Grants Still Coming For Gay Pride Parades, Even During So-Called Pandemic

We are supposedly in the middle of a “global pandemic”, but why should that get in the way of open degeneracy, funded by public money? There are supposed to be limits on public gatherings, but perhaps pride marches will be exempt. Just wear a mask, and pretty much anything else goes, it seems.(Stock photo found online) (FEDERAL)

1. Federal Grants To Pride Groups

Buddies In Bad Times Theatre Apr. 15, 2021 $11,800
Calgary Pride Planning Comm. Aug. 28, 2020 $25,600
Calgary Pride Planning Comm. Aug. 28, 2020 $102,500
Calgary Pride Planning Comm. Dec. 1, 2020 $100,000
Fernie Pride Society Sep. 5, 2020 $8,400
Fernie Pride Society Nov. 30, 2020 $57,139
Fierté Canada Pride Jun. 1, 2020 $50,000
Fierté Fredericton Pride Inc. Oct. 1, 2020 $161,604
Fierté Timmins Pride Nov. 20, 2020 $125,000
Jasper Pride Festival Society Oct. 1, 2020 $65,400
Kemptville Pride Nov. 25, 2020 $93,471
Lac La Ronge Regional Pride Comm. Jun. 26, 2021 $9,600
Moosejaw Pride Inc. Apr. 1, 2021 $11,000
Nanaimo Pride Society Apr. 1, 2021 $24,500
Niagara Senior Pride Network Nov. 23, 2020 $24,400
PEI Pride Inc. Jul. 28, 2020 $20,000
Peterborough Pride Committee Apr. 1, 2021 $5,300
Pride In Art Society Apr. 1, 2021 $63,300
Regina Pride Inc. Apr. 1, 2021 $19,400
Saskatoon Diversity Network Apr. 1, 2021 $14,700
Taber Equality Alliance Apr. 1, 2021 $5,000
Thunder Pride Association Nov. 9, 2020 $20,265
Toronto Pride Jun. 1, 2020 $25,600
Toronto Pride Jun. 1, 2020 $102,500
Toronto Pride Jun. 1, 2021 $63,500
Truro Pride Society Nov. 4, 2020 $17,204
UR Pride Centre for SGD Inc. Aug. 25, 2020 $25,000
Vancouver Pride Society Jul. 1, 2020 $25,600
Vancouver Pride Society Jul. 1, 2020 $102,500
Victoria Pride Society May 1, 2021 $18,100
Windsor Pride Community Nov. 30, 2020 $28,800
Winnipeg Gay & Lesbian Film Oct. 13, 2020 $5,000
Winnipeg Gay & Lesbian Film Oct. 13, 2020 $15,200
Winnipeg Pride Festival Apr. 1, 2021 $25,500
York Pride Fest May 1, 2021 $15,500
Yorkton Pride Apr. 1, 2021 $6,900
Yukon Queer Society Apr. 1, 2021 $19,700

Even as there are bans on people gathering, and meeting with others outside your “safety bubble”, grants for pride events keep being issued. Churches are ordered closed, but open degeneracy is allowed. Ever get the sense these people aren’t on your side?

Businesses are being shut down, and many more forced into bankruptcy. People’s livelihoods are wrecked, as they are forced onto CERB, CRB or EI. But the Government still has money for this. Nor has there been any indication that the globohomo mafia will get hit.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t include Provincial or Municipal grants. Nor does it reflect private donations. A lot of money is poured into this industry.

2. Pride Now Just Another Corporate Event

Does Calgary Pride (or any pride) look like it’s the opposition for anything? When it has the open backing of the media, corporations, and politicians who march in it, it’s just a mainstream event. Whatever happened to just moving on with your lives?

3. Will Pride Events Be Continuing This Year?

A serious question: Will Ontario’s Tyrant-In-Chief, Doug Ford, allow the pride parades and other events to go on in June? Will they get a pass, even as he threatens to detain people for simply being outside? Will the globohomo industry also feel the pain? June is just 6 weeks away.

It’s worth asking, since there has never been any logic or consistency to what is going on. Maybe the martial law will end (temporarily), so people can flash their privates publicly, and demand to be accepted into society.

BC doesn’t seem to be any better. Someone in the government actually thought this was a good idea.

3 Replies to “Grants Still Coming For Gay Pride Parades, Even During So-Called Pandemic”

  1. No surprise with the government grant money.
    Since they cancelled Toronto PRIDE summer of 2020 and did a vitural (however that works), I doubt they will have one this year. With that said, nothing would surprises me anymore, especially when it comes to degenerates and the decision makers in our society.

    As for the police pulling over vehicles – pretty much ALL the forces in the Province of Ontario put out a similar statement this morning stating they will not be participating in this, however will continue to enforce the 4-E’s –
    Engage (with the individual), Explain (why we are there), Educate (on the rules and regulations), and Enforce (as a last resort).

    Folks are thrilled to hear this and I find it frightening as NOTHING has changed other than every force has the same press release / script. I think it’s a psyop and perhaps a good way to gravitate to having military presence. If Doug Ford states the police won’t fullfil his draconia rules, then he call in the boots on the ground. According to leaked email from PMO office, this could happen by the beginning of July.

    1. Boots on the ground will bring an instant societal collapse in government/institution faith… If they ever do it, which I doubt, even down the road, it would likely be the year 2022. 22 is a very important number for the establishment, false flags happen almost every year from March 19-23. This year we had the Colorado supermarket hoax and Suez canal right after on the 23rd. Look into prior years globally for “mass shootings” or “terrorist attacks” in between March 19-23, it’s like clock work.

      This year is the preparation, next year will be extremely ugly and brutal. They are upping their false flags for automatic rifle control, the fedex Indianapolis one is the latest example of many this year. The two crisis actors got exposed hard, videos are on bitchute, one of the witness goes by different names in two different “interviews”. Automatic rifles in the hands of the populace means 0 chance of tyranny being implemented on the scale they want. Anybody who knows anything about shooting knows, as long as rifles are in the hands of citizens, tyranny cannot enter it’s extremely draconian final phase.

      2022 will be the year globally where “anti-vaxxers” will be deemed “domestic-terrorists” and rifles owners will be deemed the enemy of the state… The hoax gets really dark next year, no doubt about it. Unfortunately for the eugenics, that’s where it all collapses for them. I believe 2023 and beyond will be extremely great for countries who evict the puppets controlled by the establishment.

      No more germ theory, no more marxism in academia, Austrian instead of keynes economics, ethanol instead of oil for transport, graphene, curing 90%+ of cancers without chemo. No more pills and prescription, heal majority of illnesses with intermittent fasting. Daily gummies of Vitamin B-C-D prescribed to the population. The future is extremely optimistic, we just need to achieve some form of economic power before political power can be achieved.

      Our entire country has to be rebuilt, the entire system… So many companies need to be created to replace the ones controlled by the eugenics. Those things cannot be done under the current political atmosphere, who will block any attempts of replacement with regulations and favoritism towards establishment owned companies.

  2. That’s quit the prediction there Lin but I believe you missed one very important thing, China. I think they are going to have a say in the outcome of any of those predictions. Like it or not.

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