CV #51: Government Supports Hand Sanitizing, But Pulls Many Products For Being Toxic

The World Health Organization tells people to use an alcohol based sanitizer for cleaning their hands. However, that may not be the best advice here, given what is actually in these products.

1. Other Articles On CV “Planned-emic”

The rest of the series is here. Many lies, lobbying, conflicts of interest, and various globalist agendas operating behind the scenes, obscuring the “Great Reset“. The Gates Foundation finances: the WHO, the US CDC, GAVI, ID2020, John Hopkins University, Imperial College London, the Pirbright Institute, the BBC, and individual pharmaceutical companies. Also: there is little to no science behind what our officials are doing; they promote degenerate behaviour; the Australian Department of Health admits the PCR tests don’t work; the US CDC admits testing is heavily flawed; and The International Health Regulations are legally binding. See here, here, and here. The media is paid off, and our democracy is thoroughly compromised, as shown: here, here, here, and here.

2. Canada Pulls Dozens Of Hand Sanitizers

Health Canada is recalling more than 50 hand sanitizers that contain ingredients “not acceptable for use” that may pose health risks.

The organization says hand sanitizers with “unacceptable types” of ethanol or denaturants have not been approved for use in sanitizers in Canada, and their safety and efficacy have not been established.

Denaturants are ingredients added to ethanol to make it unfit for human consumption to avoid unintentional ingestion of hand sanitizers particularly by children.

Health Canada said possible reactions to the ingredients include skin irritation, eye irritation, upper respiratory system irritation and headaches.

Health Canada has an evolving list on its website of 51 hand sanitizers that are currently being recalled and says Canadians should consult the list regularly. The organization says to stop using products listed, and to consult a health-care professional “if you have used these products and have health concerns.”

From May 1 through June 30, 15 cases of methanol poisoning were reported in Arizona and New Mexico, associated with swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Four patients died, and three were discharged with visual impairment.

Health Canada says frequent use of hand sanitizer containing methanol may cause dermatitis, eye irritation, upper respiratory system irritation and headaches.

Keep in mind, this is only what is known about these alcohol based sanitizers, or at least what the government is willing to share about it. There are almost certainly more long term effects that aren’t public.

3. Health Canada Pulls Dozens Of Sanitizers

In fact, the Government of Canada literally has dozens of hand sanitizers that have been recalled in recent months. Yes, in the urgency to get more sanitizer available, safety standards apparently took a back seat.

What sorts of problems make the list?

  • Contains unacceptable ingredient, ethyl acetate
  • Missing risk statements; product not authorized to contain technical-grade ethanol
  • Not authorized for sale in Canada; Missing risk statements; product not authorized to contain technical-grade ethanol
  • Incorrect NPN; product not authorized to contain technical-grade ethanol; missing risk statements

Now, considering how many businesses push hand sanitizers to enter (along with masks), one has to ask how up to date they are with this list. Also, how long have they had these available for retail?

It’s also worth asking if this half-baked approach will also be used when it comes to choosing a coronavirus vaccine, (for the virus with the 99% recovery rate).

But whatever, it’s for your safety.

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