeping some form of restriction or lockdown until that happens. Why are these people all talking the exact same way? It’s all about the pharma money.

Follow the money.

4. Gates Foundation Tax Returns

Link to search IRS charity tax records:

Let’s clarify here: there are actually 2 separate entities. The Foundation is the group that distributes money to various organizations and institutions. The Foundation Trust, however, is concerned primarily about asset management.

EIN: 56-2618866

EIN: 91-1663695

What does the Gates Foundation Trust Own?

Company Type Of Stock Shares Total Value
Eli Lilly Corp Bonds $952,265
Gilead Sciences Common 21,250 $1,329,188
Gilead Sciences Corp Bonds $3,297,777
Laobaixing Pharma Common 831,829 $5,719,831
Merck Common 27,200 $2,078,352
Novartis Common 70,330 $5,995,662
Pfizer Common 39,500 $1,724,175
Roche Common 37,881 $9,353,059
Sichuan Kelun Common 2,818,448 8,480,098
Sinopharm Common 394,080 $1,655,978
Tasly Pharma Common 8,114,941 $22,693,515
Teva Fin BV Corp Bonds $819,555
Teva Fin IV Corp Bonds $9,465
Teva Pharma NE Corp Bonds $1,106,435

Why does Bill Gates promote the health and well being of these companies? It could (and probably does) have to do with that fact that he is a stockholder in them. Plainly put, he is part owner of these pharmaceutical companies.

Of course, this is only a tiny portion of the total assets within the trust. There are stocks and bonds in a wide array of industries and companies.

Interesting side note: There is almost $11 million of stock in SNC Lavalin owned by the Trust, $1.25M in Goldman Sachs, and about $14M in Blackrock’s various groups.

5. Lobbying And Pharmaceutical Money

  • Ablynx (a Sanofi company)
  • Autolus
  • Denali Therapeutics
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Gilead Sciences
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Global Health Foundation (Gates Foundation)
  • Kodiak Sciences
  • Lyell
  • Merck (MSD)
  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Pfizer Inc.
  • Sanofi Pasteur
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.

It was addressed in Part 14, the AbCellera grant, how many of the firm’s partners have been involved with the Gates Foundation, and some of the lobbying behind the scenes.

In addition to those partners in the above list, consider the following, as they also have direct or indirect ties to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

  • AbCellera itself
  • Apotex Pharmaceuticals
  • Bayer
  • GAVI, the Global Vaccine Alliance
  • VIDO-InterVac

6. AbCellera Biologics

As of March 2020, AbCellera is registered with the Lobbying Commissioner’s Office. There are no communication reports — yet — but AbCellera is set up and ready to go and start lobbying. Also worth noting is that AbCellera received $289,116.00 from Western Economic Diversification Canada last year, and expects to receive more this year.

In November 2016, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave AbCellera $645,000 to help develop antibodies to treat the tuberculosis infection. So when AbCellera is getting the current grant from the Canadian Government, is it really the Gates Foundation that is getting the money?

7. Apotex Pharmaceuticals

Apotex was involved in a scandal in 2017, where it’s alleged that there was illegal lobbying in 2015 of then-Candidate Justin Trudeau. Apotex owners Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered in 2017, around the time that M-132 was introduced in the Federal Parliament. While Apotex lobbying on the Federal sphere may have stopped, it is a very different story Provincially.

Apotex has a manufacturing base in Ontario, so it’s no surprise that they would try to influence the Government there. This will be the topic of a separate article, but the Apotex owners (Honey and Barry Sherman), were murdered in 2017. This was while there was an ethics investigation for illegal lobbying, and around the time that M-132 started up. M-132 was a motion for Canada to fund pharma research and distribute cheap drugs to Canadians — AND THE WORLD.

8. Bayer

Bayer has lobbied the Ontario Government several times in the last few years. Bayer is one of the partners that the Gates Foundation announced would help with CV vaccine research.

9. GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance

This has been addressed in earlier parts of the series, but the Gates funded GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations) has been lobbying the Federal Government since 2018. There are 20 communications reports on file.

This is probably the most well known link in the chain. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped found GAVI, the Global Vaccine Alliance in 1999. There was an initial grant of $750 million, and the Gates Foundation made regular contributions to GAVI, about $4 billion in total. The foundation essentially runs the show.

The Global Vaccine Alliance, as the name suggests, is an organization devoted to pushing vaccinations on the public all across the world. Bill Gates has long been a proponent of mass vaccinations.

Just 3 weeks ago, May 4, 2020, the Gates foundation released a press report for another $50 million worth of funding going to GAVI.

10. Gilead Sciences Canada

According to records from the Lobbying Commissioner’s Office, Gilead had 42 various registrations over the years, but has only lobbied the Federal Government 10 times. Seems a bit odd.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust owns stocks and bonds in Gilead. And the Foundation has contributed to Gilead’s research in recent years.

11. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

There are 187 communications reports on file with the Office of the Lobbying Commissioner. Also noteworthy is that GlaxoSmithKline lobbies Provincially as well.

Year Company Amount
2011 GSK Biologicals $16,956,274
2012 GSK Biologicals $2,890,159
2013 GlaxoSmithKline $2,347,273
2014 GSK Biologicals $1,199,441
2014 GSK Biologicals $6,000,000
2014 GSK Biologicals $14,060,000
2014 GSK Biologicals $1,281,469
2015 GSK Biologicals $1,281,432
2016 GlaxoSmithKline $1,511,994
2016 GSK Biologicals $15,100,417
2017 GlaxoSmithKline $322,663
2017 GlaxoSmithKline $1,801,901
2017 GlaxoSmithKline $320,265

12. Merck Canada Inc.

Merck has been lobbying the Federal Government since 2001, on a variety of pharmaceutical related issues. There are 103 listed communications reports. And they are a major partner for AbCellera Biologics.

SEATTLE — The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced that Richard Henriques has been appointed chief financial officer, effective April 19, 2010. He will be based in Seattle, Washington at the foundation’s headquarters.

Henriques will join the foundation from Merck, where he has served as senior vice president of finance and corporate controller since 2006. In this position, he focused on operations, governance, strategic planning, performance measurement, and cost management within the pharmaceutical and pharmacy benefit management industries.

Interesting side note: in 2010, the Gates Foundation scooped Richard Henriques from Merck, where he was a Senior VP.

Year Company Amount
2013 Merck KGAA $1,142,794

According to the most recent tax return, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust owns over $2 million worth of common stock in Merck. Presumably they’d like it to do well.

13. Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Novartis has been lobbying the Federal Government since 2007, and is one of AbCellera’s partners. There are 13 communications reports filed with the registry.

Year Company Amount
2016 Novartis Vaxx Diag. $1,537,375
2016 Novartis Pharma $659,154
2017 Novartis Biomed $1,541,000

According to the most recently available tax return, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust owns about $6 million worth of common stock in Novartis. Novartis lobbies the Canadian Government for causes that benefit Gates.

14. Pfizer Canada

Since 2007, Pfizer, one of AbCellera’s partners, has 143 communications reports filed with the Lobbying Commissioner’s Office. It has operated under a few different corporate titles though.

Year Company Amount
2016 Pfizer $1,813,282

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust owns about $1.7 million worth of common stock in Pfizer. Pfizer lobbies the Canadian Government for pharma related issues.

15. Sanofi Pasteur Ltd.

Sanofi is yet another one of AbCellera’s partners that has long been lobbying the Federal Government. Could have contributed to why AbCellera was able to get that $175.6 million contract from Ottawa.

Press Release: Inactivated Polio Vaccines Broadly Available for the World’s Children in the Drive toward Polio Eradication
Sanofi Pasteur
February 28, 2014
Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi (EURONEXT: SAN and NYSE: SNY), announced today its further commitment to the international community’s efforts to complete polio eradication. UNICEF, the organization that procures the vaccine to meet global needs, announced it will purchase significant quantities of Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) from Sanofi Pasteur and make it available based on country needs and vaccination plans. To achieve the goal of polio eradication by 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that by end 2015, all children receive routinely at least one dose of IPV in over 120 countries that solely use Oral Polio Vaccine.
In order to support rapid and widespread adoption of IPV, Sanofi Pasteur – the world’s largest producer of IPV – and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have developed a joint price support mechanism, including a financial contribution from both organizations.

In 2014, a partnership was announced between Sanofi Pasteur and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This was to promote more widespread polio vaccines, and work out a pricing scheme.

Year Company Amount
2015 Sanofi Pasteur $1,663,388
2016 Sanofi Pasteur $722,071

16. TEVA Canada Ltd.

Since becoming a registered lobbyist, there have been 94 communications made with various officials of the Federal Government, according to records in the Registry.

Year Company Amount
2015 Teva Pharmaceuticals $11,418,031

Friendly reminder: the Gates Foundation Trust owns at least a few million dollars worth of corporate bonds in various Teva branches.

17. VIDO-InterVac, Vaccine Center

The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) is a not-for-profit International Organization established in 1997 as an initiative by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It is among the few organizations in the world dedicated to vaccines and vaccination for global health.

IVI is involved in all aspects of bringing a vaccine to reality: discover new technologies to make new vaccines or improve existing ones; develop promising vaccine candidates for licensure and World Health Organization (WHO) prequalification by transferring the technology to manufacturers and partnering with them on clinical development; deliver licensed vaccines in low-income countries by generating scientific data on the need for vaccines and the impact of vaccination for decision makers; building capacity in vaccinology in developing countries through technical assistance and training to promote self-sufficiency and sustainability in vaccines and vaccination; and building partnerships in Asia and globally for vaccines and global health.

This has long been a partner with InterVac (University of Saskatchewan). It is funded by the United Nations. However, it does get some hefty grants, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

18. World Health Organization

This was addressed in Part 0, Part 3, and Part 13. Theresa Tam (who has no real biographical information available), is both a high ranking official with the World Health Organization, and Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer.

Canada is a member of the World Health Organization, and a regular contributor. As such, it seems to dictate Canadian health policies.

19. Major Gates Partnership Announced

SEATTLE, March 25, 2020 – Today, a consortium of life sciences companies announced an important collaboration to accelerate the development, manufacture, and delivery of vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments for COVID-19. The life sciences industry brings a range of assets, resources, and expertise needed to identify effective and scalable solutions to the pandemic, which is affecting billions worldwide. The impact on health systems, economies, and livelihoods is profound, and an effective response requires an unprecedented collaboration across governments, academia, the private sector, and the philanthropic community.

“This is an encouraging start in a critical area, because if any of these compounds are shown to be effective against COVID-19, it dramatically accelerates the path to product approval and scale up,” said Suzman. “While each of the consortium’s partners will also be pursuing independent efforts with national governments and others, we are optimistic that this unprecedented collaboration will provide a platform for a fundamentally different kind of partnership to help address this global health emergency.”

Companies participating in the collaboration include Bayer, BD, bioMérieux, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eisai, Eli Lilly, Gilead, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Merck (known as MSD outside the U.S. and Canada), Merck KGaA, Novartis, Pfizer, and Sanofi.

About the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives. In developing countries, it focuses on improving people’s health and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. In the United States, it seeks to ensure that all people—especially those with the fewest resources—have access to the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life. Based in Seattle, Washington, the foundation is led by CEO Mark Suzman and Co-chair William H. Gates Sr., under the direction of Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett.

Announced in March 2020, this is a press release unveiling a major collaboration between the Gates Foundation, and a number of major pharmaceutical companies. Who’s on the list?

  • Bayer
  • BD
  • bioMérieux
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Eisai
  • Eli Lilly
  • Gilead Sciences
  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Merck
  • Novartis
  • Pfizer
  • Sanofi Pasteur

An astute person will recognize several of these names as partners from the $175.6 million AbCellera grant awarded just a month ago. From the previous sections on lobbying the Federal Government, these same parties are trying to influence government policy. It’s clear that it really is Gates’ partners who are doing a lot of the legwork.

Also, several of these names are companies that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust owns stock in, and that the Foundation (again, 2 separate entities) spends money on.

20. Other Honourable Mentions

Yes, Gates donates to the Aga Khan Foundation.

Year Company Amount
2016 Pirbright Inst. $44,598
2016 Pirbright Inst. $385,144
2016 Pirbright Inst. $525,826
2017 Pirbright Inst. $100,000
2018 Pirbright Inst. $311,878

For a walk down memory lane: Pirbright became infamous a while back when it was learned they had patented a new group of coronaviruses and were funded by Gates.

Year Company Amount
2014 Microchip Biotech $7,717,271

There are other firms whose work could conceivably be used to advance the ID2020 agenda. This is just one of them.

21. Gates Is Behind Pharma Lobbying

While it obviously isn’t exclusively the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, they do play a very prominent role in pushing the vaccine agenda across the world. It should come as no surprise, given the amount of money they have tied up in this industry.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust owns stocks and bonds in many pharmaceutical companies. The Gates Foundation (yes, the Foundation and trust are separate), gives/spends money on those same pharma businesses — and others. There’s no altruism behind it, but rather a business decision.

It also would surprise no one, given the Gates Family has long had a love of eugenics, or population reduction. So one has to wonder what else will be slipped into these vaccines, when they are finally available.

EIN: 56-2618866

EIN: 91-1663695

Take a look at the documents for yourself. The full list can be found here, just search for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Those 2 organizations will pop up.

The above sections are only a tiny piece of what is really going on. There are many, MANY companies and grants that are in the tax returns, but not listed in the article. For practical purposes, it can’t be done in a single article, or even a few. The returns run to hundreds of pages each.