Ottawa Using “Pandemic Bucks” To Help Companies Grow And Advertise Their Products

We have already covered media outlets in Canada being heavily subsidized by the Canadian Government — which of course, means the public. It explains the total lack of independent media.

Moving on, it seems that the NRC is heavily involved in propping up other companies, and helping them advertise. This happens even as mandated shutdowns have flattened other companies. Should we be picking winners and losers here?

1. Important Disclaimer With This Piece

It doesn’t appear that the bulk of the grants are directed to help companies push the “pandemic” narrative. That being said, it’s fair to assume that these businesses will be “mindful” of where their money is coming from. So, it’s unlikely that they will be critical of it in any meaningful way. The following comes from an online search of Government handouts on advertising, with some obviously irrelevant ones omitted.

It’s also interesting that the National Research Council of Canada is financing the majority of them. More on that later.

2. Buying Off Entire Canadian Media

Subsidization Programs Available For Media Outlets (QCJO)
Political Operatives Behind Many “Fact-Checking” Groups
Taxpayer Subsidies To Combat CV “Misinformation”
Postmedia Periodicals Getting Covid Subsidies
Aberdeen Publishin (BC, AB) Getting Grants To Operate
Other Periodicals Receiving Subsidies
Still More Media Subsidies Taxpayers Are Supporting

3. Grants To Companies For R&D, Advertising

2047752 Alberta Inc. Apr. 20, 2020 $53,362
10319287 CANADA INC Aug. 17, 2020 $21,000
Abacus Growth Industry Inc. Jun. 23, 2020 $38,250
Akuspike Products Inc. Sep. 21, 2020 $33,750
Apollo Music Store Inc Jul. 7, 2020 $30,750
Baro Apparel Inc. Aug. 1, 2020 $50,100
Bonton and Company Jun. 1, 2020 $96,370
Caldera Distilling May 5, 2020 $33,750
Cambridge Elevating Inc. Aug. 12, 2020 $33,000
Caméléon Média inc. Dec. 23, 2020 $258,903
Casca Designs Inc. Jul. 14, 2020 $22,500
Créations Today is Art Day inc. Oct. 19, 2020 $18,750
CVAC Efficace Inc. May 19, 2020 $19,050
Dirt Squirrel Co. Jul. 10, 2020 $41,250
EatSleepRIDE Mobile Inc. May 11, 2020 $46,000
EQ Advertising Group Ltd. May 1, 2020 $150,000
Fab-Cut Systems Inc Jun. 16, 2020 $30,750
FOM Inc. Sep. 25, 2020 $27,750
Forestry Innovation Investment May 9, 2020 $258,500
Glacier Communications Inc. Oct. 1, 2020 $30,000
Gogglesoc Apparel Limited Nov. 18, 2020 $26,250
Harbinger SCR Inc. May 30, 2020 $45,000
Hunch Manifest Inc. Nov. 1, 2020 $47,787
Hydrodig Ltd Jun. 9, 2020 $30,000
Indigo Marketing Solutions Ltd. Aug. 4, 2020 $35,000
Jeffrey Ross Jewellery Ltd Oct. 22, 2020 $22,500
Kicking Horse Coffee Co. Jul. 22, 2020 $34,050
Koffee Beauty Inc. May 15, 2020 $34,200
Les Entreprises PNH inc. Nov. 17, 2020 $275,511
M32 Média inc. May 1, 2020 $100,000
Market Global Commodities Exchange Jun. 1, 2020 $98,000
Market Global Commodities Exchange Jun. 1, 2020 $80,000
Netgen Corp. Apr. 29, 2020 $26,250
O’Grady Productions Inc. Sep. 16, 2020 $37,500
Pacey Medtech Ltd. Oct. 17, 2020 $26,250
PageFreezer Software Inc. May 3, 2020 $52,500
Park & Fifth Clothing Co. LTD Oct. 20, 2020 $30,000
Probuild Software Inc. Aug. 28, 2020 $18,000
Riaz Sidi Performance Marketing Inc. Nov. 1, 2020 $45,000
Rock Solid Productions Inc Sep. 29, 2020 $24,750
Roomview Technologies May 8, 2020 $60,000
Rosgol-Rostech Technologies Inc. Oct. 17, 2020 $24,000
S&Y Househ Advertising Services Inc Nov. 18, 2020 $34,319
Satya Organics Inc Aug. 24, 2020 $30,000
Solutions Nubik Inc. Jun. 23, 2020 $27,000
StackAdapt Inc. Jul. 1, 2020 $2,468,000
Telecom Engineering Inc Jul. 27, 2020 $21,760
Temple Lifestyle Inc. Jun. 25, 2020 $44,775
Theos Inc. May 9, 2020 $43,950
Trellis Corporation May 4, 2020 $17,000
V. Island Men’s Trauma Counselling Jun. 25, 2020 $177,005
Vertical City Inc. Oct. 1, 2020 $250,000
WATTPAD CORP. Jun. 24, 2020 $54,000
Wholly Veggie Inc. Jun. 15, 2020 $37,500
Wizard Games Inc. Jul. 10, 2020 $15,000

This isn’t all of them, but does give a glance into where the Federal Government is spending your money. Or rather, where it’s spending debt for future generations.

4. Why Is National Research Council Funding It?

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is Canada’s largest federal research and development organization.
The NRC partners with Canadian industry to take research impacts from the lab to the marketplace, where people can experience the benefits. This market-driven focus delivers innovation faster, enhances people’s lives and addresses some of the world’s most pressing problems. We are responsive, creative and uniquely placed to partner with Canadian industry, to invest in strategic R&D programming that will address critical issues for our future.

Each year our scientists, engineers and business experts work closely with thousands of Canadian firms, helping them bring new technologies to market. We have the people, expertise, services, licensing opportunities, national facilities and global networks to support Canadian businesses.

In this section, you will find more information about how the NRC is organized and governed, where we are located across Canada, and links to our corporate publications and financial statements.

The majority, (though not all), of these came from NRC.

The NRC’s mandate is to “promote scientific or industrial research”. In short, it’s a public-private partnership to bring to products onto the market. Even as Federal and Provincial Governments crash economies across Canada, public money is used to make new companies competitive. This isn’t simply about money handed out to prop up desperate enterprises. In the meantime, thousands of businesses have gone under, because of the “arbitrary” rules that have been imposed.

The Great Reset is here, and Governments everywhere have their thumbs on the scales.

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