AstraZeneca Maker, Emergent BioSolutions, Lobbying All Federal Parties

In theory, politics is supposed to offer choice. Different views and ideals compete to see who is able to gain the support of the public. But reality is quite different. “Opposition” parties are often on the receiving end of the same influence peddling as government. In a sense, this is why nothing really changes,

And it’s at least part of the reason they keep pushing experimental vaccines on Canadians.

Not limited to Ontario or Ottawa, this lobbying is happening out in the West as well. Learn who Jean-Marc Prevost really is.

From this earlier piece, it’s shown that Amber Ruddy, the Secretary of the National Council of the Conservative Party of Canada is an ACTIVE lobbyist. It doesn’t prevent her from running the fundraising arm of the so-called “Official Opposition”.

This is not limited to the so-called “Conservatives”. This sort of conflict of interest exists in other parties as well. Left, Right, Center… it’s all the same.

Bridget Howe worked for the Liberal Party of Canada for years. She even helped Trudeau get re-elected. Then in January 2020, she moved over to Counsel Public Affairs and started working as a lobbyist. She is not alone either.

Sheamus Murphy worked for the Ontario (Liberal) Government, and for the Federal Liberals while in opposition. It seems that his work for Emergent BioSolutions actually dates back to 2017, so he’s been shilling for a while.

In August 2017, Ben Parsons went from being a Senior Advisor for the Liberal Party of Canada, to a lobbyist for Counsel Public Affairs. That certainly didn’t take long.

Brad Lavigne actually used to run the Federal NDP back in the days of Jack Layton. Now, he shills for the very same corporations he once pretended he opposed.

This sort of thing is hardly an isolated incident. Some more of the corruption that lobbying is:

But don’t worry. If all else fails, simply vote for the PPC. Surely, Maxime Bernier will stand up to the pharmaceutical industry, and do what he can to protect Canadians.

On second thought, maybe those high profile lawsuits will work instead. After all, a defense is expected to be filed any day now.

Why should people care about this? Because if democracy is going to work, then there has to be real options. Simply putting new labels on the same things doesn’t count.


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