Aberdeen Publishing Sells Out, Takes Those “Pandemic Bucks” To Push Narrative

One of the roles of an independent media is to hold the Government to account, for the things they say and do. However, that becomes harder — if not impossible — then media outlets are subsidized by those same Governments. One cannot be too critical, without wondering if those handouts will stop. As such, this causes a significant conflict of interest.

1. The Media Is Not Loyal To The Public

Truth is essential in society, but the situation in Canada is worse than people imagine. In Canada (and elsewhere), the mainstream media, periodicals, and fact-checkers are subsidized, though they deny it. Post Media controls most outlets in Canada, and many “independents” have ties to Koch/Atlas. Real investigative journalism is needed, and some pointers are provided.

2. Why People Should Care About This

If the alternate info you mention involves Bill Gates/vaccines, 5G networks, New World Order or anything like that, then, no, we are not interested.
if your alternate information comes from reputable sources, such as Health Canada, the BC Centre for Disease Control or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, then perhaps we would look at something.

Some worthwhile questions to be sure — and some have been asked and answered by various media, if my recollection is correct (I’d have to check).
I am on deadline right , but will address this once I have some time.

In several emails sent to various people at Aberdeen Publishing, this was the only person to give any kind of reply. One would have to wonder why serious “journalists” have little interest in information that contradicts the official narrative.

Considering this group just parrots the talking points of Bonnie Henry, a cynic might wonder what strings were attached to the money they received.

  • Columbia Valley Pioneer
  • Jasper Fitzhugh
  • Kamloops This Week
  • The Local Weekly
  • Merritt Herald
  • Peachland View
  • Oliver Chronicle
  • Osoyoos Times

Not one of these groups is willing to ask the hard questions about what is really going on with this “pandemic”. From the emails above, they are clearly “aware” of many of the topics. Yet, there appears to be no interest in digging into them.

3. Questions They Won’t Address

It would be worthwhile to ask why there is such a push for a vaccine when (by Health Canada’s own numbers), some 90% of people have already recovered.

It would be worthwhile to look into just how rampant lobbying is in Canada

It would be worthwhile to ask why Toronto Public Health conflates people who die “with” this virus and people who die “from” it. These are 2 separate things.

It would be worthwhile to ask why the push for masks everywhere when the World Health Organization admits there’s no evidence they work (see April 6 and June 5 guidance)

It would be worthwhile to ask why the BBC (is that mainstream) reported that mask recommendations were political

It would be worthwhile to ask why BC Transit implemented a mask policy based on “rider feedback” and having “a comfortable ride”

It would be worthwhile to ask why Ontario Deputy Medical Head Barbara Yaffe admits there is a 50% error rate in the PCR tests (see 36:20 in video)

It would be worthwhile to ask why BC Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry limited gatherings to 50 people, despite repeatedly saying that “there’s no science behind it”. See 1:00 in the video.

It would be worthwhile to ask why the BC CDC recommends things like: abortion, “glory holes”, alternative sex, porn, masturbation, and general degeneracy at a time when marriages and religious gatherings are restricted

It would be worthwhile to ask why the World Health Organization would say asymptomatic transmission is “very rare” on June 8, and then on June 9 suggest that 6% to 41% of the global population is infected

It would be worthwhile to ask why Theresa Tam also works for the World Health Organization, or why Chrystia Freeland and Mark Carney are Trustees at the World Economic Forum. Certainly major conflicts of interest are worth looking into

It would be worthwhile to ask why the World Economic Forum sees this “pandemic” as a great opportunity to exact larger social changes

It might be worthwhile to ask why Theresa Tam starred in a film about a fake outbreak

All serious questions, all from “official” sources. However, there doesn’t seem to have been any follow-up or pursuit trying to get answers.

4. Aberdeen Takes Government Handouts

Apr. 1, 2020 – Mar. 31, 2021 The Local Weekly $90,375
Apr. 1, 2020 – Mar. 31, 2021 Jasper Fitzhugh $56,301
Apr. 1, 2020 – Mar. 31, 2021 Peachland View $44,418
Apr. 1, 2020 – Mar. 31, 2021 Oliver Chronicle $16,789
Apr. 1, 2020 – Mar. 31, 2021 Oliver Chronicle $5,000
Apr. 1, 2020 – Mar. 31, 2021 Osoyoos Times $32,342
Apr. 1, 2020 – Mar. 31, 2021 Osoyoos Times $8,086
Jul. 8, 2013 Osoyoos Times $29,170
Aug. 12, 2014 Osoyoos Times $28,090
Jun. 1, 2016 Osoyoos Times $30,317
Jun. 1, 2016 Oliver Chronicle $27,857
Jul. 4, 2017 Osoyoos Times $35,242
Jul. 4, 2017 Oliver Chronicle $28,696
Apr. 1, 2018 – Mar. 31, 2019 Osoyoos Times $35,102
Apr. 1, 2019 – Mar. 31, 2020 Oliver Chronicle $16,789
Apr. 1, 2019 – Mar. 31, 2020 Osoyoos Times $32,342

It seems strange, that this company could get more in grants from this year than it could from several years COMBINED.

Guess what? When media outlets get Government grants from the Canadian Periodical Fund, it’s not secret. Anyone can dig up that information and publish it.

While some of the grants over the last year are not explicitly “covid relief”, some are. And again, one has to wonder what kind of “understanding” there was, in order to get paid.

5. Aberdeen Grants, Some Screeenshots

Wayback Machine

As shown in the previous article with Postmedia, it’s staggering just how many “independent” media companies are on the receiving end of Government handouts. It could explain why they are so willing to gaslight critics of Government policies as conspiracy nuts.

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