Freedom Of Information: Canuck Law, Nova Scotia

To find old requests in British Columbia, follow this:

To find old requests in Nova Scotia, follow this:

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On December 10, 2020, NSERC, the National Science and Engineering Research Council responded with “no records” to 5 questions asked in an access-to-information filing. This questions were:
[1] Proof of isolation of SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19)
[2] What is the error rate — false positives and negatives — of PCR tests?
[3] What is the error rate — false positives and negatives — of antibody tests?
[4] Have vaccine manufacturers been indemnified?
[5] Is there any national vaccine injury compensation program underway?

On October 19, 2020, the BC Ministry of Health admitted it had no idea what the error rate for PCR tests were for Covid-19. The 30% they cite was just a “commonly quoted statistic”. In other words, they have no clue.