Climate Change Scam: Reviews

(A) Carbon Tax Guide For Policymakers

(1) Overview, Major Lies Of The Climate Change Scam
(2.1) Review Of Paris Accord, Taxation Agenda
(2.2) Leslyn Lewis Supports Paris Accord, Subsidies, Loosening IP
(3) Bill C-97; Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing
(4) Sask Court Of Appeals Rules 3-2 Carbon Tax Legal
(5.1) Controlled Opposition “Conservatives” To Carbon Tax
(5.2) Conservatives Only Pretend To Oppose Climate, Banking Scams
(6.1) Controlled Opposition Head To Supreme Court
(6.2) Supreme Court Carbon Tax Challenge Designed To Fail
(7.1) Climate Bonds Potentially $100 Trillion Industry
(7.2) NGOs Meddling In Court Cases For Financial Reasons
(8) Joel Wood; Climate Pricing Options For The Hoax
(9.1) Mark Carney, UN Climate Finance, Will Shut Firms Down
(9.2) Elizabeth May Tied To Various Globalist Eco-Groups
(9.3) Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault’s Ties To Eco Groups
(10) Goldman Sachs, Obama, Clinton, Chicago Climate Exchange
(11) CV; Bill Gates; Depopulation; Pirbright
(12.1) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And The Green New Deal
(12.2) Green Climate Fund; Global Green New Deal; Disclosures
(12.3) Green New Deal Group: Exploiting 2008 Bank Collapse
(13) UN’s 2012 New Development Financing, Methods For Cash
(14.1) New Development Fund: Bait-And-Switch
(14.2) Usury Involving Loans, Debt-For-Nature Swaps
(15.1) Various UN Global Taxation Schemes, Pension Funds
(15.2) Bill C-12/232; Net Zero 2050, UNPRI/ESG, Low-Carbon
(16) Shiva Ayyadurai Completely Debunks Hoax
(17) BC Arsons Blamed On Climate Change
(18) CV Hoax To Push Global Reset & Climate Scam
(19) Deceit At The Heart Of Climate Change Industry
(20) Bank For International Settlements Immunity Act, Climate Hoax
(21.1) Network Of Central Banks For Greening The Financial System
(21.2) Bank For International Settlements Pushing Green Bonds
(21.3) Green Horizon Summit, Bankers Make Pledges
(21.4) Climate Change Agenda Run By International Bankers
(21.5) World Economic Forum, Great Reset, Communist Takeover
(21.6) NGFS; Sustainable Banking Network; Climate Disclosures; IFC GBA
(22) Europe EA Relies On UNIPCC For Climate Change Data

Leslyn Lewis PhD Dissertation, Paris Accord

(Joel Wood — Fraser Institute, pushing various “Carbon pricing” options)