Trafficking, Smuggling, Child Exploitation: Reviews

(0.0) Uppity Peasants On The Moral Case For Closing Loophole In S3CA

(1) TSCE Series Intro, Other Accounts To Follow
(2.1) Suing For Right To Enter U.S. Illegally
(2.2) U.S. Customs And Border Protection: Some Recent Statistics
(3) UN Hypocrisy On Sexual Abuse
(4) Fake Refugees Gaming The System
(5.1) Various Topics In Trafficking, Smuggling, Child Exploitation
(5.2) Private Members’ Bills On Variety Of Subjects
(6) Islamic Sexual Violence, Women/Children

(7.1) Safe Third Country Agreement: Abuse Of Refugee System
(7.2) UNHCR Party To S3CA, Consults Required
(7.3) UN Blurs Line Between Smuggling & Irregular
(7.4) More Research Into Human Smuggling/Trafficking
(7.5) Illegal Immigration Often Smugg/Trafficking
(7.6) Open Borders In General, Facilitate Trafficking & Smuggling
(7.7) PR For Health Care “Refugees” Is Backdoor Amnesty Program
(7.8) Expenses And Source Countries Of People Crossing Illegally Recently
(7.9) Illegal Entries Into Canada From 2011 Through 2021
(7.10) Illegal Aliens Still Coming Into Canada In 2022
(7.11) Spike In Illegal Alien Rates At Roxham Road 2nd Quarter Of 2022
(7.12) Still Higher Rates Of Illegals Entering Canada In Q3 Of 2022
(7.13) Demographic Makeup Of Illegals Entering Canada (2017-21)
(7.14) Demographic Makeup Of Illegals Entering Canada (2017 – September 2022)
(7.15) Roxham Illegals: Approx. 80% Illegals Make Claim; About 60% Accepted
(7.16) Supreme Court To Hear S3CA Challenge; Timeline Of These Efforts

(8.1) The Groups Opening Canada’s Borders
(8.2) Amnesty International’s Zionist Roots
(8.3) CDN Council For Refugees’ Lobbying Efforts
(8.4) Bridges Not Borders, Plattsburg Cares, Solidarity Across Borders
(8.5) David Berger: CCR, Jewish Ref Act Network
(8.6) Lawfare Over The Years In Canadian Courts

(9.1) Bill C-75: Lower Sent. For Child Sex Crimes
(9.1) The NGOs Behind Bill C-75 Harming Society
(9.2) Does CDA Gov’t Support Child Trafficking?
(9.3) Hague Convention On Abducted Children Undermined Locally
(9.4) California State Senator, Scott Wiener’s Legislative Weapons
(9.5) Possible Decriminalization For Failing To Disclose HIV
(9.6) Using M-47 For LBGTQ Pandering, Deflect On Child Exploitation
(9.6.2) Parliamentary Hearings On Pornhub, Digital Fingerprinting, CSAM
(9.7) Bill C-30: Eliminating Internet Privacy To “Protect Children”
(9.8) AZ Rep Hannley Opposes Life For Pedos, Since Too Few Are Whites
(9.9) “Mr. Girl”, Max Carson, Supports Cuties, Gets YouTube Channel Back
(9.10) Ryan Imgrund Facing Disciplinary Hearing Over Conduct With Students

(10.1) Politicians Deliberately Keep Border Open
(10.2) Sanctuary Cities Circumvent Border Security
(10.3) Sanctuary Cities (Toronto) Help Conceal Smuggling/Trafficking
(10.4) Soros Financing Smuggling; Open Borders
(10.5) DNA Testing To Spot Fake Families/Refugees
(11.1) Pushing Trans Agenda On Young Children
(11.2) WHO/UNESCO Promoting Sex-Ed In Young Children
(11.3) Bill C-6: Banning Conversion Therapy For Minors
(12.1) Media Coverup Aided Epstein Child Trafficking
(12.2) Global News Pretends Pedo Networks Aren’t A Real Thing
(12.3) Twitter Sued For Refusing To Remove C.P. Material

(13.1) Planned Parenthood Chop-Shop Loses Funding
(13.2) Action Canada, Pushing For More Baby Parts
(13.3) Legal Education And Action Fund: Pro-Death Agenda
(13.4) Groups Of Parliamentarians Act In Global Abortion Effort
(13.5) Gates, Trudeau, Pushing Global Infanticide Financing
(13.6) UN/WHO Estimate 73 Million Abortions Globally Each Year

(14.1) China Harvesting Organs Of Political Prisoners
(14.2) S-240 Fails: Criminalize Going Abroad For Trafficked Organs
(14.3) Despite Human Right Abuses, Canada Still Does Business With China
(14.4) Condemning China, While Ignoring Local Human Rights Abuses
(14.5) Declaration Against Arbitrary Detention Ignores Other Abuses
(14.6) Michael Chong’s Motion To Declare a Genocide In China
(15) Blaise Vanne: White Enslavement Ignored By Antifa/BLM
(16.1) World Border Congress Meets In Morocco, March 2019
(16.2) World Border Congress — Monetizing Open Borders Industry

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