Handlers For LPC, Ford, Kenney Push (And Fail) To Continue Faulty Rapid Test Device

A story that went largely unnoticed is the announcement that Spartan Bioscience was seeking protection from its creditors. The reason is that its product, a rapid testing machine that uses PCR technology …. didn’t actually work.

While this part was reported by CBC, the larger part of the story wasn’t. And that involves the behind-the-scenes efforts to keep these kits on the market.

Of course, this shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. The BC Centre for Disease Control admitted in April 2020 that the testing method couldn’t actually determine if a person was infected. Doug Ford has known since July 2020, if not sooner, that there can be 50% false positives. Jason Kenney seemed uninterested in a possible 90% false positives. See the videos at the end.

This comes in spite of extensive lobbying efforts to persuade the Federal Government, and the Ontario and Alberta Governments to continue using them.

With all that in mind, is it any wonder that a company promising rapid testing would have problems, if the underlying technology itself was faulty?

An Ottawa-based company that developed a rapid COVID-19 testing device says it has filed for creditor protection after finding an undisclosed problem with the technology.

Spartan Bioscience’s interim CEO Jennifer Ross-Carriere said through a spokesperson Tuesday that the company has paused shipments of its COVID-19 testing cube while it works to resolve the “recently-identified issue.”

Spartan’s device, which the company says is about the size of a coffee mug, has been described as a potential game-changer by health officials, with the company claiming it could deliver on-location results in less than an hour using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to get results.

The device was authorized for use by Health Canada on Jan. 22. Spartan said Health Canada’s authorization remains in place while it works with the federal agency to resolve the issue.

Now, just because a product doesn’t work, or doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, doesn’t always mean all is lost. Just send in the lobbyists and everything should be okay.

Also, Health Canada hasn’t seen fit to pull its authorization yet. Not sure exactly what it would take for that to happen.

The Federal Government, as well as the Governments of Ontario and Alberta have been lobbied by Wellington Advocacy on behalf of Spartan Bioscience. So, what do these people have do offer?

In short, connections. Lobbying has little to do with making a convincing argument. Instead, it’s about paid hustlers trying to cozy up with their former political cronies. It’s unethical, but unfortunately, legal.

Rachel Curran spent years in Harper’s Government, then moved on to other things. Interestingly, she now works with Facebook Canada. Current CPC Leader, Erin O’Toole, used to be a lobbyist for Facebook.

After managing Stephen Harper, Duncan has switched over to Provincial politics, and is a handler for Doug Ford. His profile is one of the revolving door of politics and lobbying.

Heelis has been addressed before. She has also been lobbying on behalf of Shoppers Drug Mart. Previously, she was a handler for the Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care.

Koolsbergen worked in the Harper Government, then was very involved in Kenney elected in Alberta. According to that lobby, he’s been pushing for Spartan with the Government.

Rinneard is yet another handler for Doug Ford, telling him what to think, and what to say. Doesn’t seem to have helped though.

Looking through the profiles of Wellington Advocacy, many of them are handlers and mouthpieces both for the Conservative Party of Canada, and more recently, for Jason Kenney. There are also a few who peddle influence with the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, and the B.C. Liberals.

Even after a person leaves politics, they still have the connections, which is why companies hire them. Again, this is legal, as long as it’s documented.

Do these politicians know that there are serious testing problems with the PCR technology? Yes they do. It has been made very clear to them. Nonetheless, the continue on pushing ahead with this fake pandemic.

The story from CBC is at least partially good news, as a defective product has been removed from the market. This comes in spite of the lobbying efforts, which CBC DIDN’T address. However, more needs to be done to address this scam.

People like Kenney and Ford are not leading. They are simply playing the part of leaders, and interested parties are pulling their strings. We need better people in charge.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear what the deal is with dime store manitoba marlboro man Brian Pallister. What lies behind his spectacular Corona bodice ripper performances in front of the cameras? He’s really given himself heart mind and soul to the Gods of Corona and they are obliging by testing his limits which he can’t seem to locate. THANK YOU for breaking down these slimy weasels and their legions of boot licking bog haunting money grubbing mules. As our once mostly free country teeters on the brink of collapse, no one else it seems, can be bothered.

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