Alberta Activist Collective: Selling Merchandise At PRO-Lockdown Protests

Over the last 18 months or so, protest in Canada have typically been over restrictions to civil liberties. People quite reasonably were angry over arbitrary and heavy handed crackdowns on basic freedoms. However, something new has arrived, standing that idea on its head.

There are protests in Alberta demanding that Jason Kenney, Deena Hinshaw and Tyler Shandro MAINTAIN restrictions on people’s rights. This isn’t trolling or satire. These people are quite serious, and they want your freedoms eroded on an indefinite basis.

That being said, there are things about these protests that seem off, things that the paid off media in Canada will never address. Things just aren’t quite right with these people.

There is a new group around, called the Alberta Activist Collective. It states that it’s here to support non-violent activism and engagement. Well, who could disagree with that? Of course, the Commie fist in the logo is an odd choice.

It would be nice to know if these same people showed such outrage when places like Nova Scotia banned public gatherings. Did they speak up then rights to free (peaceful) assembly were trampled on all across the country? Have they protested about the incoming vaccine passports and mandatory shots that are creeping in?

By new, it’s very new. In fact, its Twitter account was set up earlier this month. Strange that they are only now considered with the freedom to assemble and protest. They claim to be a non-profit organization, although that seems unlikely. Given their lack of any presence or infrastructure, it seems doubtful they’ve taken to filing the appropriate paperwork.

Currently, there is a Go Fund Me page active to raise money for the AAC. There is also merchandise (shirts, coffee mugs….) being sold, with the proceeds going to that Go Fund Me account.

Vladislav Sobolev, the founder of Hugs Over Masks, seemed to be shameless when he used the freedom movement to open up his own fashion line in 2020. AAC outdoes him, using calls for tyranny to sell their products. Just 2 sides of the same grifting coin.

It’s hard to tell what the AAC actually does, since their website isn’t operational. However, it promises to be ready in the next 8 or 9 days, or so. Seriously, this group claims to be a non-profit, even though its site doesn’t work, and its social media is all very new.

The merchandise lists 2 people as promoting it. One is Albert Nobbs, the head of AAC. The other is Darrin Thompson, who founded the Gamechangers Canada Online Network. The site is pretty bare, so it’s unclear that exactly it’s supposed to be doing.

It’s interesting that both men have Palestinian flags in their Twitter bios. They also promote the same Black Lives Matter and gay rights talking points. Strange how people can virtue signal about the non-existent oppression of minority groups in Canada, yet support the overall erosion of basic rights. But this is what the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, and similar institutions, have led to.

These protests included people like Muna Saleh, a “curriculum studies and Muslim motherhood researcher, social studies teacher educator.” She identifies as Palestinian, suggesting a lack of attachment to this country. She demands that the Kenney Government maintain such violations in the name of safety. Interestingly, if she were still in Palestine, she wouldn’t enjoy anywhere near the freedoms and rights that she enjoys today. Oh, the joys of multiculturalism.

These protests are anything but organic and natural. However, the media that was so quick to vilify other gatherings turns a blind eye to this. It looks like a combination of grifting, injected with other political movements. Sure, there are legitimate doctors, but their movement is already co-opted.

Of course, how much of these funds raised will end up going to the pro-Palestinian groups? The main players all seem to be on their side. Hell, if they hate freedom so much, then go home, or at least to Toronto.

Seriously, this information wasn’t difficult to find.


4 Replies to “Alberta Activist Collective: Selling Merchandise At PRO-Lockdown Protests”

  1. Sounds like something Notley and her communist supporters might like. They are spread Kenney hatred far and wide with the help of her husband and his union CUPE. They have all the teachers in an uproar over K to 9 curricular changes, so much so you’d think they really cared. They are really really pissed over the lates testing or lack there of that Kenney is implementing there all over Twitter sounding like a linch mob

  2. Well, it might not be hard to trace the funding for this ‘new’ group that is sporting the BLM logo (fist) back to Soros, as he’s been behind all this stuff for years.

    If this group is now their front line, they must be really, really desperate. The BLM has collapsed, the Antifa as well…these might just be left-overs. BLM and Antifa didn’t catch on in Canada quite like they thought they would…it was costing them a small fortune to buss them in to Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc. And several times, patriots kicked the crap out of them and the Police stood by.

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