Updated Vaccine Product Inserts STILL Show Lack Of Critical Testing: Pregnancy; New Mothers; Children

The interim authorized (not approved) so-called “vaccines” in Canada have had some updates to their product inserts. However, the same concerns remain. Even though new side effects are being listed, the emergency authorization still allows these to be distributed.


Testing Product Insert AstraZeneca Interim Authorization
Testing Product Insert Janssen Interim Authorization
Testing Product Insert Moderna Interim Authorization
Testing Product Insert Pfizer Interim Authorization

And it’s also worth a reminder that the manufacturers are indemnified against lawsuits. Therefore, if this screws up or kills people, the creators are off the hook complete.

1. AstraZeneca

2. Johnson & Johnson

3. Moderna

4. Pfizer

But don’t worry, these vaccines are safe and effective. The proper one for you, is the first one you are offered…. lab-rat.

One Reply to “Updated Vaccine Product Inserts STILL Show Lack Of Critical Testing: Pregnancy; New Mothers; Children”

  1. “Horizon Health Network has issued a call for people who can fill administrative and clinical positions in COVID-19 vaccination clinics, assessment centres, and school clinics in the Moncton, Saint John, and Fredericton health zones.

    The network says the most urgent need is for Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Medical Lab Assistants, and bilingual administrative staff.

    “We all have a role to play in the fight against COVID-19,” reads the public service announcement. “If you are available to provide on-site support at a COVID-19 vaccination clinic or assessment centre in these areas, we want to hear from you.”

    Applicants can send in resumes by email to careers@HorizonNB.ca or apply online at http://www.interceptum.com/s/en/PandemicSupport.”

    Who is interceptum.com???? Staffing the coviet regime for the frauds in N.B.

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