CV #47: Media Manipulation, Free Speech And The “Pandemic” Hoax

Remember when this was only supposed to be 2 weeks? Remember when it was just about “flattening the curve”? Well, prepare to have the next 2 to 3 years of your life set on hold. That is, until the goal posts move again.

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

For other articles in the coronavirus series, check here. There is an awful lot that you are not being told my the mainstream media, including the lies, lobbying, money changing hands, and one world agenda. Nothing is what it appears to be. Also, check out related topics, such as the media, and free speech.

2. Context For This Piece

The media in Canada (and elsewhere) report on this fake pandemic almost non-stop. However, there are many important topics and details that aren’t reported, or are just done so in a very superficial way. Some independent outlets do, but they are few are far between. Outlets that receive subsidies are unlikely to bite the hand that feeds them.

By mainstream, of course this refers to outlets like CBC, CTV and Global News. However, the Post Media empire (which comprises dozens of newspapers), and the Koch/Atlas “independents” are little, if any, better.

In order to understand what is really going on, we need to talk about the important things that aren’t being addressed.

3. Collusion Of Social Media Outlets

It’s not some conspiracy theory that social media outlets like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube were colluding to limit information that contradicts the public narrative. Furthermore, they limit access to anti-vaccine information on their platforms. In fact, they are quite open about doing it. They rationalize it for the public as acts of safety and protection. UNESCO does it as well.

Don’t like being fed B.S.? Well, be quiet and tolerate it. Otherwise, they may accuse you of spreading misinformation, and access to these platforms may be removed.

4. Canadian Media Pushing Fear-Porn

BC 2,898 3,392 85% 190 3
AB 8,506 9,975 85% 176 21
SK 838 1,072 78% 16 13
MB 319 375 86% 7 1
ON 33,963 38,210 89% 2,755 35
QC ? 58,080 ? 5,662 14
NB 165 170 97% 2 0
NS 1,003 1,067 94% 63 0
NFLD 259 264 98% 3 0
PEI 34 36 94% 0 0

The above chart was a snapshot of July 23, 2020. The Province’s own data shows that the overwhelming majority of people who got sick have already recovered. So why the need to force a vaccine?

And here are the numbers the Federal Government has posted as of last night. Again, the vast majority have already recovered, yet the government and media work together to keep people in a state of panic.

5. Canadian Media Pushing Culture Shift

The Canadian media is becoming more and more overt in pushing the agenda. No longer is this purely about safety. Instead, there are intense efforts to create a culture shift, to have things like masks become viewed as normal in society. Again, this is not about safety, but about changing behaviour. Try as they will, this will never become normal.

There is an interesting parallel about making the hijab a part of society. It started with societal pressure, and eventually became law in some places. Yet it is still promoted as a “choice”.

And why do our leaders want everyone to wear masks? Because if people are willing to follow orders and do this, then they will probably line up en masse for their vaccines.

While the NPC is an overused meme (not sure the creator here), there is a valid point: if masks work, then how come EVERYONE has to wear one? Similarly, if vaccines work, how come people won’t be safe unless EVERYONE is taking one?

While opposing voices do have the right to speak out (at least for now), articles and videos like this are becoming more common. Legitimate concerns are being met with gaslighting.

6. Media Deflecting With Floyd Psy-Op

When people started asking hard questions about this coronavirus pandemic, it became necessary to shift the focus. Conveniently, there was an allegedly racially motivated murder in Minnesota (see here and here). On to the next story.

This also had the effect of making it seem like people had “moved on” from the topic of wearing masks everywhere. That was no longer a topic that needed discussion. Instead, it was all about racial injustice and systemic racism. Since that psy-op has died down, it’s back to the virus “pandemic”.

However, having everyone walking around with masks is not normal. Pretending otherwise doesn’t make it reality.

7. Vaccine Hesitancy Research Ramping Up

The media in Canada doesn’t seem interested in pointing out just how many programs there are in Canada to overcome “vaccine hesitancy”. These are not programs to MAKE vaccines safer. Instead, these programs are to CONVINCE you that they already are. One of the most prominent is the VCP, or the Vaccine Confidence Project.

8. Laws Cracking Down On Free Speech

Back in April, Dominic LeBlanc, President of the Privy Council, suggested passing laws to ban “misinformation” related to this so-called pandemic. Although it was just a proposal, the mainstream media in Canada seemed fairly unconcerned with this veiled threat to free speech. Perhaps they didn’t want to see their subsidies cut off.

9. Gates Financing Imperial College London

Oct 2010 $3,044,244 HIV Computer Modelling***
Oct 2012 $3,589,972 Malaria Computer Models***
June 2013 $1,397,325 Merger, Computer Modelling***
Nov 2013 $772,341 Polio Computer Modelling***
Nov 2013 $582,541 TB Computer Modelling***
Nov 2016 $100,000 Malaria Tracing Modelling***
Nov 2016 $5,625,310 Vaxx Computer Modelling***
Sept 2018 $505,207 HIV/Reprod Modelling***
Nov 2018 $326,707 TB Computer Modelling***

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contributed some $16 million to Imperial College London, according to their own postings. However, that is a drop in the bucket compared to other donations they have made.

One has to ask “why” the Gates Foundation would continue to fund Neil Ferguson’s computer modelling, after his proven track record for screwing up. Keep in mind, computer models are predictions, not proof. A cynic might think that Gates uses Ferguson to specifically make doomsday predictions. Intentionally or not, however, the mainstream media doesn’t make the financial connection between the parties.

Questioning the computer modelling isn’t a wonky conspiracy — it’s necessary for a functioning society.

10. Conflicts Of Interest Not Reported

It should raise serious concerns that the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada works for the World Health Organization, though that was eventually addressed. Likewise, it’s alarming that the sitting Deputy Prime Minister and former Bank of Canada President are both Trustees for the World Economic Forum.

GAVI hired Crestview Strategy, a lobbying firm to push the vaccine agenda. One of their lobbyists was Zakery Blais, former assistant to the current Attorney General, David Lametti. And Crestview was co-founded by Rob Silver, husband of Katie Telford, Trudeau’s Chief of Staff.

As for the Gates Foundation itself,
Link to search IRS charity tax records:

Let’s clarify here: there are actually 2 separate entities. The Foundation is the group that distributes money to various organizations and institutions. The Foundation Trust, however, is concerned primarily about asset management.

EIN: 56-2618866

EIN: 91-1663695

On the topic of conflict-of-interest, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been a very large donor to (among others):
(a) GAVI
(b) World Health Organization
(c) Center for Disease Control
(d) John Hopkins University
(e) Imperial College London
(f) United Nations
(g) ID2020
(h) Immunization 2030

How can the average person have access to free speech and adequate representation when political leaders hide behind friendly media, and only take pre-approved questions?

11. Lies Of Public Officials Not Reported

(a) There’s no science behind limiting groups to 50 people
(b) Covid tests result in almost 50% false positives
(c) Politicians not giving direct answers on contradictions
(d) Death toll is artificially being inflated
(e) Toronto Public Health lying about its numbers
(f) WHO says no evidence to support masking healthy people
(g) WHO doesn’t say keep 2 metre distance
(h) Bill Gates owns virus patents and supports depopulation

There are many more of course. However, these restrictions that Canadian politicians are imposing on the people don’t have any medical or scientific basis. What’s more: they are fully aware of this, but do it anyway. Yet the media silence is deafening.

12. Openly Globalist Agenda Not Reported

There is a much bigger picture than what is being presented to us.

  • United Nations Population Division
  • World Health Organization
  • GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations
  • Immunization 2030
  • ID2020
  • World Economic Forum

13. Immunity Passports, Contact Tracing

Remember when it was dismissed as tin-foil hat ravings that an “immunity passport” would be coming? The World Economic Forum now openly suggests one. Likewise, contact tracing is now something publicly talked about. What was mocked previously is now considered serious policy discussion.

14. Rampant Lobbying Not Being Reported

The mainstream media pays zero attention to the lobbying that the pharmaceutical industry is involved with. See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Why the heavy push for a vaccine? It’s because the pharma lobby wants one, as it will be worth many billions of dollars.

15. Questionable Legislation Not Reported

The legislation mention here and here is Motion M-132, introduced by Raj Saini. Its stated goals were to finance drug research and drug manufacturing for Canada AND ABROAD. While this may have seemed harmless enough in 2017, this fake pandemic puts things in a whole different light.

Motion Text
That the Standing Committee on Health be instructed to undertake a study on ways of increasing benefits to the public resulting from federally funded health research, with the goals of lowering drugs costs and increasing access to medicines, both in Canada and globally; and that the Committee report its findings and recommendations to the House no later than one year from the time this motion is adopted.

Given that the Sherman killings happened a month after this was introduced, one might reasonably wonder if there was any connection.

16. The Vaccine Bonds Industry

Canada recently contributed to the vaccine bonds industry, giving $125 million to IFFIm, the International Finance Facility for Immunization. While this fact was mentioned by the media, they chose to go no deeper into the scheme.

The Canadian media also never asked the obvious question: why not give the money directly to GAVI, instead of letting other parties skim off the top of it?

17. Promoting Degeneracy As Coping Mechanism

While the B.C. Government restricts normal, healthy activities, it promotes all sorts of immoral and disgusting behaviour. This includes: access to abortion, pornography, masturbation, glory holes, and prostitution. It’s as if the people running the province are intentionally trying to break down any sense of decency and social cohesion.

18. Pre-Planning This Pandemic

  • Dark Winter (2001)
  • Dead Zone (2003 Movie)
  • Atlantic Storm (2005)
  • Rockefeller/Lockstep Narrative (2010)
  • Theresa Tam, Outbreak (2010)
  • Clade X (2018)
  • Event 201 (2019)

How many dress rehearsals need to be done in order to see that this current situation was planned out as well? Despite the evidence, and the ease to find it, there seems to be no interest in mainstream Canadian media. Also, who exactly is Theresa Tam anyway? There is almost no information available.

19. Citizen Journalists Are Needed Here

None of the information above was difficult to find. There were no secret codes, or access needed to get at any of it. All that was required was an internet connection, and some patience.

It’s incredibly disappointing to see that mainstream media, and even the alternative media show no interest in searching out the truth. But it’s not surprising. All that’s left is for citizen journalists to take the lead, and expose what is going on.

There is still much more to cover. However, this article is a fair representation of the research that has been published thus far.

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