Melissa Lantsman’s Real Record As A Lobbyist, After Installing Doug Ford

Melissa Lantsman is just one of many people who helped put Ford into the Premier’s Office, and later lobbied him. Given the amount of money that can be at stake, transparency is needed. Then again, outlets like Rebel Media need to be honest with their coverage.


Strangely, this clip never made it into footage that Ezra Levant shared. It’s like he didn’t want people to see the whole story. While not necessary homophobic, it’s a cheap shot. Booting him from the event actually wouldn’t seem that bad, although being a politician, she should probably grow a thicker skin.

Yes, Rebel did ask her repeatedly about her time as a Walmart lobbyist, and that is certainly reasonable. She is officially listed as having done so, and the report is from December 9, 2020. However, Rebel plays fast and loose with the truth. Her statement calling Menzies a homophobe makes a bit more sense now, (in context), if being offended equates to bigotry. In the world of tokenism, it’s not that much out of line. But really, is this really worth having a reporter arrested over? Unless, of course, there’s more to that that isn’t being told.

It’s fair to ask why certain stores remained open while others were shut as “non-essential”. Her other influence peddling needs to be looked at. While often legal, the revolving door between politicians and lobbyists is sickening.

All of this came after Doug Ford was elected in June 2018. Considering Lantsman helped put him into power, we have to ask if Ford now owes her any favours. The entire point of hiring lobbyists is because of their connections (or at least apparent connections) to the people in power. As for what happened with the Ontario Pharmacists Association, perhaps this will shed some light.

This also raises the question of whether Lantsman (as an M.P.) would be hit up by lobbyists from the companies she used to represent. Also, will Hill + Knowlton Strategies, or Enterprise Canada, be approaching her at some future point on behalf of their clients?

Lantsman was the “War Room Director and Spokesperson” for Doug Ford when he was campaigning in 2018? That sounds like she was pretty close to him. Also, her years working in Conservative Party of Canada can’t be ignored. Interesting how David Menzies only asked about Walmart. Could be nothing, or it could be that he didn’t want to completely throw her under the bus. Still, mainstream outlets wouldn’t even have approached the issue of Walmart, so this is progress.

In any event, Rebel got the “Save Menzies” site up pretty darn quick, and they are already asking for donations. But that’s probably just to ensure his rights are protected from here on in.

While working as a staffer in Federal politics, Lantsman was lobbied 23 times by various groups, according to the Ottawa Registry. A few of those might raise some eyebrows.

Granted, people can vote for whoever they wish to. However, it would be nice if members of the public did some due diligence and looked into the candidates running for office. These things aren’t all that hard to find.


3 Replies to “Melissa Lantsman’s Real Record As A Lobbyist, After Installing Doug Ford”

  1. awweee come on canucklaw!!! STOP falling into the virtue signally POS’s out there, that question was HARDLY HOMOPHOBIC!!! phuck they can FILL the trough with their sexuality– for anything and do…BUT we cant ask them a simple question such as this?? YOU KNOW DAMN WELL, people are hired and keep jobs due to their “virtue” number in the eyes of the loonie left!!!

  2. Hello. As someone that actually had an interview with Enterprise Canada in Feb. 2020, I can only say that I had heard of Melissa Lantsman prior to this incident, and that I consider it a blessing upon reading this article that Enterprise decided not to hire me prior to their proceeding to lobby toward the Agenda 2030-style dissolution of Canadian society. Phewf!

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