Bonnie Henry Lies Again: None Of These Vaccines Are “Approved” In Canada, AZ Isn’t Safe

What a lovely talk, if you turn off your brain. AstraZeneca is being pulled off the shelf in many countries because of the side effects, but it’s safe to use in Canada. The “approved” label sounds great, if you aren’t aware of the terminology.

(a) Approved: Health Canada has fully reviewed all the testing, and steps have been done, with the final determination that it can be used for the general population
(b) Interim Authorization: deemed to be “worth the risk” under the circumstances, doesn’t have to be fully tested. Allowed under Section 30.1 of the Canada Food & Drug Act. Commonly referred to as an emergency use authorization.

Now, looking at the front of the product information: are these approved, or are they given interim authorization under an emergency order? The 2 are quite different.

The push to have these experimental vaccines thrust on the public can be very easily explained. Just look at who politicians have been talking with. These are hardly the only examples.

Of course, this could be a rounabout way of admitting they aren’t safe. While “approved” vaccines may be safe, these are approved, and as such, aren’t included in the statements. And this lovely fellow is John Bell, the Head of AstraZeneca. He assures us that these are safe and effective.

So, why are these substances still being injected? It could have something to do with the rampant lobbying going on. Just putting the idea out there.

(3) WHO Paper On MANDATORY Vaccination April 13, 2021 (Copy)

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  1. Now that our BC state of emergency was cancelled, are they still “authorized” to administer these vaccines? Or is their emergency use authorization irrelevant to the individual states of emergency with each province?

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