LGBTQ Agenda: Reviews

(1) Why Pride Is Obsolete These Days
(2) Oger Wants To Establish Doxxing Site
(3) Oger Weaponizes HRT, $55K Ruling
(4) BCSC: 11 y/o Can Have Sex Change
(5) Review of Bake The Gay Wedding Cake
(6) Faking Being Trans For Cheap Auto Insurance
(7.1) Bill C-16, Gender Identity And Expression
(7.2) Trans-insanity Regulations Outside Canada
(8) Pushing Trans Agenda On Young Children
(9) Private Members’ Bills On Variety Of Subjects
(10) California State Senator, Scott Wiener’s Legislative Weapons
(11) Possible Decriminalization For Failing To Disclose HIV
(12) 2005: Conservatives Actually Voted To “Conserve” Marriage

LEAF arguing that non-disclosure of HIV positive status shouldn’t be considered a form of sexual assault.