CV #54: The BC Government Recommends Stay Home, Do Drugs & Hook Up

You might think this is a satire piece, but no, that is BC Premier John Horgan. He is endorsing Seth Rogen’s call to just stay home, watch movies, and smoke weed. Some interesting comments in the thread.

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

The rest of the series is here. See the lies, lobbying, conflicts of interest, and various globalist agendas operating behind the scenes. There is a lot more than most people realize. For examples: The Gates Foundation finances many things, including, the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, GAVI, ID2020, John Hopkins University, Imperial College London, the Pirbright Institute, and individual pharmaceutical companies.

2. Bonnie Henry’s “Good Times” Website

Hooking up?
Do it safely.

Take a pass if your partner has any COVID-19 symptoms. Use protection like condoms or dental dams to reduce transmission risks for COVID-19 and STIs.

This site recently went up, which is “Dr. Bonnie Henry’s Good Times Guide”. (See archive). It appears to be real, unless this is some very elaborate trolling. Now, this may just be poor wording, but “hooking up” implies sex with strangers, or people you don’t know well. Not exactly the sort of advice the BC Provincial Health Officer should be giving.

In fairness, Bonnie Henry “does” say not to share things that have been in your mouth. However, it’s unclear if that refers to body parts as well.

3. BC CDC And Advice On Narcotic Use

Again, this is a page that appears to be satire or trolling. However, it does in fact come from the BC Center for Disease Control, and it does give advice on “safe injecting”. (Archive here).

Interestingly, the BC CDC doesn’t seem to be offering guidance on “stopping” people from doing narcotics. Perhaps that is too much to ask.

4. BC CDC: Masks A “Personal Choice”

Masks are a personal choice, and may not even be effective, according to the BC CDC. However, that does not apply to all situations.

5. BC CDC Recommends Perversion/Degeneracy

Once more, this is not satire, but is guidance published by the BC Center for Disease Control. The advice is downright bizarre and nonsensical. This was addressed in Part 34, but worth mentioning again.

  • Masks are a choice, except for sex
  • Have “few” partners, (yes, plural)
  • Masturbation, instead of a partner
  • Pornography, or virtual sex
  • Sex toys
  • Glory holes, (sex through a wall)
  • Positions that aren’t face-to-face
  • Prostitution, (sex workers)
  • Access to abortion

Keep in mind, while access to religious services, or normal aspects of society are still limited, THIS is what the BC Government chooses to emphasize.

Several times the BC CDC refers to “multiple” partners. This implies that it is fully on board with the hookup lifestyle. And “consider keeping contact information”? That would imply that you are having sex with strangers, or are involved in prostitution (either as a hooker or a customer).

6. Bonnie Henry: No Underlying Science

This is BC Provincial Health Officer. At 1:00 in the video, she admits there is no science behind limiting the group sizes to 50 people. Seems there isn’t any science behind anything that she does.

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